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Bangalore vs Chennai

Posted by lapstre on June 23, 2006

Hey Guys,

How’re you doing??? I’m enjoyin it here in Bangalore. However work leaves me with little time for anything else, that’s why i havent been blogging lately.

Have been in this city for less than 3 weeks and already loving it… Having had lived in Good ol Chennai for more than 20 years, I cant help but compare both Chennai and Bangalore… Both are similar in many ways, Different in many others…

<> Having had a taste of both, What would you choose to live in??? Like your home turf? whats the reason??? Gimme good reasons and you will be rewarded with points for your city! I know Chennai has an advantage of having more readership of my blog, But i am sure it will be a fair competition…

<> Let the battle begin! 😀 <>


256 Responses to “Bangalore vs Chennai”

  1. RNK said

    chennai is more orthodox banglore is more liberal chennai has no night life banglore night life rocks

  2. manoj said

    I am from Bangalore , rescently got chance to live in Chennai and Hyd , i too have same problem as yours “no time left for anyting after work”
    I am from Blr so ->i cant be impartial abt my view, “Blr rocks” 🙂
    I enjoyed walk on beaches, occasional pubbing in Chennai.I have got good number of musicians performing here. Though rush in the cenema halls kept me away from seeing some movies.. had to settle for few tamil films..they were quite OK..a lot has change in tamil movies. more skin lately..,where has the quality content gone.. except western tunes for tamil songs.. I have lot of friend working here , had some good times.
    Currently in Hyderabad , man its shopping over and over!!!..i have to settle for weekend blogs. Have to find better ways to drag few more months here 😦

  3. Qwerty Maniac said

    Agreed with RNK, Chennai has way too much of moral policing too, however I havent experienced Bangalore, Kolkata was good :]

  4. srishaila said

    bangalore rocks the garden city and IT capital of india chennai is worst

  5. khaleel ahmed said


    nothing can come closer to good old chennai. i dont believe in anyother city you can find a fine blend of modernity and traditions. check out the IT corridor and mahindra city. one can well decide which is going to be the future IT Capital of india. of course future. well as far night life is concerned blore is way ahead. to hell with the moral polices of chennai. blore has to very badly needs to improve its infrastructure. my god the traffic jams test anybody’s patience to the last e. chennai is not that bad. pretty regularised. i also believe that its time for our indian cities to be compared with international cities like dubai or singapore.

  6. jzon said

    chennai is better in terms of infrastructure..much better.. too bad blore got over-ambitious lol…. good luk blore wipro is leavin and so are a huge lot of IT giants… read this article for more info life is not important…existence is… survival of the fittest….

  7. Prasad said

    Hi, I am from Chennai living in Bangalore. In my view Chennai is too good a place . Bangalore except for the climate(though pleasent,it is harmful and unhealthy) is all shit!!!
    The food is awesome in chennai ,on the other hand it is hopeless in Bangalore. If people say bangalore rocks it is all shoks.


  8. Prasad said

    Hi, I am from Chennai living in Bangalore. In my view Chennai is too good a place . Bangalore except for the climate(though pleasent,it is harmful and unhealthy) is all shit!!!
    The food is awesome in chennai ,on the other hand it is hopeless in Bangalore. If people say bangalore rocks it is all shocks.


  9. Rajaramesh said

    Hahaha! 🙂 First of all i want to have enough time to laough. Bcz pepoles are said that Blore is pretty good.

    Wht is thr in Blore-yar, aprt from IT Companies. Nothing s thr. If you remove all the IT Companies frm Blore it will be nothing. But Chennai s not like that. Apart from IT Companies & Factoreis pepoles are also there.

    Those pepoles are really INDIANS. They will never accept all the wesetern culture as it is. Thats y I said they are are INDIANS. I am also frm Blore only. But I don;t want to says that I am Basically from Blore.

    Every where bars, pubs, Nitgh clubs its toooooooo bad for the upcoming INDAIN GENERATION.

    Simply the Blore will be a Black Mark of INDIA. Soon it will happend. That time every one can relize the fact.

    Now-a-days IT companies are not only thr in Blore. Also in Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad etc…

    So, don’t cheat the pepole & Balk mail the KARNATAKA Gov. Mind It.

    This is not my Request, Its an Order.

  10. Shahid said

    compare to this two cities B’lore is up coming one if i m not wrong…. there many things diffrent if we compare this cities…. such as Climate, Standard of living,

    “Simply the Blore will be a Black Mark of INDIA. Soon it will happend. That time every one can relize the fact.” Which shit said i hope u 2 working & enjoying in Bangalore then how can u quote this sentence……….

  11. santanu said

    i’m replying to u coz Mr.Rajaramesh (Hahaha! 🙂 First of…)made some wrong comments on Blore. I’ll advise him to go back to his native with bottle of milk, wearing Dhoti & Kurta & join some samaj sheva commiety.

  12. Syed said

    Hi, I am from Chennai living in Bangalore. In my view Chennai is too good a place . Bangalore except for the climate(though pleasent,it is harmful and unhealthy) is all shit!!!
    The food is awesome in chennai ,on the other hand it is hopeless in Bangalore. If people say bangalore rocks it is all shoks.


    This is to Mr Prasad…… Every city is good Shit like you Spoil the cities…. How can you say about Bangalore… any how you working and enjoying your life right…… dont ever think wrong of any city…… understood……………….:

  13. Prakash here,

    I am from Chennai working in Bangalore.

    I am telling this with my exp. in Bengalooru & Chennai.

    We dont have to worry abt food & accomodation
    Climate is worst
    Pollution is controllable
    Life Security is there, even at 2 AM u will find police in the main roads.
    No night life, but will have pleasant life.
    Roads are bad
    You can lead a solid life, if u earn 15k/month
    Last of all – Girls are very homely. If you give any sign to them, their father will chase u 😉

    Climate & Girls are cool & sexy
    Amazing Night life
    Pollution sucks
    Difficult to maintain if ur salary is under 15k/month
    Roads (City Roads) are pretty good.
    No life security, anything can happen at anytime.
    You wont find TEA SHOP – this it the main thing for IT guys for relaxing
    Western life – Decreases the gap between boys & girls 😉
    In short you can enjoy ur youth life in bangalore, but not secured.
    More all the main problem in bengaloroo is Kannada. All the buses, hotels & shops are mentioned in Kannada.

    This is not to mention that Bangalore or Chennai is the best.

    Every city has its own nature.

    Its in our hand how we handle & use it in a right way.

    Thanks for reading,


  14. ammadio said

    Been in Bangalore for the last 6 months. Recently visited Chennai.

    My observations:

    Roads and General Infrastructure:
    Chennai is better than Bangalore

    Bangalore is much better

    Bangalore is much better

    Property Prices
    Both are kinda same

    South Indian food in Bangalore is better. I prefer the Bangalore style dosa to Madras style.
    Bangalore has a better variety of restaurants

    Chennai is the place if Carnatic music interests you

    Build codes
    In Bangalore, everybody flouts building codes. People build to the brim, sometime even the walls between adjacent properties are joined.
    FSI(Floor Space Index) is not enforeced unlike cities like Chennai and Mumbai.
    Because of the rising prop prices, dirty/ugly looking buildings have come up all over the place. Many of the newly developed areas look pretty bad.

    200+km from Bangalore, one can hit various places. Chennai has lesser choices.

    Bangalore goverment is very weak. The political will is lacking. Metro Rail has not moved much. Chennai metro is is already being constructed.

    I think with better infrastructure, building code regulations and better driving discipline, Bangalore can be an unbeatable city.

    Good luck Bangalore.

  15. Senior7 said

    What ammadio Says is really a Bull shit thing.

  16. ammadio said


    Can you please elaborate what you mean by “Bull shit thing”. Please, for the sake of the readers, do not post such senseless comments like “What ammadio Says is really a Bull shit thing”.

    There has to be some substance to every posting.

    Contribute and keep it healthy.

  17. jay said

    Hi all, interesting conversation ya got going here..

    I’ve been chennai all my child hood (20 yrs) and then on lived about 4 years each altogether in chennai and bangalore, alternating each year with all the job hopping..;)

    anyways I love chennai way to much so my vote’s for chennai, but if you think objectively from 1999 when i first came to bangalore for an job interview to the last two years stay, things seem to be changing for the worse..
    1999- the climate was nice and warm
    now – it seems the pollution seems to torn the mask off the mild climate the smog is killing me..

    1999 – people seemed lot friendly
    now – they seem to have busier and nobody seems to care..

    1999- not much of traffic lots of folks in cycle nice to see..
    now – to much trafic and everybody is driving as if they want to run over the guy in front.. crazy.. seriously..

    1999- companies were trying in move in hordes do did young graduates from chennai, hyd and all of south india.
    now – companies are moving out and so are many of the IT gurus in bangalore..

    Chennai somehow in the same period of time seemed to be improving slowly but steadily and like one of the folks above mentioned the industries here are much more varied auto, chemical, Shipping, Cements, IT etc.. and the politicians actually live in and care about chennai..

    Here is the verdict Bangalore seems to changing for the worse over the period of time and unless some sort of drastic action is taken it will be going down as the city which started the IT revolution and will be forgotten soon enough.. Chennai on the other hand seems to branch out more fields than ever and offers more education, careerer and entertainment opportunities and is using them to its advantage to its best and is progressing faster than ever and adding more value to people who chose to live here..

    If I have earn loads of money now and dont mind a bit of pain then.. bangalore.. however I have to choose a place to live happily ever after then I is Chennai..

    thanks & cheers!

  18. Ramkumar said

    hi folks!!
    i am from Tamilnadu but not from Chennai.
    And i have been living in Blore for last 5 months as I got a job here.
    My vote is to Chennai.CHENNAI is alaways much better when it comes for peaceful life..In blore you can make lot of money but not the peaceful life.Traffic is very bad..More over blore is moving away from Indan culture.But not CHENNAI!!..Chennai has a blend of both,,Indian and modern culture..

    i am asking a honest question..Do you have any other reasons to visit blore other than IT???blore is something which has become a very important place only after late 90s,unlike Chennai which’s one of the most important commercial place for years evan during the British rule..And if u remove the IT companies,u don’t have anything else in blore..BUT in chennai as someone said, so many other Mutinatioals like HYUNDAI,FORD,BMW.NOKIA,SONY ERICSSON have therir shop..PLEASE note they are all non It companies.they are all very stable unlike IT companies..i am not saying blore is bad but Chennai is best!!!!..tHAT’S IT!!!

  19. Ramkumar said

    If Bangalore is dubbed as SILICON VALLEY OF INDIA..Then Chennai is DETROIT of SOUTH ASIA!!!!!

  20. ammadio said

    I guess, many of the Chennai lovers are finding options that make Bangalore look bad. I guess one has to look objectively.
    I am neither from Chennai nor Bangalore. I have lived in Bangalore for the last 8 months and as stated in my earlier post, visited chennai recently.

    Yes, Chennai has attracted a lot of manufacturing in the last 5+ years especially in the sriperambadur area.

    When you say, Bangalore is nothing without IT, you are not only wrong but completely off the mark.

    Before IT, Bangalore was a wonderful place to live. It is IT that made a mess of Bangalore. I guess, the local govt is at fault here as they could not scale and did not have the vision to see what is coming.

    Chennai was always a sleepy town in the past. True commerce and manufacturing were all in Mumbai-Gujarat belt.

    Yes, Infrastructure woes are killing Bangalore. Still, the weather is hard to beat. It might have become warmer but it still is great. For the last 4 months, I have not used the fan at all.

    It is certainly much more livelier than Chennai. Now what place is more livable depends on what you want.

    Nevertheless, Chennai is not bad as I said in my earlier post, the roads are a lot better. The access to the ocean is another plus.

  21. Sirish said

    Hi all,

    I am from Pune and have stayed in both places.

    Bangalore: Full marks!!

    Chennai: Sick!

    Better South Indian Food In bangalore

    In Chennai it sucks to travel.. I pity the buses. Rickshaws are the worst in chennai. No discipline

    In Bangalore you can communicate
    In Chennai you better be dumb

    If you ask any non Bangalore or non Chennaiite the choice is very clear. Bangalore is realy good. Please don’t compare with Chennai.

    Chennai : aaawwwkkkkk

  22. jerry said

    I live in bangalore , but i like chennai more because of the people.
    1.Bangalore has better traffic management,but the traffic is sick
    chennai has wild driving, but better roads
    2.climate in bangalore is wont feel the heat even at 12’in the afternoon.
    chennai is very hot
    3.bangalore has better night life and always will have .but we can easily do our own thin in chennai so no problems.
    4. in 2 years chennai will catch up with bangalore and outstrip it in it field.
    5.after that bangalore may have to fight hard to keep up, but for now it has its nose ahead

  23. JAGGU said

    ONE THING I WOULD LIKE TO ASK TO EVERY BODY ,REGARDLESS OF HIS/HER NATIVITY. DOES NIGHT LIFE WICH SOME OF U GUYS R REFERRING TO SPELLS GUD FOR OUR CULTURE ,K,FORGET IT,DOES IT SOUNDS GUD FOR OUR FUTURE GEN.DO U LIKE UR KIDS GOING PUBS AT A TENDER AGE AND SPOIL HER/HIS LIFE. I DONT MEAN TO DEGRADE NY CITY BUT THIS IS NOT AN ASPECT OR A FEATURE WICH CAN BE USED TO COMPARE A CITY.SEE,MODERNISATION IS DER IN BOTH ,BUT CHENNAI TO ME,A GUY FROM KERALA,HAS USED IT IN A RIGHT WAY.MODERNISATION SHOULD LEAVE WAY TO BETTR LIFESTYLE AND NOT IN THE FORM OF NIGHT LIFE. I HAV EXPERIENCES IN BOTH CITIES,WICH I WOULD RANK CHENNAI TO BE MORE PLEASENT. WAT IS THE USE OF WHEATHER being pleasent if the people arent.wats the use of a good night life,if u dont hav money in ur pocket,and the security is happless. for the people who say dat it is hard to communicate in madras,let me tell u sumthing that der is no bettr place in india wer a layman could read speak and write a decent english.yes,may be they r rude,but r honest inside der heart unlike the incorporated culture of benagalooooooooooooooorooooooooooooooooooooo spelling disasterous living for a common man. i am not biased to any views but i firmly believe chennai is the next big thing and the future of any kinda industry in the country.for those of u who want to drink and pamper themselves can move to bamngalre which has very gud night life mind u. finally for bangaloooroooo der is a very gud BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  24. JAGGU said


  25. JAGGU said


  26. Raj said

    I am basically from chennai, I worked in b’lore for 1 year b4 leaving to US. I like b’lore for its weather, except for that there is nothing much to drive its way. Chennai is too hot during summer, but chennai has good people. Chennai people dont speak hindi, but instead speak good english. Incase you dont speak our offical language, then be out of chennai. Chennai has a lot of amusement parks than b’lore. People in chennai are friendly. Except for night life, which is sick to our culture, you have everything else in chennai. IT industry may come down anytime, by then chennai would be the only city in south india to survive. Chennai had various differnt types of companies starting from electrical, ITES services, electronics, IT, chemicals,Civil, Mechanical several other fields too. So engg graduates from various diff fields have a future in chennai, unlike b’lore.
    Chennai’s IT industry is growing rapidly now, just because of various other companies non IT coming in to chennai, we dont see the IT growth substantially. Dell manufacturing plant, BMW manufacturing plant, Nokia maufacturing plant, SPIC chemicals, mahindra IT park, General electricals, Alstom, L & T, AUDCo are examples of companies in various diff fields in chennai. Chennai is also called as ” Detroit of asia” with all Automibile manufacturing industries concentrating in chennai.
    Just IT would not improve india, since the poor people remain poor all the time, but if we concentrate on Manufacturing of goods, poor people get jobs there in those industries and that the real growth for our nation. That will have a huge impact on GDP unlike IT. That is all the diff between china and India, we need to abridge the gap. It is not just the matter of which city is the best, its the matter of India as a whole needs to improve and beat china at some point of time. Let B’lore contribute to that growth in IT field, and let chennai do that in all aspects.
    ” Let all the states unite to get india prosper “

  27. ammadio said

    I think all reviews should be objective.

    Some may like nightlife. Some may like the beach.

    The point is, you have to let your choices known. Do not resort to prophecy. Do not predit doom. Nobody knows what is going to happen in the next 10-20 years.

    Will people in Bangalore have their jobs.

    For all you know, the rising temperatures due to global warming may cause many coastal cities like Chennai to disappear.

    If you like Chennai, say you why you like it. Same with Bangalore lovers.

    Do not get into moral policing by saying nightlife is denigrating to our culture etc. There is nothing like our culture. It has evolved over the last thousands of years. It will continue to evolve.

    To prevent evolution, one has to be like societies in Afghanistan where the moral police ensure what can or cannot be done.

    Keep it healthy.

    Jai Hind!!

