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Its good to be back

Posted by lapstre on May 5, 2006

After observing a flurry of computer crashes, I made a study of the planetary alignments and after consulting lead vaasthu shaastrists, I came concluded that this april was an inauspicious month for computers and the internet. I personally came across 2 motherboard crashes, 2 RAM burnouts, a couple of SMPS problems and 2 harddisk crashes !!! Even i was a casualty with a harddisk crash, and it hurt real bad, I lost more than 65 GB of precious data 😦 , most of which was very close to the heart…. The irony of the incident was i had removed the hdd to back the data up when it crashed!

The past one month however just rushed by with the project up for the final reviews. The project kept me busy with loads of documentation and the final presentation to be done. I managed to pull it off without my trusted system but ofcourse with a little help from my friends(Thank you !). The project review approached fast and we prepared feverishly anticipating all possible questions, fixing faults and brainstorming to avoid possible drawbacks of the project. The day of the final review dawned in no time and we waited feverishly for our turn. The guys waiting at the airtel super singer trials would have felt less nervous. The judges there do a pretty good job of criticising and dissappointing the participants. We were just hoping it wouldnt be the same here.

Our turn came up in no time. We went inside and started off confidently, only to find the teachers uninterested! Even the external examiner was flipping thro the project report with a very bored look on her face. We didn't mind and continued, only to find some our teachers sitting near the external imitating our actions on stage! We were flabbergasted and tried to continue explaining our concept when they just asked us to skip over most of our presentation and get on with the conclusion. We protested and fought (We hadnt even gotten to the crux of our project by then!), finally they let us present for five more minutes before they kicked us out! So much for 2 months of hard work and preparation!

Neways, managed to get a new hard disk! Now i am back, up and running. Hope to make more posts this month!

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Who needs a title for a blog post? Just read the blog!

Posted by lapstre on February 8, 2006

Aaargh! My Blog host almost gave me a Heart attack when one day my blog didn’t open up(it’s happened a couple o timed before), and the next day my blog turned up with almost all of my previous archives missing. But then i checked the Owners Blog and found out that he was shifting and was moving the servers… Anyway its now back to normal.
Meanwhile tensions are running high in my life. My last week of training at the company in which i am placed is on the way, and i don’t it expect it to be anyway near easy(Now you know why i dont come online 24×7 these days!). Tension mounts as the final days near. Also the preparation for the final exam is on. Eventhough the final exam is conceptual, everybody is preparing hard for it( And as usual i prefer to laze my days away confident that concepts can get me good marks, Anyway i think i’ve started working for the xam now). I’m training in Oracle Apps. It’s an ERP solutions package (Unlike what most people think of oracle as only a database). You can check some tutorials on the subject (Oracle Apps) at this site(I used it a lot myself!).
Even thought the Microsoft .Net Academic launch got postponed to the 13th of the month(Feb,2006). I won’t be able to make it. Damn this is the third event i guess i’ll be missing out this month(The Annauniv Fest, the Sun Tech Days, now this). Anway Yeshwanth Kanetkar aint coming(and neither is the LApstrE). Heard somebody from the CSI will be there. For those who we’re disappointed that the registrations we’re over, theres good news, Passes to the event to be held on Feb 13th at Kamaraj Memorial Hall are still available, Just contact your college Microsoft Champ.
And hey, I heard the results we’re gonna be out soon. Hmm, That’s another issue to worry about, with annauniv, u never really know how the marks will go. Anyway All the Best for that. Hey anybody know what happend to the Anna univ VS Students debate on one of the news channels???.

Damn gotta go, Spent almost half an hour on what i started off as a 5 minute update. Hmm…

Before i go I found this bit from an article of which i read an extract in Digit(or was it Chip?) .

“Why do people blog? You might as well ask why do fools fall in love, or what’s so funny ’bout peace, love and understanding.”
” People blog because cave paintings are obsolete, but the need to say “I was here” never goes away”
Make sure u read the full article on the blog. Click anywhere on the extract to read the full blog post by the original author


Click HERE to read it…

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