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Bangalore vs Chennai

Posted by lapstre on June 23, 2006

Hey Guys,

How’re you doing??? I’m enjoyin it here in Bangalore. However work leaves me with little time for anything else, that’s why i havent been blogging lately.

Have been in this city for less than 3 weeks and already loving it… Having had lived in Good ol Chennai for more than 20 years, I cant help but compare both Chennai and Bangalore… Both are similar in many ways, Different in many others…

<> Having had a taste of both, What would you choose to live in??? Like your home turf? whats the reason??? Gimme good reasons and you will be rewarded with points for your city! I know Chennai has an advantage of having more readership of my blog, But i am sure it will be a fair competition…

<> Let the battle begin! 😀 <>


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