  28. vicky said

    I studied in Chennai for 4 years and worked in Blore for 3 years . I’am not a native of either city. Here is my take on the cities :

    1 ) As a youngster just beginning to work , Blore is better with better nightlife , no worries about where money goes , etc.
    2 ) Once married and you move out to a seperate house with your spouse , the cost factor in Blore hits you hard ( very hard ) . Cost of living in Bangalore is way over the cost in Chennai. In chennai you can get a very decent 3 BR flat for as little as 5K to 6K . In Blore you will be lucky to get a cramped single BHK flat for that amount.
    3 ) The karnataka theatres have no moral values , they will stop screening hindi / tamil films whenever they want . No qns asked. Chennai is more tolerant . The same with cable TV’s .
    4 ) Chennai has as many IT job oppotunities as Bangalore , but the number of high paying companies are more in Bangalore.
    5 ) If you are non-IT and looking for a job , Chennai is far more diverse than bangalore.
    6 ) The mall culture is equally dominant in both cities.
    7 ) Roads in Chennai are much broader , chennai rail metro has been running for 70 yrs , so it is well established . Also new project like MRTS , mono rail , etc are developing at a far more rapid pace in Chennai than in Bangalore .
    8 ) The govet in bangalore is very slow in projects ( the devanahalli airport was conceived more than a decade back ) .
    9 ) The flyovers in blore add to traffic congestion . The flyovers in chennai ( built during Stalin’s regime as mayor ) has decongested the city by leaps and bounds.
    10 ) Equally good schools available in Bangalore and Chennai . Lot of chennai schools ( with CBSE syllabus ) allow Hindi / French as second language . Bangalore schools have more wider spectrum when it comes to second language.
    11) Weather in Blore is better than Chennai , but if cost of maintaining AC’s in car / house is cheaper in Chennai , so that could be offset to some level.
    12 ) Fuel , relaestate is more expensive in Bangalore.
    13 ) No water problems in Bangalore , plenty of water problems in Chennai.
    13 ) Language can be a spoiler for North Indians in Chennai . They have to either speak English or Tamil . No problems in Bangalore though.

    Overall , if you are from Tamil Nadu , dont even think about migrating to Bangalore as you get no additional benefit , however , if you are from other parts of the country , think carefully and go with your heart.

  29. ammadio said

    Some counter arguments to the above.

    The real estate prices in Chennai have shot through the roof. I dont think, you can call it reasonable anymore. It is probably at the same level as Bangalore.

    BTW, the rental rates in Bangalore as in any other places varies based on the location. If comparing with Chennai, the comparison has to be done with a similar location.

    About the moral values in theatres, it is a one-off thing.

    Well, either ways, there is nothing better than home for most of us.

  30. voezo said

    Good site!!!

  31. sivakumar said

    Hi Sirish,

    For some weird reason people in Bangalore seem to have
    a few IT companies and bangalore becomes a IT city, a few
    BT companies and bangalore becomes BT City. Last year
    there was a silk in exhibition @ madiwala silkboard and know
    what the hoarding said ” welcome to the Silk city of India”.

    For your information sirish from pune, T.N leads in industrial development and state wise GDP and development is
    diversified. Chennai or T.N are absolutely not dependent on IT unlike karnataka.
    BMW s’ new car plant or Motorolas’ new mobile phone production factory are testimony to that. I think you are dumbest idiot in the world to talk about a rickshaw and compare a city based on that. As for Pune where u come from, i think it shouldnt even
    be listed as a B grade city.

  32. sivakumar said

    A city which does not have an electric train system compared to metroplitan chennai which has had two simultaneous train systems.
    That perfidious. Sirish i appreciate your love for rickshaws,
    maybe thats what u have been doing in pune, surveying rickshaws
    and comparing cities based on that. You can take up your
    Ph.d thesis on a such a subject say ‘ a comparative study of
    rickshaws and their pullers in different cities of India’.

    Why you can even prepare your own rickshaw development index dear?

  33. Ravi said

    Please do not compare these 2 cities. It is like comparing a Sun with a torch light. Everyone know which is the Sun and which is a torch. Dont bitch about any place .. instead go do something for the city. Wherever you are … YOU plant a tree, YOU do rain harvesting, YOU follow traffic rules, YOU do pollution check of your vehicle ………………..

  34. ammadio said

    This blog for whatever reason has become a place for many to debate on “Bangalore vs Chennai”.
    Let us not get personal here and drag other cities from where some of the contributors hail.


    This site is for comparing. If you do not like the comparison debate, please excuse yourselves.

    A city does not get become a better place to live just because of a BMW factory in your neighbourhood. So, this cannot be a valid point. A valid point would job prospects.

  35. Sirish said


    A city is best described by their people and to be honest madrasis are known to be very fanatic. i guess who ever supports chennai is either a keralite or a tamilian since there is no space in chennai for other indians. Bangalore has that very much. even a bihari feels better to be ib bangalore than is very much in India is what the feeling that comes to any north indian. your cooments please.

    This is my last comment on this site since i feel that this site biased only towards chennai.

    this goes to all madrasis : be happy and spare bangalore!

  36. Rituraj said

    I am from Pune.

    I have lived in Bangalore for some 2 months recently and now in Chennai. I opted for Chennai location for my new job when they asked me. And I do not regret.
    All the comparisons have already been made above….Chennai is certainly more homely.
    Infrastructure and food wise it is 100 times better than Pune and Bangalore. Pune really sucks on one front – Puneri Baana (Pride/ego)….everyone went like “CHENNAI??? WHY?” when i told them i am leaving pune for chennai.
    I am not regretting my decision to leave pune/bangalore and am happy to be in Chennai.
    Language/food/weather wise I DO NOT have any problems.
    This is becuase i have seen in the same state people make fun of other city’s language (Puneites consider themselves superior than Beed/Parbhani/Solapur/Wardha etc)
    Well some things are bad about every city.
    Just one point- one thing which really sucks about chennai is – IT IS good to have traditional people around ….but they get TOO nosy about all rituals and STUPID “rahukalam”/”yamagandam” etc…..thats irritates to no end…
    “Saato din bhagwaan ke.kya mangal kya pir
    Jis Din soye der tak – bhukha rahe fakir”
    – No use of telling this Kabira’s philosophy to ppl here.

    But on a BIG picture – Chennai is COOL.

  37. sivakumar said

    Oh sirish dear please look @your own home state before commenting on other cities and states. And yes to talk of fanaticism, yes we are fanatic about our language and culture to
    a certain extend but we certainly dont have ‘senas’ and moral policing done in our state, nor do we entertain an annual bashing
    of minorities in our state.

    And last but not the least chennai has one of the largest
    populations of marwaris and gujaratis who have been living here
    for decades without receving diktats from local populace here
    unlike your state where people from other states ‘especially biharis’ are constantly reminded by the local populace and leaders that it is marathi and maharashtrians first…

    read this..

    and now for u dear ravi, i understand this is becoming turf war
    but i also understand that offence is the best form of defence.
    A city certainly does not get become a better place to live just because of a BMW factory in the neighbourhood, even though
    it employs thousands of blue and white collar workers, but
    it certainly doesnt make sense out of portraying a erroneous picture of 400 year old city like chennai based on a rickshaws.

  38. ginfolks said

    the problem here is that people commenting upon bangalore
    and chennai themselves are from some third rate place in india…
    thats the fun…

  39. Rituraj said

    Thats not a “problem” …in fact we can make more unbiased comparisons. 🙂

  40. ammadio said

    I think this debate is primarily aimed at folks who belong to neither Chennai nor Bangalore.

    This way, the comparisons would be very objective and not emotional.

    BTW, if someone wants to compare Pune to Chennai or do any other comparison other than Bangalore-Chennai, they can do it in some other space.

  41. Mohammed Muzzakier said

    Hi folks,

    This is Mohammed Muzzakier and i was born in Bangalore and brought up in chennai and i just wanted to quote a thing and that is

    ” People of bangalore dont give respect to chennaities, and the people of chennai give respect to everybody in this world” So now i can say that chennai is a city where you can find love, hospitality, responsibility, honesty and all the other good things that you cant find in any other city in this world….

    Bangalore may rock at night, but night is not the time to rock, its the time to sleep so bangaloreans please sleep at night and work in day,,,

    Bye bye……

  42. Rituraj said

    Chennai is metropolitan but not cosmopolitan.

    Bangalore is very much cosmopolitan and thinks it is metro also (which it is not by any means)

  43. Mohammed Muzzakier said

    Hello people,

    You know bangalore is a city where you cant find a more bangloreans, the night life rocks due to the people of north so dont just show off you banglaoreans you have no right to do it…

  44. SingleAndLooking said

    I’m am Tamil guy currently workin in Hyd. I got an offer in Chennai. Should I decline the offer and look for job in Bangalore which offers better night life? Are night clubs and pubs in Bangalore good for picking up girls for dating? That’s the only use of pubs I can think of.

  45. nabeel said

    I am a student from chennai.I visits bangalore often.I like the bangalore climate.It is thousand times better than the chennai climate.Chennai has no right to say traditional coz everything happens in chennai under cover.Chennai peoples are sleepy goofs compare to the dynamic people in blore.Blore has got better roads and malls pubs etc etc.Only disadv is blore is little more expensive than chennai.

  46. nabeel said

    i don why people say chennai has got better infrastructure than bangalore.Roads in bangalore are better than roads in chennai although its little narrow.We cant find much digs and patches in bangalore roads unlike chennai.Bangalore is much greener than chennai which is almost a concrete jungle except some few areas like annanagar,besantnagar.IT industry is booming in chennai bcoz of regionalist ministers from tamilnadu.They want all the central funds to be used for chennai.There is no democracy in chennai compare to other cities.chennai sucks…..

  47. Karadi.. said

    ‘London, Newyork, Melbourne, all are cosmopoliton cities. Does that mean you can survive there without knowing English? Most chennaiites speak english but not hindi. They do welcome english speaking population.

    On the other hand, the French, Germans, Spaniard, Chinese, don’t speak english and are fanatic about their language and culture. Can you say bangalore better than Paris or Zurich?

  48. ramkumar c said

    I uphold Karadi’s words!!!..

  49. deekshitha said

    well..comparing these two cities..i guess both of them have their own goodz nd badz..
    chennai can be a great city..the promblem is tht the culture is holding it back a bit too much than it is supposed to..bangalore where as wid its wide range of influence wid western culture nd more ppl moving in from oder parts of india,its much more easier for stuff like night life,concerts nd things like these to take over..climate wise banglore is unbeatable..chennaiz climate is pretty bad when compared to bangalore,no doubt!frankly speaking..the people in bangalore aren’t really friendly nd easy to communicate as a few claim..a majority of bangalorez youth think chennai is a boring place or think u can’t really have fun here..well in bangalore..most of the time its all about “hep crowd”..where as in chennai the same ol “hep crowd” is way more friendly,they have attitude but can be understandingly nice to a complete “uncool” stranger..nd for those who think bangalore has a better infrastructure..i completely disagree..chennai is claimed to be the second cleanest city in indea after chandigarh..malls are in fact better than bangalore..well forum,garuda mall are gud places to shop..but there are wayy many options in chennai..u got chennai city centre,nd a PVR which is gonna be introduced in anoder 6 months or so..u got spencers..wher u dont really need to spend the hook off..but can still enjoy nd spend to the satisfactory..u got esphani..chennai is a wayy bigger city..the second largest city on the basis of area in india after kolkatta..for those people who think u can’t enjoy in chennai nd for those wh think the chennai night life is bad..yea,its bad when compared to blore..blore has obviously got wayy more night clubs thn chennai..but whts the point?u got night clubs..u got bars’ve got amazing beachz along ecr..nd hav a roller coster drive down ecr nd rest along the beach side..i cant really think of anything tht bangalore has and chennai doesn’t..nd for the dude hu said u can find nothing 200km away from chennai..hello????what wer u thinking???u really need to travel arnd..dwn south..pondicherry,mahaballipuram loads the north the west the east..THE SEA..if its KFC nd MCDONALDS ur talkin abt im sure u don find anythin like dat 200km away from bangalore..bangalore is a gud place..karnataka where as isn’t even closely developed to the extent of tamil wise..tamil nadu after kerala is the most educated state..just becoz people here seem to stick to the culture doesn’t mean they are uncool..or not advanced..if it wer a foreigner,he wud appreciate chennai better thn blore..coz the major mark to a country is its culture,tradition,education nd morals..this is what brings recognition to the country..nd u got tht in chennai..u find advanced people who stick to culture which is really unique…something tht is totally not found in blore..frankly..if u go abroad nd ask a foreigner what he/she knows about india..they aren’t gonna tok abt IT..the first thing tht come to their mind are saris,bindis,mahendis,the religion,food,nd a developping country!

  50. deekshitha said

    nd yea!!there aren’t any rickshawz in chennai…there are only autoz..who friendlier than the ones in blore!

  51. Sathish said

    I studied in CEG, Anna Univ for four years. And I’m living in Bangalore for more than 4 years now. I’m a tamilian.

    Chennai is somewhat hypocritical and that is the quality which I hate the most and made me choose Bangalore to live.

    Chennai only fakes culture and tradition. Nasty things happen undercover. People who take the moral pedestal in the daylight transform into terrible criminals at night. This holds true with most of the Chennai leaders who the common TN junta keep in high esteem – politicians, filmstars, industrialists.. Anyone who keeps constantly reading magazines like Junior Vikatan and Tharaasu will know this.

    The normal Chennaite follows his hypocritical leader.
    a. He enjoys girls clad in westerns but wouldn’t want his wife/sister to dress similarly.
    b. He can smoke and booze secretively but he won’t tolerate females doing the same..
    c. He would admire TamBrams for their discipline and living-to-the-cultural-rules, but he would secretly despise them and can’t stand an intercaste marriage.
    d. He can’t tolerate languages other than Tamil and would resist learning Kannada/Telugu,
    e. he can’t tolerate people from other states and is ignorant of Indian geography, he would call a Mumbaite despisingly as “Northy”.

    None of the above is true with Bangalore. People are frank and honest about their likes, dislikes.

    Bangaloreans are way more accomodative to things foreign. Any Kannadiga will learn tamil, telugu and malayalam at any opportunity and would proudly use it for communicating with outsiders demonstrating the acceptance.

    And for deekshitha, Coimbatore is 380 kms from Chennai and is not close.. From Bangalore, western ghats is just a 3 hr drive in any direction towards west. You get Coorg (Madikeri), Kabini, BR hills, Wayanad, Yercaud, Hogenakkal, Mysore and so many other places with natural bounty in a 3 hr drive. I think Chennai’s only natural advantage is the beach and the coast.

    Education in Chennai is theoritical and is aimed at sending people abroad for studies, a concept practised by brams because of 69% reservation in TN and has spread to common junta as well. Othe r hand Bangalorean educational institutes are much more practical with education and the environment helps the student relate the content to reality. Bangalore schools and colleges are almost in par or are higher in quality to Chennais, and are filled with people from North east, Bihar/Jharkand, Kerala/TN/Andhra and other parts of India thereby imbibing the tolerance in the pupil at youth.

    I can list a few more.. but that is for later.

  52. ram said

    chennai rules.. in blore there r no bangaloreans..jus fuck off bloreans!!

    chennai rox

  53. Satish said

    This blog was extremely useful…Im a NRI planning on returning to India. I had lived in Chennai, but after more than a decade of living outside of India, I was no longer sure if B’Lore would be a better place to settle down. These are the factors that were important to me:

    Security: I knew from childhood that chennai was a bit infested with the rowdy mentality. I was clueless as to how bangalore was…but based on this it seems like bangalore is worse.

    Education: Chennai has traditionally had very good schools…Im sure b’lore has its share of good schools. So, we could call it even there.

    Food: Chennai has very good restaurants too…hmm..who knows, maybe b’lore really has much better hotels…but i dont care…if you don’t go out to hotels everyday, why would you care…but i dont think north indians can be a good barometer of south indian food just as the opposite is also true.

    Cost of living: Seems like B’lore is way more expensive.

    Traffic: Based on all that you hear and see, traffic has now become a factor too…b’lore loses here.

    Infrastructure and getting things done in a timely manner: Im not sure how this really compares still…

    Work: Based on this discussion, looks like B’lore has lots of more options, but one could easily get a job(that probably does’nt pay as much) in chennai too.

    Looks like for me…Chennai is the way to go…for now:)

    Nightlife: Not a criteria for me….Im married with kids…forget it!

    Culture: Traditional values,(although i may not be a run of the mill traditional fellow), is important for the kids…so, chennai probably outstrips B’lore.

  54. marlena said

    Why compare? Move to Miami Beach. 🙂 There you will have night life, ocean and you can establish your culture.

  55. ammadio said

    Home sweet home… So, If your home is not Chennai or Bangalore then making a choice is important.

    If you are from Bangalore or Chennai, then don’t bother updating this blog with your biased opinions.

    I am sure, you are better off staying where you are.

  56. Bangalore-e-Azam Zindabad said

    Bangalore = Diamond
    Chennai = Charcoal

    Bangalore = India’a Paris
    Chennai = India’s Shit

    Bangalore = Perfume
    Chennai = Bull shit

    Bangalore = Refrigerator
    Chennai = Hot case

    Bangalore = Good Girls
    Chennai = ?????????????

