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Awoken by a song and much more…

Posted by lapstre on March 17, 2006

I was almost on my way to bed when a beautiful song came on and lightened the air…

I sat swaying to the song and i felt no longer like sleeping. I decided not to waste a beautiful night like this and sat down to do something when i noticed some notifications for comments on the BLoG. So what did i do? Replied to the comment and started another blogpost!

The past week as i sat and wondered why i had written the previous post about orkut i realized i had done that thing more out of compulsion than out of will. I had smelt a controversial article on orkut’s money making strategies, So i sat and pondered for a long time but couldn’t figure out any! Then i did what every other person would do, Google it! But then at the end of reading numerous articles and blogs i came to the conclusion that orkut wasn’t built with making money in mind. So guess i did a pretty bad write up, but then i know you’ll forgive me for that.

One blogpost, rather comment that that enforced this thought in my mind was this post by Scobleizer and the comment on that post left by a Mr. Anonymous who made a good argument against Scobleizer’s rants about Google’s products which have no money making plans. I’d recommend you read the person’s comment on the post (the first comment on the post). Where he makes a effective case about how companies should try and put people first rather than money…

Talking about Google, Don’t forget the Google Code Jam coming up on the 21st! Registrations close 20th march, so you better hurry! Also there are issues with the UI, I’ve had problem with the GLX drivers, hopefully i’ll be able to fix that within the competition. Also try the sample problems, just to have some practice with the compiler (Learn from others experiences, Mine! The GNU Compiler plays differently than the Turbo Compiler and you are going to have a hard time on the competition day if you are stuck not knowing what to do!). Wishing you the Best for the Competition…

Also one more exciting event is on the horizon, Barcamp Chennai is around the corner (NO! One does NOT sit there and drink all night!). It’s a place where technology enthusiasts get together and discuss the latest advances in the web and next-gen technologies. Everybody in the barcamp has to present on something on technologies of their interest. Barcamps like this are popular around the world. Kiruba’s Blog has some photos from barcamps around the world. Check out the cool pics of barcamps from around the world here and here

Don’t know if i will be taking part in the barcamp though! I’ve haven’t quite figured out what topic to handle. Speaking of Kiruba’s BLoG check out the pics of the Google interiors on his blog. Coincidentially Orkut is in one of the pictures. Check them out here. Also check out the original flickr photos link here (This one for Rahul who was talking about workculture at Google and policies)…

Hey i forgot to add the link to Orkut Büyükkökten‘s personal home page in the previous post. I did add it a bit later though! If you missed it check it out here.

NJoY the Week Ahead !


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Who needs a title for a blog post? Just read the blog!

Posted by lapstre on February 8, 2006

Aaargh! My Blog host almost gave me a Heart attack when one day my blog didn’t open up(it’s happened a couple o timed before), and the next day my blog turned up with almost all of my previous archives missing. But then i checked the Owners Blog and found out that he was shifting and was moving the servers… Anyway its now back to normal.
Meanwhile tensions are running high in my life. My last week of training at the company in which i am placed is on the way, and i don’t it expect it to be anyway near easy(Now you know why i dont come online 24×7 these days!). Tension mounts as the final days near. Also the preparation for the final exam is on. Eventhough the final exam is conceptual, everybody is preparing hard for it( And as usual i prefer to laze my days away confident that concepts can get me good marks, Anyway i think i’ve started working for the xam now). I’m training in Oracle Apps. It’s an ERP solutions package (Unlike what most people think of oracle as only a database). You can check some tutorials on the subject (Oracle Apps) at this site(I used it a lot myself!).
Even thought the Microsoft .Net Academic launch got postponed to the 13th of the month(Feb,2006). I won’t be able to make it. Damn this is the third event i guess i’ll be missing out this month(The Annauniv Fest, the Sun Tech Days, now this). Anway Yeshwanth Kanetkar aint coming(and neither is the LApstrE). Heard somebody from the CSI will be there. For those who we’re disappointed that the registrations we’re over, theres good news, Passes to the event to be held on Feb 13th at Kamaraj Memorial Hall are still available, Just contact your college Microsoft Champ.
And hey, I heard the results we’re gonna be out soon. Hmm, That’s another issue to worry about, with annauniv, u never really know how the marks will go. Anyway All the Best for that. Hey anybody know what happend to the Anna univ VS Students debate on one of the news channels???.

Damn gotta go, Spent almost half an hour on what i started off as a 5 minute update. Hmm…

Before i go I found this bit from an article of which i read an extract in Digit(or was it Chip?) .

“Why do people blog? You might as well ask why do fools fall in love, or what’s so funny ’bout peace, love and understanding.”
” People blog because cave paintings are obsolete, but the need to say “I was here” never goes away”
Make sure u read the full article on the blog. Click anywhere on the extract to read the full blog post by the original author


Click HERE to read it…

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BillyG upto it again…

Posted by lapstre on January 25, 2006

Posted Originally on LApstrEz BLoG –
Hi there,

Long time since i sat down to write. College,Projects and Training, One hectic combination enough to drive u mad and tired by the end of the day. I tried to catch up but couldn’t write any good blogposts. Felt guilty and put in a few scrap blogposts, and tried to get rid of that strange feelin…
Amidst all this hullaboo came Code4Bill , A Microsoft talent hunt contest in India. I took the first attempt and made mockery of myself, for the second i was too tired to even try. So i just shut up and went to bed. Got the questions for the 1st and 2nd at the end of the post, Have a look and see where u figure…
Bill Gates (aka BillyG) was spotted showing off his pet toys at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Apart from showing off Vista, the big kid also bragged about his latest new soft toy, The new Windows Media Center Edition. For more on his inaugural keynote address at CES click HERE.
Another person who was in the lime light recently was me(Bleargh!), who caused up quite a stir by requestin my HOD to cancel my previously approved project. The class was flabbergasted at the idea, especially since lots of projects got rejected. I claimed the reason to be lack of time, but the HOD convinced me to tone down the project to suit the time constraints(Why din’t i think of that before??? Darn!).And hey, Guess what i found when i was browsin the web, A “Hangman” script i can add to my site, Hangman is one of my favourite games, have a go at it, u’ll like it…

Hah and now, Back to preparing for my reviews in college.

Before i go “Congratulations ot all those who made it thro the first round of Code4BIll…”

Gotta run, Bye

CODE 4 BILL CONTESTQuestions for attempt1
(Psst : Don’t curse me please, I din’t set the Questions)

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