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Ah old memories…

Posted by lapstre on October 26, 2005

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I was reading thro a frnds blog, Aswin his name, found a blog about his old recollections of his first vehicle, pc, game…

U can check his blog out @

This lead to a an animated chat about our old memories…

Heres a transcript of our conversation

(U might wanna read aswins related blog first @,

LApstrE: i never did own a sunny
LApstrE: all i owned was a bsa champ
LApstrE: and more recently for the past 6 years a hero y-bike (bicycle)
LApstrE: only recently dud i buy a Scooty pep
Aswin: i still have dat
LApstrE: i got my 1st comp during 9th hols too
LApstrE: wot was ur processor?
LApstrE: mine was a celeron 300Mhz with a 32x cdrom drive with multimedia
Aswin: P1 166
Aswin: dats also there in the blog
LApstrE: we had to shell out another 3000 for that
LApstrE: a spl imported creative multimedia kit(Cambridge Studioworks)
Aswin: ya at dat time creative multimedia was the most famous
LApstrE: a combo pac of soundcard,spkrs and cdrom (with remote)
LApstrE: ya
Aswin: hmm…quite awesome for a 1st time computer
LApstrE: and i spent 2k more for an 4mb agp card with tv out
LApstrE: it ran on 32mb ram
LApstrE: again we had to shell out 2k extra for tha
Aswin: 32mb ram stinks now-a-days
Aswin: but was gr8 at dat time
LApstrE: we ended up spending 45k(Indian Rupees) total on the pc
LApstrE: ya

Aswin: Whoa,v spent arnd 30k
LApstrE: my sys was the only one in the whole class or so
Aswin: same here
LApstrE: most of my frnds used to cluster in my house to play games…
LApstrE: quake was the 1st game i ever played
LApstrE: ‘who am i?’ was the 1st muvie i ever saw
LApstrE: on the comp i.e.
Aswin: u know the 1st ever version of cricket i ever played?
LApstrE: wotz ur current config?
LApstrE: brian lara cricket
LApstrE: right?
Aswin: it was allan borders cricket & it came on a floppy
LApstrE: ya k
LApstrE: confused
Aswin: now
LApstrE: yea right
Aswin: ???
LApstrE: i remember having copied it from a nearby browsing centre on a floppy
LApstrE: browsing used to cost 50 an hour those days
Aswin: exactly
LApstrE: i used to go 1 time a month or so
Aswin: i tried copying a football game frm a browsing center nearby
LApstrE: sometimes once in 3 months
Aswin: & ended copying only the desktop shortcut
LApstrE: just to make sure my acc dint expire