    Bangalore = A+
    Chennai = No comments

    Bangalore = NO.1
    Chennai = Disqualified

    Bangalore = Always Welcome
    Chennai = Fuckoff

  57. ammadio said

    Can you please remove the comments from “Bangalore-e-Azam Zindabad”

  58. Ammadio,

    Why are you worried about the above comments, this is just to show the reality of Chennai. Everyone has spoken about their own thoughts and I am have spoken about mine, if you have any problem with that then please do not read such comments. This is according to my own experience i had when i visited Chennai last Month for a marraige function.


  59. jeelu said

    will all the bangalooruuuuuuuuuuuu people wouldplsz shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!! nothing goood apart from the climate. bangalooooorrruuuuu really sucks. the name really sucks ofcourse. chennai will ever rocks.

  60. Jeelu,

    Please tell me why Chennai is better than Bangalore. Forget about weather and just compare the environment and the cleanliness, I myself visited chennai and right in front of a Hotel where we stayed it is pathetic, bad smell, overflowing drainage water and what not. The name of the hotel is somewhat a foreign city name and the surroundings is somewhat like a tribal locality. Come and visit bangalore railway stations and then visit your favourite Chennai stations and stand for 5 minutes there you will understand what is the difference. I think you are staying in Chennai and not ready to give-up even if it is very thirty. I am not putting down any city here it is just that people are making wrong comments about a place for which it is not acceptable. If you like your city it is good but you cannot underestimate even after knowing the truth, have you ever seen Bangalore’s BMTC buses it is like volvo buses but the same compare it with your city buses if you have common sense you will understand. Why only that compare even the stores and hotels and also the bakeries is it better than Bangalore, it is upto you to decide what is correct and what is wrong after seeing the truth wit your own eyes. Don’t think only climate is good, travel in our city buses you will know the diference, stand in a bus stop and wait belwo the greenish trees you will understand, visit our beautiful parks you will understand, eat Briyani and Mughlai dishes you will understand, overall all these things makes a city very great and proud. When you have all these things and still you say Bangalore is not good then I think there is something wrong in your understanding, just go out and see how far is a pao bhaji shop from your house if not try with masala poori if not try with Mutton briyani and if that is not possible try with tandoori dishes finally if possible try with the Pizza hut or Domino’s Pizza. But in Bangalore you don’t have to search for all these places because each and every place has one of all the above mentioned hotels and shops, not only that some places even have more than five to ten hotels and you will not have choice where to go. When I visited chennai I was searching for a place where I can get good overall dishes but finally what i got was rice and sambar which really made me think not to come to Chennai at all. Don’t pose comments only to make people laugh but it must have some meaning in it, if I was in your place I would have accepted the fact that what it is, is correct. There must be something in a place which must attract people to come but what makes people to come to Chennai, nothing and if you consider Bangalore it has not only good Weather but also people from all across India and we also welcome everyone whole heartedly without any jealousy and hatred but in Chennai it is not like that they will not speak anything other than Tamil if they also know to speak in any other language they will pretend to show as if they doesn’t know anything but in Bangalore if you doesn’t know the language we will try or atleast search someone who can help him in that matter whereas people in Chennai will gather a huge crowd to underestimate that person and make fun of him. You might be knowing this but still you want to pretend as if nothing is wrong, please be sure before commenting on anything and compare it by seeing it through your eyes. Come to Bangalore and go back to Chennai and see and feel the difference then you will come to know the real difference. Beauty is Beauty and it is only in Bangalore, if something rocks that is Bangalore a city which is a cosmopoliton city, Hi-Tech City, Garden City, Silicon Valley and whats not here. If you ever read this tell me where can Chennai come under the above options or if possible tell me how will it compete with Bangalroe in terms of the above mentioned options.

    Chennai does not rock but it is full of Rocks…….

  61. Bala said

    To all the bangaloreans who say it’s the It capital. I dont know what you mean by IT capital. Name one Bangalore company which has been into software product development the answer is none. Bangalore IT companies are not IT companies they are coolies always looking for projects from US . If dollar price comes down all these IT will fall down crumbling.

  62. ammadio said

    Dear Bala,

    IT Capital in commonly accepted terms means, a place with a high concentration if companies in the business of Information Techonology.
    It does not mean product development.
    So, the companies who are IT Services business and headquartered bangalore are:
    Mindtree ….

    Hardware/Software/Services companies including product developement companies with a major presence in Bangalore;
    Hewlett Packard
    Freescale Semiconductor
    and many more….

    When Dollar price goes down?? It is already down from 46 to 40.
    If Dollar price crashes further, it is not just the IT companies that would go down. Most Indian companies wont be able to compete both domestically and in the overseas markets.

    BTW, all the export gains from IT benefits the entire nation not just Bangalore.

    So, do not wish doom.

    If you think, it is not the IT capital, convince the readers and do not digress into foreign currency speculations.

    Be objective.. Do not make general statements.

  63. Ammadio,

    I accept your comments above and you are absolutely right.
    I don’t understand why others are not understanding what to speak, don’t you think they are still childish and speaking blindly instead of using their minds. We are educated and we need to be different from illiterates and shouldn’t think blindly as they do, don’t you think our country has educated illiterates who are giving comments just to make people laugh and show that they cannot give up even if they are wrong.


    Please think before you speak something, I am a techie from Bangalore working for a software firm. We develop softwares which are used by the people all over the world and what you have written above doesn’t make sense at all. What else do you need I myself have named one company which is into software development.
    Don’t speak like an educated illiterate, try to think properly thats what makes a nation great ( by: Scorates ). If you think this is really husting you I am really sorry my friend but this is the fact.

  64. S richards said

    I have been staying in blore for the past three years. So for that period of time I have given a overload of work to my kidney. Why because i very rarely sweat in this climate. I can make myself sweat by doing some hardwork but in places like chennai we sweat atleast twice or thrice in a day by which we could eliminate the waste from our body or else the whole work has to be done by the kidney. People say the climate in bangalore is cool and nice. It is some thing like itching a wound. It will be of more pleasure at that time and would paid later. So it dosent mean that chennai people are more healthy than bangloreans. But the chance of getting prone to diseases are more in bangalore.

  65. deepak said

    we cant make any comparison of banglore with chennai
    1. indias 4th largest metro.
    2. Automobile capital of india
    3. indias majority vehicles are coming from here.
    4. going to be IT capital.
    5. still keeping traditions.
    6. good city infrastricture.
    7. Metro train.
    7. 2nd biggest port

  66. deepak said

    companies like…

    nokia,samsung,dell,(their production units)
    hyundai,mahimdra renault,bmw,ford,tvs,maruti….

    lots of lots of jobs not onlt in IT..
    but also in many other core companies…

  67. ghosh said

    To people who claim Chennai has a better literature and cultural track record than Bangalore. Have you guys heard of the Janpith awards? Do you know how many have gone to Tamil writers? (2) and how many to writers in Kannada, most of them from Bangalore? (6)
    There are extremely good carnatic music concerts in the old parts of Bangalore. Infact Bangalore is open to listening to tamil and telugu songs during such concerts. Chennai does not encourage telugu or kannada songs during any concerts. How many chennaites living in chennai are open to learning kannada?
    Cultures that are more open and liberal are the ones that flourish. Though to the fanatic, this may seem like an erosion of values.

  68. BASKAR said

    Im a NRI planning on returning to India. I had lived in Chennai, but after more than a decade of living outside of India, I was no longer sure if B’Lore would be a better place to settle down. These are the factors that were important to me:

    i got pore with western culture i am proud of chennai pple stil they are not changed
    american all are suck with their culture youth of american are become gangstar . they love to keep girls friend below 18 so very few americans are shining in usa in all field education of american realy good . but youth of american realy ignore tht
    donot follow western culture in india realy harmful for family realtion

    look at chennai how they are !!!!!!!!!!family relation realy respect in chennai . pple of chennai realy good !!!!!!!!

  69. Rockie said


  70. Lakshmi said

    hi everyone…

    Bangalore… such a pleasant place… can we compare Bangolore with such a rude city…. here many are saying that Chennai is far better than Bangalore… first i should ask those people one question i.e. “where they are staying presently..”…. i think many of those people who commented on Bangalore are staying in Bangalore itself…many are saying that Bangalore is not a good place to lead secured life… but can any one of you tell me … how did Bangalore became insecure????? its all due to those out siders who come and settle here….and i tell to all those outsiders to leave our Bangalore and go settle in their own Chennai…so that we can lead a peacefull secured life…

    Here in Bangalore most of them are kannadigas… Kannadigas are known for hospitality they show for others in the entire world…. they are very soft,kind and very adjusting…..i think Kannadigas can be compared with any other communityin the world for their hospitality…. they respect each and every religion and language… they help outsiders to settle down here… .. but the same thing i cannot say to Chennai…… they dont speak any other language except tamil…. they make outsiders life difficult….

    the infrastructure of chennai is good but not better than Bangalore….. In Bangalore you have good citybus facility… and one more important thing is in Bangalore you can srech any place very easily as the addressing system is very good.. but not so in Chennai..

    If you ask any north indians…. i think they all say Bangalore is the best place than their native places also…. thats all

  71. Hi Guys, Let me first let you all know that a comparison between any two elements shld be done by a third person {not from either of the two elements} and in this case where Bangalore and Chennai are compared, we {being neither from bang or Madras}will be the best person to honestly compare both.How many of U agree wid me!!!

    Well I was in Chennai from 2005 to 2007 {two full years} and currently Im in Bangalore since Jan 07, so I have the taste and haste for both these cities and I will compare them very honestly,

    City – Chennai is metro Bang is not, so quite obvious Chennai will have more opportunities than Bangalore.Chennai is bigger than Bangalore and offcourse it has better infrastucture than Bangalore.

    Climate – Pls do not even think to compare these two cities at least in this aspect, where Chennai is pathetic and Bangalore still is superb {Talk to people from other states…}

    Language – Chennai still {despite of many Northies coming there} has maintained its enemity with Hindi and hindi walas, where as Bangalorians love to speak Hindi, so again here bangalore has an edge over Chennai.Also 99% of Non Chennaites and Non Bangalorian would prefer to opt for Bangalore {not Chennai} when language comes in to TAKE.

    Technology – Bangalore and Chennai indeed both are neck to neck on this and both have well developed base of IT & ITES companies, so here its 50 – 50

    Infrastucture – No doubt the airport, Rly Stn, and Bus Tirminus are better in Chennai than Bangalore, but who knows future Bangalore {having the Malyas and Murty’s}may pop up better any day.

    Traffic – People say and talk a lot about Bangalore traffic, trust me yes in Bangalore traffic is worst, but dera Chennai is also Worse {and amzingly local people still dont understand the indicator signs there, amazing} Still Chennai will have an edge here as the roads are broader and clear unlike Bangalore. Traffic sense at both place is stupid.

    Culture – Indeed a cosmo city tends to loose it’s culture and so has Bangalore when compared to chennai {as all of us know that Bangalore is called the Delhi of south}so its quite obvious that Bangalore will have a mixture of culture and an open one – compared to Chennai {where till today also if you by mistake touch a local gal, it’s like you have Raped her} Its good or bad you all decide.Bangalore indeed is more open than Chennai, but still census and survey shows Chennai having more sex related issues than Bangalore so I can say from out Chennai looks more conservative but from inside the story is opposite, where as Banagalore is same from Top and inside.

    Developement – Here also I would rate both 50 – 50 as both are developing fast and good, but still the properties have seen more grwth in Bangalore than in Chennai.Ownership values are more in Chennai but RENTED valus are far ahead in BANGALORE.

    Issues – In Chennai you have water problem,climate problem,traffic problem,and above all known to ALL – LANGUAGE PROBLEM {as this is the ONLY place in INDIA, where hindi is not spoken}

    In bangalore you have traffic problem and security problem {as compared to Chennai Bangalore is more prone to crime with women}so safety wise Chennai has an edge.

    So, overall if I view from an independent eye, I will take BANGALORE to be better than CHENNAI{no hard feelings as you ask this to 100 non tamil and non kannad people and 95 will select BANGALORE and Guys thats a fact}

    Above all, see we cannot select one and say its good than the other as we are not selecting counts, where we can easily say THREE is better than ONE,here we are comparing two cities, where every one has his/her own reason to like and dislike {its same as for some THE GLASS IS HALF EMPTY and for some its THE GLASS IS HALF FULL WITH WATER, so it depends how you see a city and how you want it to be seen. Here its again very natural that all Tamil Guys will say CHENNAI is the BEST and all Kannadiga will say that BANGALORE is teh BEST, nothing new in this – but its majority of neutral people like will give a final say which will be a neutral one and for this we all know that 95 out of 100 will select BANGALORE over CHENNAI.}

    No hard feelings for anyone Guys……as after all at end I see both being a very good INDIAN city.

    Lets not argue chennai and bangalore rather lets take these two cities neck to neck with Shanghai and Singapore.


    Pawan@9840677326 / 9902096700

  72. rajan said

    Plus points of Chennai:

    Better roads,

    Better Political Will.

    More Commited Work class – hard work
    ing and rugged people

    Any Govt officer including police
    are more professionally oriented

    There are no Hindu – Muslim Clashes in Chennai.
    RSS is not active as in Bgl

    Plus points of Bangalore;

    Good weather

    Negative Points of Ch:

    Water Problem.. but hopefully be rectified Desalination Plant which the Govt is planning.

    Negative Points of Bgl:

    Unclutured and Uneducated working Class, rustic
    labour class- Manufacturing Companies
    will have nightmare

    60% of the Population of Software Professionals working in Bangalore
    are – 25 % Andhra,15% Tamilnadu, 20% comprising from Other states .

    Early Start which Bangalore had in IT
    will not help it in the long run. Because other regions like Noida,Pune, Chennai are witnessing more IT Majors opening big centers and moreover because of Cost factor and infrastructure woes companies are planning to move to smaller towns like Coimbatore, Madurai, Vizag etc

  73. rajan said

    Born in Delhi and studied in Mumbai.


    Lived in Chennai for 7 years
    and Came to Bangalore and living here
    for the past 6 years..but planning to go back to Chennai
    But planning to Move to Chennai for next year for running 44 Years.. will settle and die in Chennai

  74. ghosh said

    @Rajan, do you realise that
    “Unclutured and Uneducated working Class, rustic labour class” in bangalore are primarily from Tamil Nadu, the next time you call a carpenter or a mason brush up your tamil 🙂 !!

  75. @Ghosh, well said, but no use, as these Tamilians will never accept that they are the worst. I stayed in Chennai for three years and have practically taken the pain to be a north indian in CHENNAI……anyways NO comments as its waste writting anything for them, but indeed there are few very very good guys in chennai too, but over all Chennai folks attitude is very bad {when compared with bangalorians}towards people from north. GOD only save them………

  76. deepu said

    hi guys

    why we all are talking about culture….

    basically am from kerala stayed 1 year in chennai and now in banglore for last 6 months…

    for making comments about the culture we must know the culture of city very well otherwise it will be painful to others..

    what we all are expecting from a city

    in my view…

    1: employement opportunites

    in this category i feel chennai is strong… because in banglore opportunities is only for IT bot in chennai lots of core companies are there….
    chennai is also called automobile capital of india

    2 : settle in city

    here i opt for banglore bcoz of its climate and water..
    but u need to spend lot for this in banglore..
    but in chennai if you had only 15000 you can live i agood way

    3: for pubbing

    only banglore………
    in this angle i love chennai boz i cant accept these kind of western culure(my personal view)

  77. vijay said


    I agree that the BIMARUs are the worst,pain in the ass, scum of the earth !

  78. vijay said

    //If you ask any north indians…. i think they all say Bangalore is the best place than their native places also…. thats all//

    ‘coz they wont learn the local language and would expect the locals to adapt to their language 😀

  79. Prakash said

    I am from Kerala.I can understand tamil easily as infact most Malayalees knows.So,Living in Madras is not much of a problem for me for the same reasons.but the culture is very orthodox,although everything is going on underground.

    When I visited Bangalore,first thought came to my mind is-is it south india?aren’t a similar culture be there as ours(Kerala,TN)?but what i saw there is kannadiga’s who lost their cultural base by learning as much languages as possible and making things verse.ofcourse Northie population in a south indian city as high as in Bangalore is intolerable for a real south Indian.I have to communicate in half Kannada and Hindi(in kerala we are forcefully taught in schools from 4th std itself 😡 ) in City centre.Hindi!i felt pathetic.although I know i can talk in Tamil to these Kandus(kannadiga’s either kodagu,tulu speaking bunda’s or lingayaths or Konkani’s),
    their face became bad and arrogant although i am fair(TN means blackies for many!right?) & a Malayalee!these kannadiga’s hate Kongaru for their proudness & harcore tamizhan feeling.but honestly-lo Kannadigare-can u ppl do have internal problems like Kodagu Vasis wants another state,Belgaum to Maharashtra,and culture class btwn Uttara Kannada and Mysooru-Bangalore belt.and yet another story is the western belt where tulu,konkani speaking Mangaloreans,Uduppi-karwar belt.the clash of culture is very much visible in places like Hubballi-Dharawada area where and up a sizeable Marathi populace dont underestimate or form hate gangs against fellow south indians.hindi is not that great for many of us.if a kannadiga feels embarassed speaking Tamil if he although knows-this mentality sucks!

