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Its good to be back

Posted by lapstre on May 5, 2006

After observing a flurry of computer crashes, I made a study of the planetary alignments and after consulting lead vaasthu shaastrists, I came concluded that this april was an inauspicious month for computers and the internet. I personally came across 2 motherboard crashes, 2 RAM burnouts, a couple of SMPS problems and 2 harddisk crashes !!! Even i was a casualty with a harddisk crash, and it hurt real bad, I lost more than 65 GB of precious data 😦 , most of which was very close to the heart…. The irony of the incident was i had removed the hdd to back the data up when it crashed!

The past one month however just rushed by with the project up for the final reviews. The project kept me busy with loads of documentation and the final presentation to be done. I managed to pull it off without my trusted system but ofcourse with a little help from my friends(Thank you !). The project review approached fast and we prepared feverishly anticipating all possible questions, fixing faults and brainstorming to avoid possible drawbacks of the project. The day of the final review dawned in no time and we waited feverishly for our turn. The guys waiting at the airtel super singer trials would have felt less nervous. The judges there do a pretty good job of criticising and dissappointing the participants. We were just hoping it wouldnt be the same here.

Our turn came up in no time. We went inside and started off confidently, only to find the teachers uninterested! Even the external examiner was flipping thro the project report with a very bored look on her face. We didn't mind and continued, only to find some our teachers sitting near the external imitating our actions on stage! We were flabbergasted and tried to continue explaining our concept when they just asked us to skip over most of our presentation and get on with the conclusion. We protested and fought (We hadnt even gotten to the crux of our project by then!), finally they let us present for five more minutes before they kicked us out! So much for 2 months of hard work and preparation!

Neways, managed to get a new hard disk! Now i am back, up and running. Hope to make more posts this month!

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11 Responses to “Its good to be back”

  1. Rekha said

    Hey ram…
    Welcome bck !! Gues all around the city… the external examiners had followed the same ritual !! Gosh we sweat and toil for months together to find tat they r least interested.. Man my external walked away mid-way during the demonstration !! Anywaz welcome bck once again !

  2. Srikanth said

    So, one more to the motherboard crash kitty.. one more to RAM burnout..i also underwent the inauspicious month of PC.. kudos for completing teh project N the new hdd…

  3. lapstre said

    @ Rekha

    I forgot to write…
    She askd to c our demos and left even without bothering to come to the lab…

    I am happy that atleast she dint leave us waiting…

    @ Srikanth

    Hmm one more mbd burnt out eh?


  4. logic said

    same here but much better than wht happened to my 12th project(part of CBSE curriculum)…the external did not even ask wht project i had done 😦

  5. Moyeen‘s smps gave off fireworks today morning.

  6. lapstre said

    @ Logic

    Wonder y the teaching fraternity are so enthusiastic abt their job…
    Must be our influence!

    @ Aswin

    Deepest condolences to moyeen!

  7. Update:

    Moyeen’s UPS also gave way (ha ha ha) and the new smps he bought also bursted he he 😦

  8. lapstre said

    @ Aswin / Moyeen

    Deepest sympathies!
    Looks like shani hasnt completely passed over yet!
    Do be careful!

    I’d advice parihara…
    Do this:
    Take a unused rubber slipper(Must be Rubber, u can use the bathroom variety) and place one on top of the monitor(with the top facing east) and use the other to hit urself on ur bald patch atleast 5 timed before u dispose of it in the marina during full moon day.
    NOTE: If u don’t have a bald patch on ur head then make sure u use sumbody else’s bald/tonsured patch for the exercise, but a bald patch is compulsory!

  9. ha ha ha…

  10. DriScully said

    Tanks for your help!!!

    But i found my error hehehehe


  11. Raul said

    wats this … it seems a brainy lot is here who are feeling bad for a gud external … u sld be thkful to them guys … or romba feel paniga na wish u all a damn strict external who will screw u to the limit 🙂

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