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Aint gonna vote next time – It spoils my finger nails

Posted by lapstre on May 10, 2006

    After 20 whole years of existence i got my royal right to make a difference to the country's future. Ah yes!, The right to vote! After a big battle to get my name included in the voters list(It was missed last time by accident!), I finally got myself eligible to vote. The epic battle included an episode where i had to get outta bed in the bedroom and walk all the way to the hall where the ladies who had come for names verification were patient enough to ring the door bell a zillion times to get me to wake up from my beauty sleep (My beauty sleep = Terrible slumber – Snoring, also containing added qualities of kumbhakarnan). And so thus ended the terrible ordeal where i managed to get my name included for the voters list. I smiled at myself and went back to bed thinking the battle was won, little did i realise, the battle had just begun!

    Just when i thought i was all was set for me to cast my billion dollar vote to the party i loved ( Did is say love? I just love politics and elections, where else do u c such excitement, fury and mud slinging??? ), the big announcement came that voters couldnt vote without a voters id card. To get my voters id, i had to cross the seven seas and get to the distribution center on the auspicious day of fotonomaih divas, the day began as would any other, the only difference being the tense feeling that a part of my soul was going to be captured and trapped into a cage called the voters id…(Err, This is getting over dramatic, cut the crap and get to the chase.) Well!, i went, i got myself photographed, and before i knew it i was out again on the streets with a voters id in my hands. Frankly i was more than happy to have it done so quickly, i hate being in front of the camera and most of the time the cameramen end up making me so uncomfortable that i end up looking too cool on camera!

    As the day of the vote dawned, i waited until the mid afternoon to beat the crowds. Went right in to the booth with my grandpa and mom to cast my vote. Suprisingly, my grandpa was listed as already having voted early in the morning. We thought we would have to register an official complaint but the polling officer came up with another list and convinced us the first list was wrong. He let my grandpa vote, but the turn of events still look very fishy. As for me, I had no problems. I was happy to contribute to the great democractic process. You might be wondering to which party the billion dollar vote went to? I'll stop with saying, I dint vote for any of the major parties. The one i did vote for, probably woudnt even win, but i am happy i voted for a good person!

    Also that gives me the rights to complain, I can always say " See, thats why i didnt vote for this party!" If u ask if i would vote again? "Oh yeah, i would!", "Then whats with the title of the post???" u might ask, but then there is nothing like a controversial statement to pique one's curiosity! is there???


75 Responses to “Aint gonna vote next time – It spoils my finger nails”

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  2. xyz said

    Dont bother about ur nails bother about ur country.Dont be so mean the mark in the finger it is meant to protect our country from bogus voting guess wahat y the hell ur not giving ur original name r u afraid to give ur original name guess what i know ur original name!keep guessing who am i keep blogging try to put ur original name but it might boost ur publicity i hav not given my original name

  3. lapstre said

    @ XYZ
    I wasn’t being mean, If u had read the post completely, You’d have known…
    As for my original name, I dont put my name bcos of privacy reasons. Neways most of my friends know, Its not as if its a big secret or sumthing…

  4. xyz said

    ok i respect ur privacy tell me man can u change ur user name in word press plz tell me ie

  5. lapstre said

    @ XYZ
    Don’t think we can do that…
    We can change the title of the BLoG bt not the address itself.
    If u want to change the address, just create a new blog and redirect people form the old address to the new one…

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