    Our arguement is -Is Bangalore Namma Bengaloo r too?but hypocrite kannadigas will call this TN as Konga’s and bashes them wherever they can.I feel pity for Kannadiga’s.they are losing their own identity,first it was Mangalore,Manipal Uduppi belt(medical belt gone to northies & malyalis coz of TMA Pai),Now Bengalooru too surrendered to Northies?Why?

    Yes,it is a truth that most of the coolies(low class workers) are coming from TamilNad.but what is so BAD?Let them leave and let them keep their proud to be a a days paandi workers are not available in Kerala for works.
    Infact BIMARU’s and Kannadiga’s(kodagu,uttara kannada mostly),Telegu’s are working as coolie class here in my town Muvattupuzha,near to Kochin-even for agrarian works.

    [b]to Northies:(Dont ever compare Malyalis & Tamils apart from similarity in Language & some cultural parts,we,Malayalees feel more proud than other south Indians FYI for obvious reasons like the ratio of religions Syrian Christians of Judeo-brahminic origin 22% of population,Nairs,Namboodiri brahmins & Mappila Muslims(converted Nairs with arab blood).and for the matter we are much more better than u other indians regarding habits and cleanliness(we bath two times a day)[/b]

  80. kannadiga said

    you know, i’m a kannadiga living in US ad let me tell you this – i dont really care for the crap about the religion, state and the culture overall but it eventually irritated the heck out of me to see Tamilians making a case in front of americans about how Hindi is not quite the national language of India, how tamil is as widely spoken as hindi. why are Tamilians so fanatical? Why the heck an american would care about whats the official national laguage of india?

    And its utterly stupid to make the choice to migrate to Bangalore in flocks and then complain about this city. if it isn’t for the mass migration, this would still have been a garden city. thank you.

    When i was touring south india i still remember being horrified when other vehicles would chase our car off the road because of the lincense plate. I remember being lost in Madhurai and the localites pointing me in the wrong direction just because I’m an outsider. Has any of the Bangalorians treated you this way? I bet not.

    Fanatism runs through and through with this state obviously. I met a lady at a party recently who was brought up in Kerala. I praised kerala to her saying it was such a refreshing experience to be able to communicate with anyone in English and how educated/literate everyone was. Her faced puffed up and started defending how Tamil Nadu is equally good and literate if not better. then i find out that she is from Tamil Nadu. I appreciate the loyalty runing deep. But i do not respect them making a conscious choice to move to a diff city state because of the superior life quality offered, while contiuing to hold onto a false sense of superiority where their state, language,culture , cities are concerned.

    Bangalore has adopted Kannada as the primary language for communication especially when there was a movememnt to get Tamil as the second language in Karnataka(have they gone nuts?).And there was a riot eventually when many tamil shops posted the boards only in Tamil.

    I absolutely agree that the western culutural influence has tipped Bangalore. And misplaced importace on English is not helping. Bangalore needs to go back to its roots – the hospitality that it is known of, a sense of identity, an efficient infrastructure and curb the growth so we can keep up. Come up with a government scheme to allow the natives to buy real estate at an affordable price than allow outsiders who haven’t even seen the city, to snatch up the prime pieces of land (as investment).

    As I said before , i did not care for the cultural crap before, but my limits have been tested. I think people who dont think highly are welcome to stay out of it. We need all the help that we can get to keep the city at a manageable state.

    One proud Kannadiga

  81. Vijay said


    Though i am from chennai, I lived in Chennai and blore. The good thing I like abt blore is its climate. Other than that I give my complete mark to chennai. When it comes to job, Chennai stands with its full power. IT companies are healthy in both cities. The difference being it is a sick development in blore (too much it could hold) whereas Chennai is growing steadily in IT. When it comes to non-IT, its chennai only. as far as infrastructure, roads are wider whereas its very narrow in blore. WIth some beautiful parks in blore, Chennai has its own gorgeous beaches.
    Transporation- undoubtedly chennai for its train and frequent buses covering the entire big city.

    TO the above quote: If you have some bitter experience in madurai or elsewhere, and if you dont like the place for that, then you may not be happy with any town.

  82. NAMS said


  83. NAMS said

    I am not able to post here..
    so posting in patches..sorry 4 that..!

  84. NAMS said

    Dear Kannadiga..amd all those who have a very bad perception abt chennai..! this is from a chennaitte who loves Blore as

    much as chennai..!
    When u start comparing two cities, just stick to its infrastructure and city related things….pls dont ever narrate like the

    above one post…i remind you all that both chennai and blore are cities with population above 7 million…
    u cant just talk abt the people of any city just by coming across a very few persons who irritated you…
    and of course who think they need to drive out the tamilians out of Blore…pls stop talking like this…wherever they go,

    Tamilians helped that place to flourish both economically and all other fronts….if uneducated, untrained resources who

    are polluting Blore as said above in some posts…i ask them, who cerated the great contonment area…and some of the

    beautiful layouts in Blore….can you point out any Tamilian who caused any problem to others..?
    The real thing is that KT govt miserably failed to take care of its own kannadigas, while all educated and other people

    ffrom across the country came in and settled in Blore, the localites are still left behind…its not because of those people…it

    was by your own government and out of frustration u all are targeting Tamilians…but still not taking care of ur

    comments, tamilians are working for the upliftment of Blore…whenever they tell some issues , it will be oriented towards

    the betterment of their own blore…no tamilians ever complained abt Blore or Bloreans…its you always who complain abt

    us and chennai…pls change that attitude..!

  85. NAMS said

    NOW coming to point..!
    Chennai is a city with multilingual, multifaced people and a city which offers options to all kind of people…
    no city in India can give such kind of options..

    The points are…!
    if u want a very good education….it gived options for a millionaire and also for one who is below poverty line..
    there are innumerous good colleges in n around the city..

    The cost of living…obviously chennai is much better..!

    Infrastructure means not only rail and road links..
    How all people of society are treated in all things of life..!
    Take for example…Healthcare…I am damp sure that no city in ?India can beat chennai in this..a very well network of

    GHs and corporate and very good hospitals..

  86. NAMS said

    then the zoning kind of residentiality…..all residentialities with all options for all people…thats where chennai scores..

    apart from healthcare, take media…!
    though its politicised, the options are very open,…
    the people of chennai and TN are the most media knowledgeble and literate…

    variety of job options…
    there are so many ITIs, polytechnics, eng colleges, which gives options to even a laymen..
    i wonder the poor children of Blore doesnt even know what is an ITI or polytechnic because that kind of infrastructure is

    very lagging in Blore…the option for the middle class and those below poverty line are very limited in Blore..!

  87. NAMS said

    Then comes the retail..!
    Even the great Pantaloons has not opened its BigBazaar until recently only because they know chennai is well ahead of

    other cities in Retail…!
    It has its own retail model which again mailnly serves the middle class and lower middle class….what abt Blore…
    even the well to do are doing only window shopping in famous Blore malls like Forum and Garuda…then think the case of

    middle class and lower middle class in Blore…i have seen many frustrated people…particularly localites..!

    Then comes the social network..!
    In chennai, there are millions of Telugus, malayalees and so many marvadis, so many kannada brahmins living..they live

    without fear considering chennai as if their home..
    But what abt in Blore..??
    Because the Govt has let them down,i can see the local kannadigas with great understandable frustration and

    embarassment which often leads to great unrest in the city..
    because of that outsiders living with great insecure feeling, particularly Tamilians…

  88. NAMS said

    Then comes the security..!
    Here again Chennai scores…
    the policing and infrastructure given to police…
    i wonder which else city police in India have this..?
    here agian all people of all forms of life are secured..
    Wat abt Blore..?? for even a small unrest in the city they heavily dependent on paramiliatry…i can openly say that blore police is ineffient..i have seen more incidents…where police lacked either the infrastructure or the will or the intelligence..! but in chennai, without police
    knowledge nothing will happen…even if a violence occurs, it will be with the blessing of police only… am saying this only to mention the power of police here..!
    There the KT govt is mainly concerned in giving security to SW
    engineers and IT….not to a common kannadiga that is a localite..!

    Then Transport and connectivity..!
    of course BMTS buses are good now and the avg age of them is 5 compared to the age of MTC buses ie 8….but what abt before 5 yrs..?
    ok…come to present…what abt a common man who is working as a layman who wishes to travel from Majestic to whitefield…the to and fro charge per day is minimum Rs.30…and he has to catch atleast two buses to go anywhere in Blore…
    But the same man can travel in chennai the same distance with Rs.15. and of course the condition of MTS is fast changing..the
    connectivity…after Mumbai, chennai is the well connected city every one knows this..!

  89. NAMS said

    Then come to Entertainment..!
    Chennai is the one which invented the concept of theme parks in
    India…VGP golden beach being started even before 35 years..
    there are innumerous theme parks, beaches, temples, hillocks in and
    around chennai..
    last week for a experiment, i went out with exactly Rs.20 in my
    pocket..! Got a bus to Marina.. and spent some 3 hrs there ..had enough snacks
    like Bhajji , sundal etc..came to home in Chromepet by 9.30 PM…i had
    Rs.2 remaining in my pocket..!
    Again the entertainment sector is targeted towards a common man…
    can anyone replicate this in Blore..!
    ALL of you in Blore know, it is going to MG road, Brigade road,
    commercial road or doing window shopping in Forum or Garuda or Blore central..or just chilling out in any pub or spending a minimum of Rs.150 for a
    weekend cinema..!
    can a common man enjoy these to come out of his stress evere weekend in Blore..??
    of course the weekend outing spots around Blore are for IT and SW people…

    Then comes the film industry..!
    Every one knows in south, it is chennai…
    and Tamil film industry is the one which has the best technicians,
    musicians and directors, etc etcc…its simply magnificent..!
    Bangalore film industry… i dont want to comment here..!

  90. NAMS said

    sorry for the long posts…
    i am frustrated at these people not changing their perceptions

  91. NAMS said

    the only reason to choose film industry in this kind of thread is its the one which gives jobs to plenty of people…
    If anyone thinks of driving out Tamilians from Blore, i am telling to them softly…it is just impossible…they have mixed softly and emotionally with the local people of Blore and working towards the upliftment of Blore..!
    U go any where …HAL, ISRO, DRDO, BEML, any banks, any IT offices, even govt is Tamils+locals only..
    To say truely, fanatism doesnot run through TN….it is the perception running through u guys…come out of the shell and start thinking..Always Tamil and Tamilians worked to the betterment of neighbouring language and states…
    go and read the history, u will come to know this…

    All the best,

  92. KASH said

    I am not going to sling mud on either cities. I am from Chennai, but i have had the previlage to stay in some of the nicest cities in the world which includes Bangalore.

    This message is more for my friends from north and folks who still view Chennai as a Tamil centric city.

    For starters – 40% of Chennai population consists of Telugus, There are many telugus in TN who have made this state their own some 500 years back.

    Apart from Temples, Chennai laso has plenty of Churches and Mosques and all religions co exist peacefully. For the records i studied in a punjabi school, telugu school and malayali college in Chennai. My friends from north if you think chennai and tamil people is anti north, then pls visit Sowcarpet – there are folks from north who are living for nearly 100 years. No one forced them to learn tamil. After 3 generations they dont speak proper tamil still – no one harassed them. No one asked them to get out of Chennai. There are many saurastrians in TN especially Madurai. CBE has good telugu and gujarati community who have amalgamated with the tamil people of the region.Kanchipuram has people who belong to Khatri community. Tanjore area has the marathas who came during Sivaji’s time. These communities have lived survived and flourished in TN & Chennai for centuries. This would not be possible if the Tamil people had been un friendly or rude or self centered like what people have been describing!!!!!. No where in India actors from a different linguistic background have done well in regional cinema.

    MGR – from kerala
    MR Radha – telugu (hes Naidu)
    Rajinikanth – Maratha
    Ajith Kumar – Malayali/Bengali
    Vijaykanth – Telugu
    TM Soundarrajan – Saurashtrian
    and many more………

    so i request people from other places to pls try and understand a culture, the people before speaking abt them. Tamils may have opposed Hindi but did not harm the Hindi speaking people living here!!!! They were only against Hindi being made compulsury because Indian Government already had accepted English language for correspondence.Hence that would have made Hindi as the language of correspondence with fellow Indians and English language with rest of the world.

    Similarly People dont speak other languages in Chennai – yes this is only because there is no need to speak Hindi, French, Russian, Hungarian etc cos people speak either Tamil or English. How many of you non tamils living in other cities speak in Tamil to your tamil friend? We dont crib about it anyway do we??? The endless taunts of the Madarasi in Hindi films have also been taken well by us? We did not ban Padosan for Mehmood’s stereotypical portrayal of Tamils did we?

    Tamils are too religious and not open to other cultures – Hello perhaps the best known aethist movement in India the Dravida Kazhagam founded by EV. Ramaswamy Naicker (Periyar) and is still existing in TN.

    So stop stereotyping people and you will find answers even people care to listen

  93. Prakash said

    I felt Tamils are seen IInd rate citizens in cities like Bangalore,Bombay.

  94. KASH said

    Dear Prakash… to be honest thats sad

  95. Thamizhan said

    Hi Ammadio..

    How long you have been at bangalore? why did you come to bangalore.. to chill out for your vacation or for a job?

    Every one know about bangalore in the late 90,s during the IT revolution. If you say you came here to chill out for vacation. the you made a blunder.. there are lot of other places which are cheaper, with better infrastructure and most importantly with better climate..

    If you say you came to Bangalore for your job, then its high time you shift your location.

    Dude Pubs and Night life are not meant for people who works 12 hours a day. Its meant for people who have enough money to spend lavishly.

    No one can ever beat the Andhra food or the keralite food or the Chettinad food. But what is it special in Bangalore or in Karnataka. Tell me what do they have in special to call its a Karnataka item. Nothing man……. I really feel sick why my company posted here in this city. I am asking for a transfer.

    Life is to live dude. If you are freak want to spend time only in night and pubs, better go to Goa, its a very good destination where the pub cost you less and you get good imported drinks as well…

    Bangalore was developed only by IT people, who are no more here.. People come and go and that is it… There is nothing special here except for gardens.

    Dude if you are working your mind will never turn towards garden… if you will die hard to take a nap after a good food. Here only good food…

    So Ammadio… i dont know from where you are. Hyd, Chennai can never be compared with this Bengalooruuuuuuuuuuuuuu…..

    Hats of to Chennai………

  96. Thamizhan said

    for all who kept saying that Chennai ppl do not know any other language other than Tamil and English… let me tell you there is a reason for it.

    Chennai is not dependent on any one. People come to chennai to earn or to settle. We have welcomed a lot of people. We do not object to their arrival here. There is a area in the central Chennai only for Northis. Guys who are all from North, touch and tell me will you ever allow some one to dominate an area in your city?

    On the other side Bangalore is dependent on others and if people were to speak only Kannada then no one will ever turn up to the city. In order to make a survival these people were pushed to learn other languages. These people never had a comfortable life, in order to make their dream come true they were made to learn other languages. If you find a Andhra Hotel in Bangalore, you will not get a Andhra food, you will get a jaggery mixed Sambhar, the reason is, the cook would not be from Andhra and it is not owned by a Andhra guy. A Karnataka guy would own it and in order to make their survival, they would have named it as Andhra hotel to attract lot of Andhra people.

    Recently I happened to go to Ponnusamy at Residency Road, that’s the taste of tamil nadu. You know I had to wait for almost 45 mins to get a chair to have my lunch…. This is just to quote how Andhra and Tamil people die here for good food.

    Secondly, Tamil Nadu is a second home town for Keralites. Keralites touch your heart and tell, you will have some relatives near coimbatore or in Chennai. Where as at Bangalore or in the entire Karnataka… you will not find Keralites settling there.

    About Roads, who so ever commented about roads, let me tell you. The entire stretch of good roads found in Bangalore does not equal to Mountroad, Grant Trunk Road or the beach road at Chennai.

    Chennai has water problem, but it is not dependent only on the river which flows from Karnataka. Soon a Salt water coversion plant will be established to take away the water scarcity. But its been more than 3 years since people have suffered from water problem. But almost 30 -40 % of the electricity is obtained from Tamil Nadu.

    Karnataka people are very offensive towards tamilnadu, its cos of its growth. During the recent kavery issue my friends bike was attacked and spoiled to the core since it was with The TN registration. But no incident was reported in Chennai saying a KA registration vehicle was attacked. It’s the same with the buses plying between Bangalore and Chennai.

    I would conclude Bangalore can never compete with Chennai. Just because a dog knows to bark, it should not keep barking at the others. If it does so then it would soon get a bad hit.

    So if people who say Bangalore is best, dudes try to explore the city. Quote what is the benefit that you get from Bangalore and then substantiate it.

    Don’t keep saying
    Language, climate and pubs and clubs.

    Dudes who say Chennai people does everything under cover. Chennai people are not dogs to all that in the road.
    Secondly not only Chennai people, any person would not want their wives or kids to wear a costume like what the westerners wear.
    If you say Bangalore people allow, then it means there is a basic problem in them. If you say you would want your kid to go to pub and get spoiled himself or herself, then you are serving for the youth in India. Hats off to you. Youths at Bangalore will be happy to see your kids soon at pubs.

