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Google India Code Jam

Posted by lapstre on March 20, 2006

2 Problems,

One worth 1000 points


Another worth 250 points….

Total time of 1 Hour

Attend the 1000 point problem first, Forget the 250 point problem; Don’t make the same mistake i did!

Both are easy….

All the Very Best !!!

Update: I Lost…

There were many with lesser points, but not in my question set. No Regrets, Looking forward to the nex one…


4 Responses to “Google India Code Jam”

  1. kris said

    can u send me the link.. thnx

  2. lapstre said

    @ Kris
    Sorry Kris, The code Jam is over in India, Well atleast the qualifying rounds are over…

    Maybe other international CodeJam events are on…

    I Chkd out Google Code Jam site at but it points only to last years code jam…

    Vil post if i get ne info, Keep chkin the website for updates…

  3. arun said

    can you give me the proper approach needed to crack the code jam contest ?
    also tell me, if there is any, special topics on which i should be prepared to attend the code jam contest ?
    Though, nothing is specified like this on that site, i guess you know something, as you have prior experiences of attending it.
    I have registered for the international code jam 2006 !!
    This is my first attempt !!

  4. lapstre said

    Take it easy…
    Prior experience with the GCC compiler is a boon if you are coding in C++, sometimes the code compiles differently, thats wot caused me to lose last time….

    Sleep well the day before, seriously it helps if u have a clear mind…

    Don’t jump into coding straight away, take time to design and valuate your approach first.

    Also try the practice questions on practise rooms, will be a gr8 help…

    If you are good at javaa, go with it insted of c++…

    All the best! – May the best programmer win!

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