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Hey there

Posted by lapstre on August 16, 2006

Hey there,

It’s been a long time since i wrote a blog post. I’d attribute this delay to  the transformation within me from a college kid to a working professional (Ahem…). Life hasn’t change much except that i’ve had to shift to a new city(No issues with that, bangalore is a lovely city), I’ve had to move away from dearest of friends and family( Big issues bcos of this, but you make new friends at new places, so its ok! Hefty phone bills seem to be a side effect though! ), I’ve had to survive on hotel food (Big complaints, All of bangalore food seem to be sweet and i’m used to a more spicy kind), I’ve had to do my own laundry( Fixed that now ), Had to get up early( Now i am doing the night shifts, so no issues), Have to stay at work late ( I used to stay up late for no reason, but staying up late and working is a different story ), and the list goes on and on…

I’d been pretty much stuck in a kind of a writers block, but what got me writing again ( If you can call this writing ) is a post on the mensa group for starting a writing special interest group. I still have the idea of a collaborative writing venture. Not necessarily books, but maybe short stories, blogs, articles, etc. If you are open to any kind of a writing venture, mail me at .

Meanwhile Google Code Jam is back again, register at topcoder for more details. Chennai has its very own blogcamp coming up soon, So check em out.


Till then, this is LApstrE signing off,


(Ya i know, that’s a very lame signoff line, but couldn’t help it, Cya!)


5 Responses to “Hey there”

  1. Aswin said

    Hey, can u make it to blogcamp?

  2. dd said

    podango nee vantha po variti po .nee oru loosu koodhi

  3. Cathy said

    Hmm… sweet! [*../nice_site2.txt*]

  4. hi! it’s no problem, I will give You login & pass, just send me an e-mail: bartekbilicki{at} (with topic: whatawonderfulworld).

  5. I see like intricate colorful molecules spinning at outrages rates all around as I have my eyes closed. What these things truly are…beats me, could possibly be signs of stress from all the “self mutilation” in my younger years. At any rate…drinks on me. Click

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