LApstrE: i remeber a frnd of mine once brought 12 games on a single floppy
LApstrE: all icons
LApstrE: lol
Aswin: rotfl
Aswin: the 1st cd i bought cost rs.300
Aswin: & contained 500 DOS games
LApstrE: i nevr managed to buy ne cds
LApstrE: i breought only 1 game from star dot star
LApstrE: allafin for 100 rs
Aswin: infact v used to go to spencer plaza to burn a cd
Aswin: it cost Rs,50
LApstrE: and that guy cheated me by giving me a demo
Aswin: dat happens always
LApstrE: on a floppy
Aswin: ya me to
Aswin: i still hav some of them left
LApstrE: then came nfs
Aswin: mario, dave etc.
Aswin: have u played a game called harry
LApstrE: mario and dave actually came quite late into my life
LApstrE: nope
Aswin: its superb
Aswin: i used to play it like mad
LApstrE: hav u played zool ??
Aswin: i dont think so
LApstrE: i used to play that on a 1980 system my cousin had
Aswin: Smile
LApstrE: it had dos the very latest of that time
LApstrE: not by microsoft i think
Aswin: may b ibm dos
LApstrE: ya
LApstrE: then it had something of a gui application where u could actually use the mouse to point and click to open applications
Aswin: wow cool
Aswin: have u played jazz jack rabbit?
LApstrE: the mouse was bought after much debate it seems
LApstrE: nope
Aswin: gr8 v take mouse for granted now
LApstrE: yea
LApstrE: but for a 1980 model
Aswin: for alladin
LApstrE: bought in 1984-1985
LApstrE: it was too much
Aswin: ya
LApstrE: i remember it featured a 730k floppies
LApstrE: and how they never worked on my celeron
Aswin: lol
LApstrE: 720k
Aswin: smile
Aswin: pinball was the 1st ever game i played
Aswin: followed by dave
LApstrE: yea i luvd pinball
LApstrE: thats the 2nd game i played
Aswin: 1st game?
LApstrE: quake
Aswin: wow
LApstrE: i was overawed by the graphix
LApstrE: i still have a copy of quake somewhere
LApstrE: but i doesnt run on XP
Aswin: u can open it in dos mode
LApstrE: yea it opens sometimes
LApstrE: sometimes it doesnt
Aswin: hmm…
Aswin: there used to be 1 game called jetpack
LApstrE: i think i have played that one
LApstrE: actually quake was the 1st game i played on my system
LApstrE: the 1st game i ever played was “The Galaxian”
LApstrE: in my school computer way back in the 5th
LApstrE: then came Zool ,
Aswin: i c
Aswin: the 1st word processor i used was wordstar
LApstrE: edit
Aswin: i learnt it in my school & used to practise it in my dads office
LApstrE: i remeber poring thro Logo language books
LApstrE: and trying to write programs for it
Aswin: ya same here
LApstrE: though i never had a comp
LApstrE: that was way back in the 6th
Aswin: i will send u a file
Aswin: read it
LApstrE: k

The Contents :
For full installation instructions please read the manual.

A summary to install and run the program follows:-



For slow machines, selecting NO SOUND within the SETSND program
will show a marked improvement in speed.

For machines with less than the required 570K of base memory free
similarly selecting NO SOUND within the SETSND program will
enable the program to run with less memory.

The program makes use of 1Mb of XMS and 1Mb of EMS and therefore
both of these must be present in your machine.
This is usually accomplished by having the EMM386 driver in your

The basic version of Aladdin requires 570K of base memory. However,
selecting enhanced music mode during the SETSND program will require
more base memory in order to play music. Similarly, the more
sophisticated your sound card (Stereo or 16-Bit) the more memory
the program will require. If you do not get music playing within
the game, try freeing up more base memory or selecting NO to
enhanced music or selecting a simpler version of your sound card.

Aswin: sounds comic
LApstrE: i think i’ve read these instructions b4
LApstrE: remember, i paid 100rs to get a demo of the game
Aswin: ya

Aswin: download this game called jetpack
Aswin: superb

LApstrE: a zool review

LApstrE: wotz ur current gig?
Aswin: 1.7
Aswin: look at dat
LApstrE: a 10 fold increase in ghz
LApstrE: wow
Aswin: copper bar hardware
Aswin: ya
LApstrE: copper bar h/w ???
Aswin: ya hava look @ the zool review
Aswin: i vil show u the first car race i played
Aswin: it was superb u know
Aswin: v used to fight for dt
Aswin: v used to fight for dat
LApstrE: smile
Aswin: im searching for it
LApstrE: name the game da
Aswin: got it
Aswin: its called indycar racing
LApstrE: ha
LApstrE: think i’ve played that one b4
Aswin: smile
Aswin: quake url, ur dos game
LApstrE: hmm
LApstrE: i got it on the hdd itself
LApstrE: somver
Aswin: lol
LApstrE: 23 mb
LApstrE: thats the size of the zip file
LApstrE: i have it in front of me
LApstrE: but a pity it wont run
Aswin: i forgot abt doom 3d
Aswin: it was the best game ever i played
LApstrE: yea one of the best
LApstrE: in my case
LApstrE: my best vil always be quake
Aswin: dats ultimately ur choice
LApstrE: maybe counterstrikealso
Aswin: mine is dave
Aswin: this is the game with the lowest possible size
Aswin: its jes 7kb.
LApstrE: wow
LApstrE: which one?
Aswin: its a game called paratroopers

And the Converstaion went on…


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