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Long for Vista???

Posted by lapstre on October 28, 2005

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For all those who yearn to have Longhorn(Vista) on their desktops but are unable to do so cos of the monstrous requirements,

Presenting the Desktop Sidebar…(If u say Oh yeah wotz new wid this ? then this is not for you)

Desktop sidebar is a well, a side bar which has a lot of features like umm Clocks,Weather panels, Stock Panels, News Readers, Cartoon slideshows, Media player controls…

I have been using this toolbar for more than 8 months, I was astonished to find many dear friends unaware of this toolbar, The utilities of this toolbar are unmatched… (Well atleast until Vista comes out).

Check out Desktop sidebar @

Also many utilities for various functions are available @ the same site

Chk this Screen shot

This is a clever use of StyleXP and Desktop Sidebar

Special Thanx to Shiva, ispace inc. for the images

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