  97. Vijay said

    Well said Tamizhan..
    I don’t know why these guys are so much attracted towards other Indian languages (even if it Hindi). Its a pride for us being a Tamizhan (Tamillian) and we proud of our great Tamil language. If someone say that we know only Tamil, I take that as a complement.
    I’ve been to Bangalore and I have seen the roads, their infrastructure. pls don’t try to fool. you guys are comparing Chennai with a little baby. The bengalooru is struggling with its huge development bcoz of IT companies. Its not bcoz of Tamilians. Its becoz of your stupid govt with 0% planning. If it would have not been Tamilians, it would have been some one else. However you would have faced the same issues. So rather than being stupid and cursing Tamillians, ask you govt “why did you allow for so much companies without proper planning and without developing infrastructure”
    As far as the food, I have been to different countries. I know very well the demand for Karnataka specialities. its a big zero. In this blog whoever commented that bangalore food are good are all north Indian. They have no idea about the real taste of south Indian food which is TamilNadu, Kerala & AP. For example Hotel Saravana Bhavan, a chennai based restaurant has its branches all across the world. You can find a long Q in places like New York and California.

  98. Vijay said

    Hi Ammadio..

    You really should feed bad for saying that you a proud kannadiga. you should be really fool to say that kannada people are good when compared to TN people. During Cauvery water issue, there were so many incidents that your Kannada people created towards Tamillians. I havnt heard of any such incident in TN. This is a clear example to show how much matured we are. Not like you guys behaving like an illliterate dogs. when some talks are going on between 2 state govt and if court is involved in it, why you guys bark ? But in Singara Chennai, we never had clashes with regard to people from different state. Lot of people from differnt part of India have settled here. They live freely like everyone else in Chennai. They have always been treated as Chenniite.
    I am a mechanical engr. When I started looking for a job after graduation, I just turned my ass to bengalooru and said bye bye. Becoz i know the job opening for field other than IT in bangalore. So Ammadio, think before you talk something. If you want to spit something, do it in your little town.

  99. Vijay frm Chennai said

    Hello Pawan Kumar Jha,
    I saw you comments abt both cities. Truly I dont have any hard feelings as you are not a justice to conclude that blore is best. From your comparison, I see Chennai lagging in language & climate (from your view point). that may be bcoz that you donno Tamil. I cannot agree with you on this. thats all abt our passion in Tamil. dont forget that Tamil is the one of the 4 ancient languages in the world and is the only language among the 4 stll widely spoken. thats bcoz we luv our language & we speak it… whereever we Tamillians go, it could be either within India or singapore/Mauritius/SriLnaka we have made our Tamil very special.

    Everyone, don’t ever say that language is an issue in Chennai or if you think that as a prob, that is how we would be…we dont want to change ourselves with regard to language…

  100. Hameesh said

    I spent the last two weekends at two metro cities – the first at Mumbai and the last one at Chennai. I had some great experiences at both cities and will be blogging more about them in the coming blog posts.

    I did notice a few things about these cities and compare them with Bangalore, below –

    1. Local train/metro system – This was such a blessing and so convenient. I did most of my traveling in the trains at Chennai, and best part – no traffic jams! The rates were so cheap – I was shocked to see the train ticket cost Rs. 8/- for a two-way ticket that was almost Rs. 70/- one-way at the pre paid auto stand! When will the Bangalore metro go live? I hope it’s not too far away.

    2. Better roads – The roads were in a much better condition to a large extent and though there were bad patches and potholes the ratio of good roads to bad roads was much better and higher than in Bangalore. The roads were also much wider in these cities than in Bangalore.

    3. More flyovers and underpasses – there were lots of these – cleverly planned and quickly constructed, at the busy junctions and over/under railway lines, thereby providing for un-interrupted travel. This is so needed in Bangalore where there are way too many intersections and traffic signals and where the construction pace is as slow as the traffic jams themselves.

    4. Much bigger – the other cities are so much bigger- it was huge! Everything seemed so far away, but ofcourse thanks to the good local transport system distance was covered quickly. I shudder to think of such distances in Bangalore without a decent local mass transport system.

    5. Night life – Need I say anything about the pathetic 11 PM shut down of Bangalore? I was embarrassed to talk about this in the other cities, where such restrictions don’t seem to apply or are atleast better and at a later more understandable time.

    6. Weather – this was probably the only area where Bangalore scores better, but in the larger context it doesn’t seem to be much of a factor. I think people would rather stay in a hot and humid city with good infrastructure than a place like Bangalore where they’ll end up sweating in the long traffic jams anyway.

  101. Naveen said

    I live in Bombay(for me it will always remain Bombay. Being a native I have a lot of affection for the city. No doubt Chennai is the best amongst all the metros, I have not worked in Chennai but the recent survey and studies by various agencies have only reported in a positive way. Opportunity wise and professionally Chennai certainly has a lot to offer. For ALL THE MORONS who crib about this historic city be sensible and evaluate the positive points about the city. Bangalore – an overly hyped city is just an over grown village which lacks infrastructure, hello there read the news papers and my friends in Bangalore say that they have alot of powercuts, water is a perennial problem atleast Chennai has the sea to build desalination plant and meet its water needs in future what the hell does Bangalore have.

    As regards for the climate this past 20days Bangalore temperature is consistently higher than Chennai. Let the lazy lousy jerks from Bangalore or the tribe which keeps snubbing Chennai realize that in Bangalore it does not snow. THe climate is lousy as also everything about the city. PUBS alone does not make a city great. All those “PARTY TYPES” whenever you crib about lack of night life, how would you describe nightlife?”Being immoral”, I can for sure say that most of these sloths are immoral swines. GO TO HELL(BANGALORE).

    Recent statistics also shows Chennai air traffic is way ahead of Bangalore. Vijay Mallya may be a Bangalorean and try to fly every possible city but what about the financial viability.

    All non-Chennai-ites or should I call Madras’is, I apologize for the name confusion. Stop cribbing about Madras and develop a sense of gratitude for you are earning your living in Madras.

  102. kika said

    I am from Tamil Nadu, Lived and worked in chennai for 5 yrs.
    Have lived with North Indian roomies in chennai, so know how they feel.
    Have visited bangalore few times.

    If you are a person making a call to settle down in chennai and bangalore.

    This is what will work out

    If you are northie or from any modern cities and want to have a fashionable life style and want to speak Hindi everywhere, please stick with Bangalore

    Tamilians or Keralites, take up Chennai!!

    But even chennaites or keralites, beware, Tamil Nadu has 69% reservation for admissions. Do ever dare to stay here when your kids get to 9th standard, unless u fall under the 69% group.
    Your kids will never get admission into any thing decent even with very high marks.

    Finally ppl who settle down in chennai, think about this, If ppl shifting from all other states, prefer only bangalore and settle down there, Imagine how crowded bangalore will become.

    Chennai’s language problem is a big barrier and that is what is preventing chennai from getting over crowded.

    so which is a better city depends on where you are originally from and what your interests are.

  103. Shirish said

    Bangalore = precious diamond
    Chennai = fake diamond

    Bangalore = Karnatakas people are not black
    Chennai = Dark skin people

    Bangalore = Dream place
    Chennai = Nightmare

    Bangalore = Perfume
    Chennai = Stinky

    Bangalore = Refrigerator
    Chennai = Hot case

    Bangalore = Cosmopolitan
    Chennai = Fanatic Localites

    Bangalore = Sense of being a part of India
    Chennai = non sense

    Bangalore = FM radio rocks
    Chennai = FM radio sucks

  104. Naveen said


    your comments are very stupid. stop posting all these non-sense and try your luck in some kannada movie.
    good or bad, say why you like or hate a city..

  105. Prakash said

    does color matters?leave ur stupidity 😡 tamils or andhra,even kannadigas are majority blacky or brown skin.that is u want to mix with some firangees(vellakkar) to get their color?
    Height of stupidity?
    whenever u see some tamil guy shoping,shopkeeper is eager to know “ninna Madrasa?”why?Tamil Nadu also is a place where humans are living and if u can understand their basic culture,it is way better than what is shown in Tamil Cinema like the hero being a Gunda,rowdy and speaks,does all non-senses.dont judge a person by his/her color.this mentality sucks.
    Tamilians are very good friends for me during my Coimbatore and Madras(namma chennai) language is ofcourse not a problem for me as a keralite(if it is kannada,Hindi also.even other languages too can be learned fast by us.).there are a lot of kannadiga’s in cities like Coimbatore,Salem,Erode,Vellore,Madurai apart from Chennai.they talk tamil and are peacefully living and profiting from tamil nadu.infact the problem for kannadiga’s are they cant stand the tamil/Hindi speaking ppl in their state.but they will eagerly mix with Tamilians once in TN.this is called Hypocrisy!
    For Northies,you can communicate in Hindi in many cities in TN.Tamizhans can understand Hindi.but cant reply back well.but English is OK.

  106. vinay kumar gs said

    hi readers , i am a bagalorean , my mother tongue is tamil , my native place is chennai . my opinion is that bangalore is the worst city in india . xcept in climate nothing is there in the city . kannadigas are the cruel and cunning people . bangalore has developed only bcos of non kannadigas . kannadigas are useless sucking people . people like vatal nagraj , narayana gowda are selfish people . but it is not so in chennai . although the climate is worst , people are kind hearted . it is very much better than bangalore . it has a very good transport system , shopping malls etc . the cost of living is very cheap at chennai , even a lay man can lead a peaceful life at chennai than in bangalore . at blore tamil films do well than kannada ones tats y the jealous kannadigas tried to ban d super hit movie sivaji .
    atlast i conclude my statement by telling that chennai is much better than bangalore . tamilians are the best people in the world . kannadigas are the worst ones .”en iniya tamil nanbargale vazhga vazhamuda

  107. vinay kumar gs said

    hi readers , i am a bagalorean , my mother tongue is tamil , my native place is chennai . my opinion is that bangalore is the worst city in india . xcept in climate nothing is there in the city . kannadigas are the cruel and cunning people . bangalore has developed only bcos of non kannadigas . kannadigas are useless sucking people . people like vatal nagraj , narayana gowda are selfish people . but it is not so in chennai . although the climate is worst , people are kind hearted . it is very much better than bangalore . it has a very good transport system , shopping malls etc . the cost of living is very cheap at chennai , even a lay man can lead a peaceful life at chennai than in bangalore . at blore tamil films do well than kannada ones tats y the jealous kannadigas tried to ban d super hit movie sivaji .
    atlast i conclude my statement by telling that chennai is much better than bangalore . tamilians are the best people in the world . kannadigas are the worst ones .”en iniya tamil nanbargale vazhga vazhamudaN . ”LOFER KANNADIGARAE VAZHGA PAADHI VAZHAMUDAN. NOT ALL THE KANNADIGAS ARE CRUEL AND SELFISH PEOPLE THERE ARE SOME GOOD ONES ALSO . NOT ALL TAMILIANS ARE KIND AND GOOD PEOPLE . THERE ARE SOME BAD ONES ALSO .

  108. Murali said

    I am basically from chennai, have breifly visited bangalore a couple of times.. reside currently in Hyderabad. I vote Chennai !!!! not only coz its where i came from .. but also truly i think its a much better place to live in ..

    You dont need to spend 500-1000 rupees to spend a evening with ur clsed ones .. u can always go to the beach to spend time without having to spend that much money …

    And for all of u who think that chennai girls wear saree .. that too 9 yards u r mistaken .. vyjayanti mala balli, sridevi, rekha, hema malini, meenakshi seshadri who have dominated bollywood in their times have all had roots hailing from Chennai…

    When it comes to performing arts .. everyone from the county pack their ass and their bags to be spotted in the december season .. truly chennai ‘s and chennai’s alone .. this is the culture that chennai is proud of retain a bit of culture in the modern India to take you back to your roots…

    Every city has its ups and downs.. if ppl from the north complain about lanuguage then mey be they should think about learning english .. bottom line a language is just for commnunication .. people have managed in chennai knowing tamil and english … may be ppl who opts to travel to chennai need to know english properly .. be a rome when in rome man !!! .. stop being a sissy !!! ..

    and the reason why chennai is still growing coz its never insufficient for talent .. its probably the most self sufficient city in India…

    And please stop complaining about weather .. ppl who have asthma, rhumatism can’t even survive in bangalore …

    more in my next

  109. vishal said


    I am from Delhi and stayed in Chennai. Nice pLace. Most of the people understands English and that solves the Problem. If people think of Language Problem one should go and learn Tamil. There are many Individual Teachers who take classes for that. If you think, that Chennai does not have a NIght Life, they are fools. Check out the 5 star Hotels , you will find a Pub and Discotheque in all of them where you can enjoy the nite life. Even in Delhi there is not much of Nite Life but you can enjoy the nite life in the 5 Star Hotels and they are not expensive too.

  110. kumar said

    Chennai the detroit of south east asia rocks

    Vazhga tamil valarga tamil

  111. Prakash said

    What will happen if IT is doomed/slow down?I suspect Bangalore is gone from worldmap :p

  112. Ashwin said


    Vazhga Tamil valarga Tamil!!!

  113. sakthi said

    I have lived in both Bangalore and Chennai…i would say at the moment bangalore has got so many problems..Atleast have a fight between north india and south india..Both bangalore and chennai perform so well..these central government dont worry abt anything and they say the south indians to be thing i need to mention in the forum..few of you are turning in to racist in name of Blogs and comments..

  114. Muthuvel Karunanidhi said

    For Mr. Sivakumar and his ilk:

    “TN leads is statewide GDP”

    TN GDP: 150,000 crores
    MH GDP: 316,000 crores


    MH: 77 %
    TN: 73″

    (Is 73 higher or 77?)

    TN per-capita income: 25,553
    MH’s per-capita income: 31,600

    So your first statement has been knocked out of the water.

    “TN leads in industrial devolopment”

    TN’s share in India’s GDP= 5 %
    MH’s share =14 %

    “So your second statement has also been knocked out of the water.”

  115. Muthuvel Karunanidhi said

    Even in software: (As per NASSCOM 2006-07)

    TN: 20,000 crores
    MH: 24,000 crores

    (You may check out it if you wish. I am talking of FY 2006-2007. By all means, look at hard facts, not OPINIONS.

    VW, GM and Diamler-Chyrsler are starting here keep in mind, not Chennai. So before abusing MH look at 30-40 comparitive statistics between TN/MH. People like you like to talk off the top of your heads; first check out the figures (both human and economic) than talk. Even in literacy TN is BEHIND Maharashtra.

  116. Muthuvel Karunanidhi said

    “TN leads in industrial devolopment”
    Look at below…

    “Maharashtra produces one-fifth of the national industrial output” (HIndu Business Line)

    Maharashtra is the third largest state in India both in area and population. … and 23% of the value of industrial output (Exim Policy)

    20 per cent of India’s industrial output (Hindu Business Line)

    Let us compare with Tamil Nadu “leads in industries and diversified devolopment”

    TN’s industrial output: The gross output of its industrial sector was Rs.37986 crores, accounting for 10.3 of the country

    Tamil Nadu’s share of the industrial output is around 11 to 12% of the country’s output

    Is 20 % more of 12% more, that TN leads in industrial development?

  117. firang said

    Chennai vs Bangalore vs Mumbai.

    The bottom line is, all Indian cities lack basic infrastructure. Pathetic public transport, no public toilets and almost no public parks.

    Streets are filthy, filled with dogs, cows and beggars.

    People have no discipline. They drive like crazy. They spit and pee anywhere and everywhere.
    Everybody is self centered. No respect for others property or others time.
    If someone is building a house or an apartment, all the construction material lies on the road, covering the footpath.
    If someone promises to come at 9:00 am, you are lucky if he/she shows up at 11:00 am.

    No concern for quality. Most of the Indian made products are shoddy, unless made by/for foreign companies/markets.

    Everything is chalta hai. Basically, a very inefficient bunch of people governed by a corrupt system.

    So guys, hang your head in shame. After reading this blog, I visited chennai hoping to see a vibrant city.

    All I saw was, what I mentioned earlier. No different from other Indian cities I have been too.

  118. IRegu said

    Maharashtra definitely has an edge over TN in Indudtrialisation. (of course the reason may be due to the high population of gujaratis and development is concentrated only in Mumbai and Pune to an extent). But the sad part in Maharashtra is the neglect of the farmers. I could not understand how an entire region of vidharba is left out and the daily sucides happening are accepted by the people of maharashtra without any agitations

  119. Muthuvel Karunanidhi said


    Please do not talk about Gujaratis. Because much of the manufacturing in Maha has nothing to do with Gujjus. MOst manufacturing is by MNCS, Kirloskars, Tatas, Atlas Copco,John Deere,Videocon, LG, Fiat, Voltas, Siemens, Mahindras, Bajaj, Bharat Forge, Volkswagen, JCB, Renault, Kinetic, Ceat,
    and so on. None of these are Gujjus. FYI, Kirloskars have 10,000 crores plus in revenues. They are bigger than one thinks. And contrary to what you think, actually Maharashtra has tremendously
    diversified devolopment. Yes, it may sound strange, but it is true!

