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Krrish – A Critic’s review

Posted by lapstre on June 25, 2006

I was just checking out Bangalore, hanging around brigade road, when i stumbled upon a theatre in the middle. I had no idea if tickets would be available, I walked in the counter to find tickets available for the movie Krrish. Considering myself blessed, I bought the ticket at double the usual price. I had been to a theater a few weeks ago on the weekend , but returned bcos there we’re no tickets. So i jumped at the oppurtunity, and went right in to watch the movie…

The seats we’re a dissappointment, They we’re so near the screen, that i had to watch the movie at a very uncomfortable angle and the seat itself was another tale of misery… But all that was forgotten once the movie started.

The first thing you’ll notice about the movie is the amount of advertisements inside of the movie. Beginning with Faber Castell, Bournvita ( Krrish (Hritik Roshan) even urges a kid to drink bournvita to become like him!),Vicks and Hero Honda. The next thing that’ll stirke you about the movie is the gleaming hunk Hrthik Roshan(Duh!). You cant help but watch (sometimes with a open lower jaw) as the camera pans around hrithik to reveal his well toned body (The author of this post looks kinda similar- Chorus: You wish!- author apologises for a blatant lie). The third thing you’ll notice in the movie is Rekha’s overdone makeup. Her makeup is painfully obvious, as is everybody else’s makeup in the movie. Rekha has tried hard to look old, but shes got to face the fact that she still looks sweet sixteen! (Thats a bit overdoing the fact that she looks artificially old in the movie but she dusnt look half the characters age in the movie).

Image Courtesy, Click for Wallpaper

The movie’s got a good storyline(None of which i shall reveal in the course of this review- go watch the movie, but i can tell u its nothing like Koi mil gaya- Chorus: We know!), and a cute looking heroine( Priyanka Chopra ) She looks cute, does a bit of acting , does complete justice to her role. Except for the fact that the heroine’s role in this movie is no better than that of other heroines in other bollywood movies…

Naserrudin Shah pulls off the part of the villian effortlessly, His expressions and style are amazing!(Just like that of the author of the post- Chorus: Boooooo! ) You cant help but laugh at his samachar updates(wondering what it is all about? go watch the movie! )

The movie is highly influenced by the matrix(Stunts and Clothes), Halo (Some sets), Most superhero movies( Mostly spiderman), and typical Bollywood/Indian sentimental movies… Most of the scenes remind you of one movie or the other…

You cant help but praise hrithik for the amount of hardwork he is put into the movie, The stunts and footwork in the fights look amazing! Krrish is on the whole A perfect bollywood superhero movie….


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