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Hello Bangalore …

Posted by lapstre on June 7, 2006

Have been less than a week in Bangalore and already loving it! Well almost all of it, Except for the cut throat autowallahs and unbelievably narrow roads… No wonder Narayanamurthy was so upset with bangalore! Havent really been missing chennai except for the friends and family. People here are so helpful and friendly. I couldnt have survived in bangalore for the first 4 days without the help of numerous people around bangalore who helped us with routes, places and all other stuff… Hats off to them!

Talking of helpful people i came across this wonderful blog listing random acts of kindness by complete strangers towards other strangers or by the author himself, Do visit it at . Just spread the kindness around, and the world will definitely be a better place…

A big hi to regular reader friends….


The LApstrE


13 Responses to “Hello Bangalore …”

  1. welcome welcome welcome 😀

  2. Leon said

    Welcome to banglore 😀

  3. this isn’t about your post, but you asked permission to write about one of my blogs some time ago. It’s a random acts of kindness blog at Anyway, I don’t know if you had and I would really like it if you did. Thanks for the support.

  4. Bhasker said

    Hey ! dint know ur moving to bangalore 8 ) …will meet up sometime.see ya .

    KEep Clicking,

  5. Idetrorce said

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  6. Melina said

    very interesting. i’m adding in RSS Reader

  7. GRUBHOGS said

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    We would love to see you there from the beginning.

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  8. mahendra prabhu k said

    ur bloody madras was developed by the british rule
    blore was developed by karnataka people on its own
    there r no parks in chennai
    bangalore is presently better than chennai
    tamil are ugly,rash,tuff to mix,superstitious,rude, narrow minded ,orthodox compared with bangaloreans
    whole TN weather sucks
    bloreans are more smarter ,intellectual,eng fluent,polite,and friendly………..easier for foreigners to adjust than ur chennai
    blore produces 30% of india’s software exports and 55% of r&d centers of mnc’s in india.
    how dare u bastard compared blore with ur sick cenai

    • Mano said

      Chennai is one of the four metropolitan cities in India….It is the only place in INDIA to be listed in National Geographic’s top 100 cities in the world to visit and live…Chennai is called the Detroit of South ASIA…Bangalore has nothing…Chennai is the Second largest IT hub after Bangalore(vil becum first soon)…Chennai has a port..Bangalore has shit…Chennai maintains INDIAN culture..Bangalore destroys indian culture….Chennai is 400 year old city…Bangalore is a recently SO CALLED city…Bangalore cant even stand before Chennai in Traffic management and Transportation

  9. priya said

    Here i come , am a great Bangalorean born and brought up in my mother city bangalore . who the hell says chennai is far better than bangalore.the people who comment on bangalore are no worth on commenting on my city.first of all tell me , whts better in chennai .
    1.Roads – Ofcourse i agree wit u guys tht your chennai roads and infrastructure is far better than bangalore . its just becoz the roads are wide nothing much special
    2.Climate – Chennai has a worst climate , no where in india we can see this kind of climate.but come to bangalore and see the climate i bet u will never go back to chennai , our city is just like heaven .
    3.Buses – Have u seen the volvo buses in Bangalore .atleast have u seen the BMTC Buses . please dont compare your chennai buses wit bangalore. its just like bullock cart – wht a pity , may be chennai has good metro . but apart from tht i dont think nothing good
    4.Food – Bangalore is best place for food. wht u get in chennai , i think only pongal,and rice, i dont think u will get good idlys and butter masala dosa’s.come to bangalore , u go to any resturants and ask for masala dosa , u will feel like having it again , hey u chennai folks , just blindly dont comment on bangalore.first take care of your so called city – chennai ( madras )

    Am a Tamilain , but born and brought in bangalore, but i love kannada and my Bangalore. proud to be a Bangalorean.
    I would like to conclude by telling tht Bangalore is Bangalore , chennai peoples attitude makes them so worst. they think tht only they have good culture and others are worst . and they feel tht bangalore lacks in culture .its only becoz of these north indians who have come from various parts of india has made bangalore like this. but go and find the people who are born and brought up in bangalore , dont ever speak about culture .
    Bangalore rocks always……….

  10. ramanna said

    tamilians have infested bangalore.

  11. blitzkreig said

    i am from India.
    Chennai vs Bangalooru
    stupid to debate on …
    Chennai is equal to b’lore in IT
    Chennai is detroit of south.
    TN is most industrialised state.
    chennai has everything better than b’lore
    read blogs..
    bangloreans have no point to argue..

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