    Case in point Kohlapur (how may have even heard of it?) has 1,600 crores only in manufacturing exports. For a town which is unknown, this is not bad. It has the 2nd/3rd highest number of Mercedez Benzes per person in India. (After Ludhiana)

    ( One small point about Vidharba. I am really ashamed that farmers are commiting suicide there. Its very very very sad. But farmers are commiting suicide even in KA, AP and KL not to mention Punjab. Punjab is the richest state in India.
    Also, Vidarbha is the most backward part of Maha. However, if you compare like to like, then you must compare it with the most backward parts of other states i.e. South TN, Telangana, Gulbarga region. Please visit Vidharba and then visit Telangana, Gulbarga-Gadag region, even South TN (Pudokkotai, Ramnad). Even here, if we compare like to like, Vidarbha is ahead. If we compare the most backward part of Maha with the most backwards parts of KA/AP/maybe TN, then Maha is ahead.
    (Which means little)

    Just think: Have you seen any POOR Maharashtrians OUTSIDE Maharashtra? How many laboroers, drivers, maids, toilet cleaners, sweepers do you see in TN from MH? Why do they import North Indian workers in MH to do construction work? One of the reasons is higher prosperity in MH-otherwise why are there so few poor Maharashtrians in other states? Are there are Maharashtrian slums in Chennai/Hyderabad?If there are, please let me know. Enlighten me on this one. Then compare it to how many from that state in MH. You will get an idea.

    Is it not a good sign, that there so many poor from other states in MH and so few poor from MH in other states, working in menial jobs?

    The minimum wage in other states (barring KL) is lower, that is why..

    In other states, there is only ONE major city. We have TWO: Mumbai and Pune. You may curse Pune, but consider the following:

    Maharashtra vs Andhra Pradesh vs Karnataka
    Mumbai Hyderabad Bangalore
    Pune Vishakapatnam Mysore
    Nashik Vijaywada Hubli
    Nagpur Warangal Gulbarga

    If you take Maharashtra and subtract Mumbai, then take KA and subtract Bangalore Maharashtra will still be ahead. If you take AP and subtract Hyderabad or TN and subtract Chennai, MH will still be ahead. If you want to get an idea of how diversified devolopment in a state is, then you take the state and subtract the main city and then compare it with state B (minus its main city). Then you subtract Main city no.2 and no.3 and no.4. And so on with the other state.

    See, if you visit Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Nagpur, Aurangabad, Kohlapur these are the 6 major cities of MH. Then you visit the corresponding cities in AP: Hyderabad, Vizag, Vijaywada, Warnagal, Tirupati, Guntur. You just visit the tier II/tier III/tier IV cities in MH and then compare it with the equivalent cities in AP/KA/TN. You will see that the equivalent cities of MH are much smaller and less devoloped. Does that not show diversified development, if the tier 2 and tier 3 cities are better than THEIR counterparts in other states? We are not saying=Pune vs Chennai or Pune vs Hyderabad.
    Rather Pune vs Vizag, Pune vs Mysore. Because Pune is no.2 in MH.

    BOTTOM LINE: All Indian states are really nowhere. India Today has a ranking of Indian states. The BEST (keep in mind, BEST state) has a ranking of 2.5 out of 10! So we have all failed the test. MH, GJ, TN all of us have failed. So let’s try not to get carried away. Actually, even our best states have so much improvement to do and so long to go, I sometimes feel ashamed that we quarrel about it.

    The truth is, all states have miles to go. When TN scores 2.2, MH 2.1 and GJ 2.3 (these are supposed to be the 3 best) then you know something is wrong. Even today, we can see so much child labour from TN. Even in Mumbai there are many
    child laborers from TN. Likewise, farmer suicides in Vidarbha are a blot on humanity.

    Anyway, let’s try to do whatever we have to as best we can.

    Don’t think I dislike TN. OTOC, I admire TN and the devolopment it has achieved. Especially as it has achieved without compromising on its culture. I wish we had preserved our language the way you have promoted Tamil. (Do you know more people speak Marathi than Tamil? Can you believe it-but its true). (Because:

    Hindi=450 million
    Bengali=80 million
    Telugu= 77 million
    Marathi=75 million
    Tamil= 64 million
    (These are Tamil speakers in INDIA, not counting Singapore, Malaysia et al)

  120. Muthuvel Karunanidhi said

    Also, just like your December season in Chennai, there is the Sawai Gandharva in Pune where every year the BEST artistes come from all over India (Shiv Kumar Sharma deliberately requested a film on him by Jabbar Patel to be made ONLY at Sawai Gandharva, that is how much respect there is). If you ask anyone who knows about Hindustani classical music, then they will tell you: Sawai Gandharva has as much resect as December season. Just come to Pune for the Sawai and see how BIG the crowds are. There is no music festival in India quite like it. (in HINDUSTANI music) It is unquestionably the most respected-confirm with a classical music teacher near you :).

  121. NAMS said

    I dont understand why MK promotes Maha’tra in Bangalore/chennai blog.
    Of course Maharashtra is the leading state, but no one ca doubt TNs achievements.
    Maha’ has not achieved all these things independently…for the past 50 yrs after the
    independence, it got all the support from union more or less shared the power
    in the centre, and without doubt it prospered…but what abt south…?
    every northie shud be ashamed that entire south was neglected..
    but still TNs achievements are mostly self driven, not like Mha’tra..
    of course, if u take out Mumbai n Pune , Maha will go down when
    compared to TN.
    Bcoz, in TN every city is industrialized …ie every city is specialist in some or other
    tyes of industries…
    i can list some examples…
    Coimbatore—-south indias manchester – greatly industrialized
    Tirupur — indias knitwear hub — competing with china
    Karur — vehicle body building hub of south india
    Sivakasi — worlds largest cracker industry
    Chennai — without doubt auto capital of India
    dont compare chn with Pune…look at the no of car output of chennai and Maha after
    3 yrs…u will accept..
    auto capital, auto ancillary capital, competing with Blore to catch no 1 position in IT
    textile and retail hub
    Madurai — an ancient industrialized town

    and every city in TN is developed in that way that it has enough number of very good academic
    for eg even a deep south indian city Palayamkottai is well ahead of others in entire
    south india…

    without any major river flowing in TN, still TN is the second biggest agrarian state
    of india…dont forget that TN is the lowest riparian state and has no major rivers
    and entirely dependent on neighbours…still in agriculture, TN has done a lot, where
    Maha can not even come closer…

    and another gentle reminder is that TN is the most urbanised state in India, wheread Maha
    comes close second…but the datas and surveys show that Maha will lag way behind TN after
    20 yrs in urbanisation..

    Maha has got advantages only bcoz it was a power centre and financial hub….

    I am sure if TN was in north of india map just beside Maha or Gujarat, TN would have been
    the no 1 and Maha or Gujarat , whatever state it is, they would have only dreamt of coming
    close to TN..

    The TN development story till 2000 is largely self driven…
    now that TN also started sharing power in the centre,
    the scenario is slowly changing whereas no blogs will be there like these ones..

    So, no comparison of any cities of india without any correct data…


  122. vikram said

    Hello. Every one… For Tamilians chennai will be good , and similarly being a kannadiga for me bangalore is good and great… If any one doesnot like infrastructure in bangalore comment on that, dont use the words like shit and all on bangalore. If Bangalore is loosing its beauty its b cos of population and population is bcos of people from varius parts of India coming here.

    Think why Bengalooru is happining like this… then use the fucking words. When u r in a city ,try to respect that or else just fuck of from that place.. just writing fucking things in these forms will not help anyone… If any one wants to debate on this please mail me My ID is……

  123. Ramachandra Ballal said

    I’m from Mangalore.I know u Bengalore,Mysoor ppl sucks with ur regionalism.come to Mangalore and see how we are coexisting with Tuluva’s,Konkani’s,Malayalees etc.really cosmopolitan.and Aishwarya Rai,Prakash Rai(Raj in taamil),sunil shetty,shilpa shetty and many famous personalities came from Mangalore!

    and I have more experiance than u damn idiot tamil hardcorers and the so-called “kannadiga’s”.
    Chennai is a very big city -compare it with Mumbai,not with bengalore.anyway Mumbai is where most of us Tuluvas(Bunta’s) and other mangaloreans works.
    I felt Chennai is stingy place where poor people living in slums(which i see) and very reserved orthodox society and also intolerant people and local dadagiri.when i used to study for my MBA,I hate these Konga’s,telegu’s and Our own Kannadiga’s either they are born marathi’s from North Kannada or from the Mysore-Bengalore belt untidy.U people finishes ur bath and toilet with a mug of water and dont use soaps!wont flush!wtf?
    Other than untidy people and looting Autowallah’s,I find the Chennai City very easy.speaking tamil is not much a problem for most kannadiga’s.
    really cheap expenditure to leave in Chennai.

    with Bangalore,Vattal Nagraj and all made anti-konga and anti-hindi the Bangalore natives!Kongas are there as workers and they too have to live.

    and coming to Bangalore,it is just a crappy city with a good climate due to approx 1000meters above sealevel!other than that the city lacks in infrastructure,dumb politicians and all.Bangalore is made IT hub by some shud have been better if it is in Mangalore or say Hubli-Dharawad.

    U mysore-bengalore losers!boli maka !#$$@#@

    daai tamil mavane vaai moodra Ouutha!

  124. bijesh km said

    hello guys,,,,I am from bangalore.I have been to chennai,,wht i observed is chennai is uncomparable in any aspect with bangalore..everyone is telling infrastructure of blore is bad,,,but in my view it is far more better than chennai or any other cities in india.Also blore has a great deal of modernity,style of living..
    BANGALORE ROCKS and chennai …..k livit yaar..

  125. immanuel said

    I am an artist aand multimedia by profession ,I work in bangalore and earn decent money but still I stay in hosur[Tamilnadu] 30 kms away and ride 60 kms to and fro daily just to have the sense of home in tamilnadu.

    If u have own house , big car , big it company tag , big salary and IF YOU ARE A SOCIAL DRINKER 😉 u can say bangalore is heaven. TWO THINGS ARE NICE ”CHICKS”AND CHICKEN DISHES !


    i love to sit quietly on a beach eating 2 rs SUNDAL ”peas masala” in marina !THAT I CALL IS HEAVEN 🙂


  126. neji said

    Hi dudezzzz
    how long did u stay in here to say the bull whole lotz man????

    look at me, who lived 2 yrs in chennai and now 2 yrs in bangalore. now i will tell, u just listen.. say what,,, LISTEN.

    some says only about drinks and gals(most of them). come on guys… be serious ..grow up and speak both sides. or speak about xy and Z.

    am a malayali. so no partiality towards…chenai or blore.

    first of all, we need to talk about the basic difference between the two cities.
    its , bangalore is a cosmopolitan cities, different people from different places (all over india) and the less number of kannadigas (local people) . this is not the case in chennai. the brutal majority is tamilians. AND THATS THE REASON OF BEING ORTHODOX. bangalore people are not at all socially responsible, coz they are from somewhere else and they dont mind what is happening around unless it touch them. in chennai, people are concerned as they are living there itself and they are going to live there itself.

    local dadagiri? in bangalore also its there. the duifference is here anybody can be a dada.

    Food?? southindian veg and sea food — chennai good
    NON veg– Bangalore good.

    modern?? HA hA haaaa… what is bangalore modern man, people are looking only to shopping malls and IT parks… MNC buildings. i will invite u to places where people are living like dogs in bangalore.. but still… better than chennai coz of IT ( atleast as of now)

    infrastructure? chennai is a big place.. and it was a big place when history started!!

    but bangalore is/was a small place and people are struggling to make it bigger.
    and all u tamilians, andras, mallus and every bullies are comming down to bangalore so they cant accommodate man… stay on.. it take some time.

    and when u look at a girl u want her to be glamourous.. what about ur wife… when i look at her??? no glamour ha? either ways.. when u r in a place where u r nobody or completely anonymous, u can do lot of stuff.. but when u r in ur own state and place..u cant. reasons..reasons… lot. so that makes a difference in bangalore. my qn is how many of the bangaloreans are showing off their pieces…

    tradition is so strong here also . say ” THAY”:… in chennai and “AMMAN” in bangalore..” response is more or less the same. or from my opinion, bangalore respond more dangerously. And the orinary people in karnataka use less abusive words in conversation than anybody in south india.

    bangalore is full of irresponsible @#$holes. no social awareness. no social commitments.nobody asks questions..everybody lives.. ust living. holy cowards.

    and finally, the climate is the blessing of bangaore…and if that was not there, then NOTHING is in bangalore.

    Finally .. I like chennai.. the natural city.. but heat.. summer sucks man!! nothing sucks more than that.

    chennai: +
    metro bus service
    metro train service
    better people (atleast than bangalore)- i dont mean well dressed

    bangaore: +

    drinks and girls
    no need of responsibility
    facilities for girl watching and #$cking.

    Now tell…which is better…

    god will not give hornes to horses. you know why.. then it will rock and break..anything..

    LIFE is different in different ages man.. so Livin La Vida Loca..

  127. prabhu said

    1) The Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminal (CMBT) at Koyambedu, the biggest bus terminus in Asia.
    2) Chennai government hospital is India’s biggest .
    3) Marina beach is second longest beach in the world.
    3) The Crocodile Bank of Chennai is the largest crocodile-breeding site in india
    4) Chennai
    DETROIT of South Asia
    Chennai accounts for
    25% passenger car
    33% comercial vehicle
    35% automobile components produced in India.
    which is expected to double in few years.
    Hyundai – currently scaling up capacity to 400,000 and making Chennai its export hub for small cars
    * FORD – has an installed plant capacity of 100,000
    * Ashok Leyland – scaling up capacity from current50,000
    * HM-Mitsubishi – Lancer assembly plant – capacity at 44,000 cars
    * TAFE – tractors project – 60,000 tractors per annum
    * Caterpillar – Earthmoving equipment plant
    * Enfield and TVS Motors – Motorcycles
    * ICF – Rail coaches – Perambur
    * Heavy Vehicles Factory – Battle Tanks – at Avadi
    Mitsubishi ,
    and lots more
    5) Construction industry
    LNT(headquarters), DLF, CCCL,HCC and many
    6) Software industries almost equal to banglore and will overtake it very soon.
    7) Electronics LG, Nokia, Samsung,etc.,

    can u say anything from banglore …… world famous???????????????
    in banglore nothing otherthan software.

    Chennai always the best

  128. komal said

    Kannada is our mother. We will kill those who show disrespect to her. We do not give a single drop of water to Blackie’s Nadu.

  129. Rajesh1 said

    i think lets all be happy in our places we live.. Most ppl are proud to be as their identity.. Tamilians.. Kannadigas.. etc rather than to be as INDIAN, am not saying it as fault, let this shall not part us.
    Komal, who disrespected your mother Kannada..?
    by the way.. no one needs single drop of water from u.. better save them and clean ur ass and vag*** and sit at the border of waterflowing areas to TN and stop it..a gud & important job, dont work for any big IT firm!

    then.. Blackie’s nadu… haaaa.. then u shud shave ur hair..’all’ & take of the black portion of ur eye..etc as if “all” parts of ur body is pure white/pinkish??
    First think before you pen it.

  130. prakash said

    Tamil Nadu people are blackier due to claiming of dravidian(egyptian) origin.all of South India and majority of India as a whole are black in colour due to the origin from Aryan+local Munda race.dont expect and judge every person based on the colour.this mentality sucks!

  131. jaggu said

    hello, mr.komal, u racist bastard!!

  132. Sr said

    For all the ignorant ppl out thr….
    Blore is not just IT…and for ppl who want to know wat u get if u remove IT from blore heres the answer….
    1) IISC
    2) IIM-B
    3) IIIT-B
    4) ISRO
    5) BEL(HQ)
    6) NAL(HQ)
    7) HAL(HQ)
    8) ADE(HQ) areonautical defence est(FYI Pres APJ was part of this)
    9) DRDO(HQ)
    10) GTRE
    11) LRDE

    Basically u name any Indian defence est and u can find it in Blore. Its is the hub for defence R&D in India. FYI, an internalional air show is held in BLore once in every 2 yrs whr most of the countries defence deals are made.
    It is the biggest air show in the country where thr is participation from more than 30 40 countries.

  133. chandoo said

    i came to know so many things abt these two cities…………thnx

  134. Adi said

    Hi all,

    To all who hate B’lore,

    Please go back to your respective home towns and live happily.
    I don’t get the point here people eat and shit here above all criticize the same. Bangalore has generated so much opportunity that you people have grown filthy rich and lost there own consciousnesses regarding oneself. Imagine what if chennai developed so rapidly as B’lore did, They would have come across plague…!!!

  135. Bengaluru kanda said

    Hey Guys stop telling bad things about Namma ooru and don’t spoil the image of bengaluru & Kannada culture.Kannadiga girls are not only decent but soft also,they are not like ‘Shubha’who killed R.Gandhi and criminal ladies from ‘Dandupalya gang,.Please don’t come here just for the sake of money,be in your city with your parents and siblings and enjoy life and let us live in our city with peace,less traffic,affordable land etc.Kindly leave our Bengaluru for our people.

  136. guruhogayashuru said

    hey guyz….
    not offensive but in my opinion for any person other than kannadiga or tamilian….bangalore is far better than chennai….language is a barrier in chennai and not in bangalore…..climate is 100 times better than chennai and most of all people do not hate you that you are not one of them…….bangalore is better for cuisine and culture…..what security u will hav if u are in chennai and bangalore i dont know….

  137. sureshrec22 said

    Hi I am from chennai. In chennai we have all kind of business and activities. Entrainment we have theaters and beaches amusment parks and many more.. All sorts of company are there and employment is really good and find people will be similar , no demarcation between
    rich people and poor..But I think in Blore we find places where only rich people can use..But this is not the case in chennai where everyone is given some importance.. Social living is in chennai where in blore we might not know who is living next to us…I found many people speak about nightlife.. nightlife is not a good activity
    where you want to enjoy yourself in bars and disco. Be an Indian and dont try to live like a foreigner..

  138. Thinker said

    Chennai has indian culture, mean what? Tamil culture.
    Tamils like chennai so much, but still flock to blore in hoardes.Bcoz, Chennai can’t offer them this kind of opportunity.
    What is indian culture? —–
    Their 60+ male stars dance with heroines who are equal to their great grand daughter’s age.Building temples for their favourite actress and attacking the same star with brooms & chappals, for insulting tamil culture. Grow up, come out of this jihadi mania.
    That’s why TN is considered so backward. U have everything at ur disposal,(like all right connections in Delhi,a dozen cabinet ministers- who r there not bcoz of merit but by regional chauvinism) even then u cannot build a brand like blore.That is the major difference btwn blore & chennai

  139. Suraj said

    What a good point ‘Thinker’ (above) described!!!
    U talking abt movies???? the whole India know where all the technicians come from… if u dont want such technicians.. u shud not have watched OSO, Black, etc.. etc.. can u name any such one from blore??

    Atleast 60+ male stars dance here… even in Telugu industry, Which ‘Indian culture’ says 60+ males shudn’t act in about the late Rajkumar?

    Can u pls name one kannda movie that talks at national level… any good looking heros (cant even fit to see in a small .bmp or .jpg!!!!) atleast 60+yrs? no good gud kannada industry (with few exceptions)

    By the way u said ‘Indian culture’? can u say blore has it???

    U mean to say sitting at a roadside platform with their low hip jean showing the color of their panties and smoking along with their boyfriends….
    if u say this is Indian culture.. then blore has it……

    Accepting/Inviting even enimies with non-violence in Indian culture…
    U mean to say attacking ‘TN’ registered vehicle and making them a night mare to drive in road of blrore / KA …
    if u say this is Indian culture.. then blore has it……

    U mean to say though i have plenty of water… and if someone ask for it.. U feel happy seeing farmers die.. Rather just sharing water…
    if u say this is Indian culture.. then blore has it……

    if there are dozen cabinet ministers.. its coz of voting.. what merit does here… if MERIT is the factor India cannot have single politician..
    First try to resolve the political situation in KA, where u just CHEAT each other for power, cannot nominate even one gud chief minister, why so concern about other states???

    Push out.. all the chennaites/tamilians from blore..
    Stop using Hyundai…Ford..BMW cars… and Samsung..Nokia products..
    Ban all the movies where some/one tamilian(s) involved (no movies will be screened except English..)

    Lets build an LOC. stronger than Indo-Pak and make sure no one keeps in their foot.. if does, shoot at site. We can also bring a Visa process for traveling between two states.

  140. Benagaluru kanda said

    Mr. Suraj,for ur infn, In international film festival -2007 which was held in Singapore, only 2 films got entry from India,those both were from ‘KANNADA’ by famous director Girish Kasaravalli.(Nayi Neralu &Hasina)It was appreciated by other Indians as well as foreigners.

    Do u know Late Hindi Director V.Shantaram,Gurudutt, and presently the most beautiful Aish are all from Karnataka.Please can u name who is good looking in Tamil Cinema industry?The one who u people all are proud of Rajanikanth is from Bengaluru.’Tamil film ‘chandramukhi’ is a remake of successful Kannada Movie ‘Aptamitra’.In that film Jyothika was nil against Soundarya etc.So many egs. r there to tell.I dont want to argue more on fillms.

    Did u hear the songs from ‘Mungaru Male’ so melodious.

    “sitting at a roadside platform with their low hip jean showing the color of their panties and smoking along with their boyfriends….”

    These type of people will be there in Chennai also and it is better not to talk about Tamil girls who killed R.Gandhi.

  141. Suraj said

    Boss.. just a few drops will not fill the pot..
    by the way Rajnikanth is not from blore..he is from Maharastra! I accept Aish is from KA, but why u guys didnt make her debut in a Kannada film? (even Deepika for that matter) why she chose Tamil?? Why Sushmitha, Priyanka, Lara.. chose their debut in Tamil film?U jus name few films, for sake or argumnt…
    and songs… no comments whole India knows abt songs in tamil industry.

    “.Please can u name who is good looking in Tamil Cinema industry?….”
    If u can say where all these ppl basicaly from, this will answer the above one..
    Hema malini, Vijayanthimala, Rekha, Sridevi, Vidyabalan…etc..etc..
    pls name few list of good heroins from KA or working in other Industry.

    ” These type of people will be there in Chennai also and it is better not to talk about Tamil girls who killed R.Gandhi…” You ppl do the same by killing the farmers of the N-KA border by blocking water..

    Of all the above.. Its been long since Bangalore has become Bengaluru , But still has any one calls this way.. right from a s/w engg. to all Medias none is ready to call it that way.. try to solve it first..
    Are YOU gonna loose ur heritage just for a so called IT revolution and Western ppl???? In fact i like Bengaluru than blore….. [but name change is globaly accepted in case of Chennai..]

    And the NAME of YOURS itself a mistake U Name urself as “Benagaluru kanda” with a spelling mistake… then how can u point others (comment no: 135 vs 140)

  142. Bengaluru Kanda said

    U r too fast in finding mistakes .By the way “Can u pls name one ‘kannda’ movie that talks at national level… any good looking heros”in this sentence i.e kannada,Ok.

    Rajnikant’s mother tounge is marathi but he is from Bengaluru.

    Deepika’s first film is in Kannada’Aishwarya’ directed by Upendra.

    By the way if u people like Chennai so much y u r flocking to B’luru for even from low level jobs to IT jobs.Pl.advice ur people that if they goto B’luru they will be westernised and ask them to stay in Chennai and be so called cultured.

    If u r in B’luru be alert,one day ur daughter will be one of those who will be wearing low hip jeans,so now only shift to your place and teach Tamil culture Ok.

    By the way one of my friend who is working in Singapore and basically from TN want to purchase house in B’luru and not in Chennai(he likes B’luru)Why? u just think.

    Indian want to go to US or London Or Singapore but not S.Africa ,So B’luru is like US or S’pore and Chennai like……?

  143. suraj said

    … the way u also fine ONLY mistakes!
    by the way who said all are flockng to ur city? there are only few ppls.not all the ones

    why shud I / We advice them to come back?? its ur city rite??
    why cant u send them out.. u have a some party/organisation who does all these stuffs.. make a law and send them out? can u do it?????????
    also u know how much these guys contribute to the city growth, but u ppl blame them and donot respect them at anycost. why so?
    so if u are dare enough to send them out do u thing ur so called ‘IT’ revolution will bloom? NO WAY

    can u name how many of ur own native kannadigas are there in IT field in blore>?? why dont u guys dominate there so that others will not come in..are u not able to do it?

    -the big joke is some blore has stepped into a rally demanding for RESERVATIONS IN IT FIELD in blore for kannadigas.. in a BIG mnc?? wat is this?? so u want to prove urself based on RESERVATIONS and not so poor!
    this is why other ppl come there!! first try to resolve this.

    How did u allow ur frnd for buying a house in KA, that too he is a non-kannada, u ppl dont like such particularly from TN, but we are not like tat!
    FYI: one of my frnd in a BIG mnc whoz got a gal kid has moved from blroe to chennai reason: hez scared of grwoing his kid in tat culture’
    ” daughter will be one of those who will be wearing low hip jeans…” so u accept tat u have this filthy culture, and u too enjoy seeing ur sis or daughter in same way?????

    “Indian want to go to US or London Or Singapore but not S.Africa..” u know how many cities in India are still clogging backward? are u nt ashamd on tat comparing jus one city wit US?

    just with few kms of city wit some trees.. u r comparing u with US???!!! gud, u knw the road rules/govt rules in US? and u knw how ur road and traffic is.. u know how politicians are there? u knw how ppl respect the nation there? tat too between states? are we doing tat? still we fight for ‘reservations’!!!!

    jus having few malls..and pubs..dont compare urself wit tat country.
    By the way u pick only few line from the comments tat favours u..and not replying to other from my comment(139,141..) is it clever??

  144. saji said

    Chennai and bangalore is a great place to live,provided u have money in ur hand.
    Ofcourse there are up and downs about each city but it all depends on how u look at it.

  145. Bengaluru Kanda said

    Hey man stop argueing with inferiority complex.Bengaluru people are not dependent on u.Instead u people r dependent on Karnataka for everything including water,jobs,money actors(RK,Ramesh,Prakash Rai Arjun Sarja,Late Soundary etc etc.)U come here as labourers and stick to this place forever.For your infn,in past also u people flocked to B’luru to make living,just goto BEL,BEML etc.

    btw is the the culture is applicable to girls only?U people can wear tight jeans,tight T shirts etc etc.?Or r u wearing panche ,shirt to office and putting Kunkuma on your forehead?this is the Tamil culture right?Leave this hypocrisy man,If u can wear whatever u like,girls are also having rights.It is their personal choice.Go and see in Singapore and see the culture of tamil girls.

  146. suraj said

    This man still dont reply to the question , But take only his favour and reply only to those.. crazy!!!! and beating around the bush….
    ” Hey man stop argueing with inferiority complex…” haaa who has it we??? gud joke! we are depending on water i accept. But y gracious ppl giving job to so many.. y cant u give the water??
    JOBS and ACTORS ???!! u mentioned a list all are B grade actors
    except prakash, and u knw where he stays nw??

    u knw the total no. of industries that Chennai has, and FYI the Kannadigas whoz not in IT are working here u know that? Automobile, Textile, Manufacturing etc.. apart from IT.. open ur eyes yar! jus name any such large industry in blore???
    check for sw med-large cos :
    there are other top sw companies left out which still counts more!

    And u r depending on us for the railway coaches ICF for ur KTDC (read todays paper), depedning on us for all top cars, mobile phones!

    Haa.. thanks for idea for asking me to wear tight jeans, I said accpet western to a limit..Boss we are in India we have some culture for gals, u mean to say why only they wear mangalsuthra, u will also wear?? cant.. coz its a culture for gals.. wake up!!!
    Sorry u said ur city is like US.. ok then leave it!

    did I SAY NOT TO WEAT TIGHT JEANS?? y r u bringing tat into picture try to READ the line and not make -ve assumptions.. gud and fine enjoy seeing ur sis or watevr in ‘watevr’ way u want.

    i didnt ask u to wear dothi kutha, and dont talk about KUMKUM u have no **** rights to talk on that, dont ur mom, or others keep it tat? so u mean to say only Tamil men/women keep it, so can ppl in ur state stop keeping it?? u know what it means if they remove??
    If u cant reply to entire stuff dont comment here, dont just pick and decorate for ur reply!

    Boss growing in all field/area is development, and if u grow in only one area(IT) its called SWELLING!!!

  147. suraj said


  148. suraj said

    link :

  149. roy said

    me basically from kerala
    i was in chennai for 1 year.and for last 8 months am nw in bangalore..
    i would like to say chennai is better than bangalore (it is only my view)

    bangalore is a traditionaly tourist place which is situated 900m above the sea level and from last 10 years due to the revolution of IT it has been change to metro…

    chennai is tradionaly a business place for last many decades , bascially chennai is the shelter for many malayali job seekers
    in chennai you can see many industries like TVS,ICF,royal enfield , ford ,L&T and many more
    which has all started their operation from chennai many decades ago..

    But now bangalore is the home for many R&D centre for many companies(only softwrae) obviously they all are well paying companies also due to this effect the living cost of bangalore is climbing in rocket speed

    i cant believe how ordinary people in bangalore is living..
    for watching movies it self they need to pay 175rs
    in bangalore there is no option for hang out(am talking about ordinary peoples , for others in bangalore there are plenty of options like pub, pub and more pubs )

    and for travelling also ..look at bus charge for BMTC busess… horrible

    come to chennai

    u can watch movies in 120 rs in multiplexes
    for 50 rs in middle class theatres
    and u can also watch for 25 in low class theatres

    but now i heard for rs 10 u can see movies in mulitplexes(am not sure)
    and for hang out u have plent of beaches.
    and about the bus fare it is that much cheap that bangloreans cant beleive…..

    and about the the culuture

    am sure bangalore is absolutely following western culture..
    it doent mean peoples of all karnataka following but in bangalore am sure…

    as if now am stoping

    we can see again
    happy republic day

  150. roy said

    and one more thing i need to remind u all guys……
    this is absolutely not a war against tamilians and kannadigas…
    here we can discuss about 2 major cities of india..
    we can talk about infrastrucure, transport system, job opportunities …etc

    NB: remember chennai is not for tamilians
    and bangalore is not for kannnadiagas

    each and every citien in india has the right to come and live their life there

  151. Pravin said

    guys.. i very much agree to Roy, let this be just a discussion forum rather than a ‘let-me-see-who-is-great’ kinda war in this msg board, both cities are good at their own way! and there are so much things to enjoy n explore in both places!
    Pls lets have healthy discussion!

    P.S. : Lapstre pls monitor the msgs, hope ur role doesn’t stop just by starting the topic.

  152. roy said

    thanx pravin….

    when comparing these 2 cities with infrastructure………..

    chennai is basically a well planned by british many decades ago by seeing its future population and industries, in chennai you can see very lengthy stright roads like mount road 15km , poonamalle high road 20km ineer ring road 16 km ….
    and they had implemented the suburban rail system meny decades ago that also connecting all remote areas of chennai , it nearly tackles more than 150km

    chennai central to arkonam = 80km
    chennai central to chengel pet =60km
    chennai central to ennore= 40km

    and new MRTS also covering 20km from chennai beach to velachery

    and now they are going to planning new metro system that covering 45km in the city

    come to bangalore…

    this city is traditionaly a tourist place that is visited by british guys who work in madras during summer

    here roads are too small
    on each 100mt u will meet juction…so horrible
    and the city infrastrucure is not compatable with current population density…
    and now they are going to plan for making metro..any way its good but in my view it is tooo late

    good luck bangalore

  153. Hey u ppl stop all these non-sense..
    all u f**kn ppl come here for ur living and still complaint abt this city..
    u dont have any rights to talk a word on this place. Its all bcoz of u bi**hes this city has come to this level. The city is a heaven and will remain the same!

    And all coz of u north indian bast**ds u have spoiled our Kannada culture. Do u know Kannada culture by any chance idiotic immigrants!
    If u cant live or survive getlost from our city, let this city have only Kannadigas rest all u a**holes getaway.

    You know how this city used to be long back…after all u dog fu**ers came in and ruined our paradise.

    The mumbai has religious riots, chennai worst..hyd just another dry.. kerala communist and no industry.. assam..UP all are useless places and u ppl come here for living! who the hell called u ? having so much sh*t in ur a*s.. u dont have rights to talk about our city.

    All u north Indian f***ing ppl.. chnites..hyd,,kerala donk*ys just move away from our city!
    All u Kannadigas joint hands together……. lets save our city!!!!

  154. roy said

    all i can say to “bangalore best” is
    u r a kind of crack that has no place in this forum…
    in my view not even any kannadiga can accept ur words….
    we always hats off to kannadigas hospitality…
    we are here discussing about infrastructure and lifestyle of city…etc

    NB: dont thing u only know these “*****************” kind of characters

  155. asad said

    ^mone Roy,ninakku vere paniyonnumille?:D
    these karnataka paandi’s and taamil paandis will fight to their end.not to say those andhra paandi’s who are horrible!.what city what crap?

    Banglore will soon be a alien place for south indians esp taamil paandis dude to north indian esp the elite punjabi mundayyas who are ruling india 😎 !all these kannadiga,tulu or konkani paandis can do is to just watch and jealous!aaah!u hegade!I know ur tulus esp who are just another a$$holes who are into mama naukari in Bombay!

    at the end,Only sane place still left in South India is Kerela.and yes,Communists are mindless killer tribes!I hate those communists of malabar(kannur 😡 )!

    coming back,
    even kannadiga’s are divided into vokkaligas(lingayaths) etc etc and then mangalapuram(manglore) ,udupi got tuluvas and naadavas and then kodagu with koorgi’s and left of MH under marathis.what a pathetic seen is in karnataka?

    ps:Esp I HATE Manglore for the unclean environment in hotels-stinks!

  156. roy said

    enthu cheyana mashe tudangi poyile…..

  157. Mind ur words Roy.. u shameless u stay in this city and still complain about it?? and u say me crack.. f***ing idiot. u gota no rights to say tat i have place or not in this forum.. first mind whether u have rights to stay in blore.. then talk..

    Blore is the best city in India for its Hospitality, and the true cosmo city that u can compare to west..NY..CA..

    Boss…why don’t u tell ur frnd ‘Ass’ad.. is he discussing about infrastructure??? then how can u point me?

    u ppl from kerala dont have nothing in ur state.. and u run to other states for ‘running’ ur life and u complain their infrastructure… best!!! u guys don’t knw nothing other than making tea.. u hav more forests….. So go and do some forest work rather coming to other state and commenting on their lifestyle / infrstcr’

    and then this ‘Ass’ad.. u dont comment on how we fight with tamils..u shitty a**holes dont develop ur state but come to other state and think u r the king here..!!

    u dont know the details of vokkaligas..tuluvas ..watever.. why u bas**** bring in cast/place here?? its our problem.. did we ever ask to comment on it??

  158. roy said

    shut u .. bangalore best
    wat u know about kerala…
    kerala is the only place where peoples live in unform manner..
    ie there is no big seperation between rich and poor..
    i admitt we dont have any big cities..
    can u show be any good place after moving 30km from bangalore..
    u can only see dry places…
    but in kerala u cant see such places…
    yes we lacks in good industries…(apart from bangalore can u show any good place in karnataka)
    in kerala we dont have any empty place to start such big companies that need many acres
    but we have very strong manpower… that all has willinges to work anywhere and adjust with all others…
    can u kannadigas live outside….

  159. haa… ppl there live in uniform manner…gud..
    now its u deviating from ur so called infrastructure.. to etc..

    ok u have goooooood place then go and do farming yar? who is inviting u here?
    if ur city is evergreen and not at all dry then, as said, do some forest job, u have more green leaves eat and survive.. why are u coming up here for ‘paper’ leaves (money)

    wat the hell can u do with only good places??? just sit and see for whole life?? boss those can be enjoyed for few days…… not for life! all u ppl need to come here for ur food.. u eat coz u make money from this city!

    u will say this is a dry place and still u want to rub ur a** in this place for money.. so wat can we call u, is there a name for it?!!

    best joke is there is no good place mocing 30km from blore… it shows how much u know about this state.. and ur foolish perception over this place, go and just see how many spots are there in KA than ur place!

    u have manpower.. ok… then make a revolution and do something innovative… manpower also means power in brain not only physical power…. its not ur ppls willinges to go work anywhere… itz bcoz no one in ur place is ready to give or work for ur state…

    dont be proud that u ppl live in many other states…its a shame that u cant survive on ur own, but depend on someothers and lead ur life…..but u ppl never accept it and say as if u r developing other states..
    even those from chennai and andhrate idiots think the same….

    If u r so talented then be as u r and win in ur land, than coming to other city and saying this is wrong or that is wrong..again am saying better watch out while commenting on this city… else days or not too far to send u dogs out from this city as happnd in mumbai…

  160. roy said

    f**k of man….
    ur mentallity sucks…..
    u r the lind of characters that makes our beautiful country divide according to language…
    do u thing bangalore is ur fath**s ….
    man all indians have the right to live their life in any place in india…..
    we are working for country…
    not for state…..
    u keep ur a**s in ur state and do all sh**t all over there….
    u crack………

  161. jaswant said

    to bangalore best…
    what u thinginging about peoples from other state….
    me from mumbai and living in bangalore for last 3 years….
    i cant understand what is the culture of kannadigas….
    are u talking about pubs,night clubs etc….
    then it is not our problem dude…
    it is up to ur goverment that promotes such a life in bangalore for attracting peoples from other state …..can u deny this…..
    according to you if bangalore lost its characters , the responsibility is ur local govt only…..

    to roy…

    i agree with u roy..
    i was done my BTech from cochin unversity only…
    it is really a mast place yaar….

  162. prabha said

    Hey u all there fighting for your best cities, i am a tamilian born and brought in b’lore, but anyday of my life i would say b’lore is the BEST, NOT JUST BCOZ I AM bangalorean, i have seen style & stay of living in both cities, b’lore is far better, it is not only climate and job opportunites which makes b;lore the best, the education also,when i was inchennai the people are very particular abt which cast or religion we belong, u know till now (i am 25yrs)all way from school to college i have had loads of frinds but i still don’t the cast they belong , we have been brought up like that, we give importance to thier character, beahaviour etc etc not choose according to their religion, where as people in Chennai they see u like alien if u r an outsider.
    i feel very proud to be born here , hey c’mon al you non’b’loreans , wake up , go back to your place and check in the schools abt the means of communication, out of 100 i am sure not even 1 speak proper english,english is an universal language, for today’s living it is a must , and pls don’t forget we are communicating in the same lanuage.

    b’loreans TOP when it comes to communication and fluency , all the tamilians and northy and keralites really struggle hard and most of them have lost their dream jobs due to this problem.

    go speak to any blorean kid who is of 4 yrs they will know atleast 4 to 5 languages,and this age is the fittest of the survival, bangalorean can survive anywhere in india wherehere as a tamilian,keralite or anorthy can’t survive in other citi. in this way i think b’lore is BETTER than any other city.

    There are many more factors which contribute to b’lore growth and say it is the BEST but it is of no use to mention telling junk of non bangalorens if they think b;lore isa bad plce

    All u nonbangaloreans please pack your bags and go back to your own cities for our own good(Bloreans)

  163. roy said

    ” bangalorean can survive anywhere in india wherehere as a tamilian,keralite or anorthy can’t survive in other citi. ”

    u have no idea about keralites thats why u said like this…..
    i challenge u…
    u got to any cities or villages in india ..
    am sure defenetly there will be a malayali shop
    in dubai 20lakhs malayalies are living
    in mumbai 25lakhs malayalies are there
    in chennai 16laks malayalies are there
    in ur bangalore also 8 lakhs malayalies are there

    still u r saying we cant survive in another city

  164. prabha said

    i agree mallus live all over the world

    but…….. what do u guys do?

    make only chai, what kind of contribution have u people made towdars the development for the country, forget abt country , how abt u r own state,can u mention any one keralite (great enterprenure)in any field who has made this nation proud(plsss don’t talk abt u r plotician or cinema actor)

    u plss try to understand what i am saying, u all lack communication and fluency. we can’t even understand the basic english u speak/

    B’loreans do well in all the fields, proffessional, teachers, technicians, management etc etc.

    hey there is also a joke that mallus will live everywhere even on moon-doing what?u know the answer.

    i am not against a keralite or any other non bangalorean, when you stay in some other city,try to adapt that culture irrespective of good or bad(bad may be to you)or plsssss go back to your own place, nobody is forcing you to stay here.

    when u go as guest to a friend or a relatives some house, u have to follow thier custom for ex washing your hands & legs before entering their house, and i am sure u will do that,u can’t question or say thats is not appropriate for you. why not follow the same here, you wanna live here u have to follow the lifestyle if u don’t like u can allways go back.

    u decide is ur job important,money ,culture, or the place you live.
    at the end it is your own choice.right?
    instead stop critizing people or the place, by doing that you show what kind of backroung(culture) you come from.

  165. roy said

    u r talking by considering the city of bangalore only but am talking about whole kerala….
    this is the major difference between kerala and all other indian states…
    all other states have one major city….. goverment is take care of these cities only…
    u r saying 100% of bangalore students know english…
    am absolutely agree with this…but this is happening in bangalore only not in whole karnataka….
    am sure when u go to rural karnataka u can see peoples doest know write kannada also…
    but in whole kerala u cant find such a situation ..this is the diferrence between kerala and other states…
    let me ask u why chandrababu naidu lost in AP ..he considerd Hyd only he make the city home for many MNCs he didnt consider about other parts…

    see the development is not creating rooftop buildings , IT parks ,metro rail,multiplexes..
    development should reach all levels from richest to poorest from cities to villages….
    thats why am proud to be keralite

    am never against bangalore that u can see in my previous post…
    i was just compare chennai and banglore according to it infrastructure..
    only bangalorebest provokes me

    and u r saying we r good for only chai makers….(i dont thing it is a bad proffesion)
    u r saying dont talk about cinemas….
    u know which state produces most quality cinemas in india…..
    that is from kerala only…..
    see the strength of IT proffessionals in each and every company in bangalore

  166. roy said

    u r talking about lifestyle…..
    can you say the current lifestyle of bangalore (pubs and night clubs )is the lifestyle of kannadiga….
    no i dont thing so… it is not even indians culture…..
    are u want me to follow this culture…
    sorry yaar i cant do this….

  167. roy said

    u know who is E sreedharan who was cnnibn indian of the year 2007
    he was behind great kongan prohect , delhi metro , and he is also the consultant of bangalore metro

    follow this link

  168. AjayC said

    This is purely lunatic

    to Prabha :

    “..All u nonbangaloreans please pack your bags and go back to your own cities for our own good(Bloreans)…”

    ur a native tamilian…jus coz u born n bght up thr so u r a denizen of the state?? as if ur born in some NY and say u r a citizen of US.. hello wake up ur in India!

    This bloddy f*** is commenting on non-bloreans!!! What a shit!!
    u urself is a non-blorean..

    so u speak Kannada in ur home not tamil??? Dont say u speak Tamil or non-kannada langs. at ur home…if u say that first u shud PACK UR BAG!

    u say ur a tamilian… and still u say “….wherehere as a tamilian,keralite or anorthy can’t survive in other citi…”

    THEN HOW DID U SURVIVED IN BLROE??? even u born there…?? check with ur parents where are u actualy from.. its better!!!

    first try to find who u r.. if u so sticky abt blore.. better dont even dare to keep ur foot in chennai,hyd or tvm.. call off all ur relatives who stay down in these cities.. u fuckn bitch/ba**ard..(choose aptly if ur m or f)

    “.. was inchennai the people are very particular abt which cast or religion we belong, ” — ohh is it ?? when u visited chennai in 1850s’ ???? u assole’ dont know anything abt chni,hyd, or tvm.. but blindly comment on tat??

    u fuckn family went all thru blore for surving there.. just like dog go behind bones as if u cant survive in ur own tamilstate/citi..watever

    same as u others came to blore for their life… only ur fuckn family can come to blroe and u can get born there and other should NOT?????????? so non-bloreans birth has been stopped in hospital after UR BIRTH??? is it a copyright???

    ask why the HELL ur parents move to blore… take it the answer to others who r there in blore..?

    last not least : am not a malyalee… but ur comments on malyalee is simply baseless…
    u dont f***n’ why u need a ‘*’ !!! u dont fuckin’ know about malayalees.. they are gud survivors in all states, though few are more intend towards their ‘malloo’ tag, but they r real good persons..i knw prsnly.. plus ur a tamilian and u know tamilians and malayalees r indeed very gud frnds..except these political idiots brings in issues

    am a northie.. n got ma uncle in chni..its heard tat tamils are meant for their hospitality and treating the guests! u can no where be a tamilian..

    Go and check ur history and come back!

  169. AjayC said

    hey Roy… i accept ur comments!
    its simply useless to post a reply to this lunatic a**ole’ Prabha.. better lets dicuss healthy.. nvr mind this person.. (guy/gal/or mixed)

  170. roy said

    i agree with ur views ajay..
    but we can go these forum smoothly…
    by avoiding **********s..
    even i made these *** in one of my previus posts to bangalorebest….

  171. AjayC said

    yep…I nvr use these words in the forums.. on reading these comments from these ppl espcly blrebest..prabha..
    i’d better use the words straight rather replacing by ‘*’ .. coz their comments r so filthy n foolish!!!

  172. roy said

    ofcourse ajay…
    bangalore is really a nice place to settledown(if u have money) , i really like the place indiranagar , it is really nice to walking in the footpaths of indiranagr in the eveniing cool breeze….

    as others saying i never faced any harrasement due to no kannadiga….

    but to be frankly i cant agree with the lifestyle of bangalore that has change alot ( my view only)

    last week i went to brigade road … i cant beleive am in india or not….
    girls wearing dress like foreigners , having cigarte in one hand…ho..

    see to be frankly am earning good amount monthly but i have that much responsibilites like..
    i need to send money to my house.
    tkae care of them…
    so i cant spend my money in pubs and other activites…
    see most of my friends are like this way only….
    for persons like me it quite difficult to sttle down here..

  173. AjayC said

    i do accept vry much
    “..girls wearing dress like foreigners , having cigarte in one hand…ho..”

    How dare u talk about their culture????? this is how ppl wear dress..(or not even) coz its their culture and birth rite!

    I think u r from India where gals wear sarees and salwars rite??!! then sorry u dont know the city’s culture!!

    They dress like forgnrs’ they smoke..drink with the whole family.. as ‘one person’ who has born and bght up there.. its their culture how can u comment on that?? 🙂

  174. roy said

    see u r mistaken….
    am from a small village in kerala..
    am not against their culuture…
    by seeing these kind of scence am really amazed…
    am just share my experince with u thats alll…
    every person has the right to live accordingly… no one can speak against them….

  175. AjayC said

    haa.. roy didnt u see my smiley at the end!!! 🙂 its just to state how worst it is!!i was talkng in ‘their point of view’ its kind of scene not be be amazed but shocked yar!

  176. roy said

    exactly yaaar…
    how can they spend money lavishly….
    come out of brigade.. see the peoples living in places like ulsoor, jeevanahalli,…..
    see the difference of lifestyle..
    in nerarby peoples spend money like any thing..
    in other places peoples struggle to live…

    govt should take care of these low earning peoples also……
    how can they enjoy cinemas in multiplexes by giving 175rs…

    here i completely agree with TN gvt that comes up with rule for giving 10rs tickets in multiplexes

    really great…

  177. prabha said

    this is for Ajay: i am not gonna comment or reply for u r msgs, coz u seem to be a mentally disturbed person, i was having a healthy conversation, not used even a single dirty comment.

    this proves my point abt u r backroung,the kind of situation or backround u r parents have brought u up and the kind of family u belong.u use all filthy language and convince u r self that it is useless to reply. these are the indication of a real lunatic who gets provoked for normal issues.

  178. AjayC said

    haa.. looks whos talking about healthy conversation!!

    Ok done… i get back all those as u said the so called filthy langs. can u just reply to the questions tat are mentioned there… u the great ‘Tamilian’ settled in blore. All u Tamils say the same where ever u go..if u get somethng gud from tat city.. tats all u praise to the core..else ditch it!

    Or can u reply to the scenario mentioned by Roy????

    If u cant reply to those questions then better keep away from posting baseless info about non-bloreans and mind tat u too fall in the same and ur not a native person.

  179. prabha said

    when you have agreed that u r a lunatic,a jerk , what is the point trying to prove or reply to u r comments.

    why do u blame all the tamilians, we are known for being courteous, generous and freindly, unlike you bunch of mallus(fools)Mallus do not know how to show respect to strangers. In Karnataka or any other state, if you are a customer in a shop or a client in an office, folks have no problem addressing you “Sir” or “Madam” and referring to you in third person as “This Sir” or “This Madam”. And this ‘Sir’ can be heard even in villages. In Kerala, there is a distinct reluctance to show such respect. If a bill collector or delivery-man comes knocking at your door, he will address you with a silent poke of his jaw towards your face. That is “you” in Mallu, whereas everywhere else, he will show some basic courtesy.
    Basicall you guyz are too rude. no point in conversing

    One of the best ways to experience the “typical mallu behavior” is to visit a shop. You will be amazed at the behavior of the shop owner. He will treat you as an enemy.

    It seems that all of you pseudo malayali’s have some difficulty in getting used to the culture of the state u live and where as you don’t have a proper culture(behaviour) back at your own place.

    when there is money to make the mallu will bend backward to please.that is the typical & real mallu(kerala monkeys)
    u all are fit for that , you all feel proud saying majority of dubai is populated by mallu,

    what do u do thier?

    wash others shit and eat the same and make money out of that.

    So called Ajay :you are a useless morom and a fool bafoon ,pity you

    you are not fit to debate or participate in such topics,
    go back to your place find some coconut trees , climb up , sit there and watch all the brown skinned ladies.

    BTW i am travelling so don’t try to reply , no point i won’t be checking for few days

    Take care u Monkey

    Kerala :God’s own country.. and devil’s own people

  180. suhkdeep said

    i am in banglore.i am from jalandhar,punjab.i dont feel alien in i can talk in hindi or even punjabi 🙂 gr8 place!

    I travelled a few times to is really hot climate over there.people are mostly very poor similar to biharis,bengalis or up labourers.

    but the same is there in karnatak leaving banglore alone.

    also,tamil nadu,no one really knows hindi.i first thought,those auto drivers etc knows hindi.but they dont.they knew only few words.thats all.
    also,tamilians are more of goonda-mavaali type especially those shopkeepers and auto wallah’s.

    while in banglore i dont have to care for all these cultural problems.banglore is truly cosmopolitan.

    as with free culture,anyone can do whatever they want.u dont go mess with them.let women booz,do onenight stands.what is that gonna harm u?-this questions is to Mr.ROY .

    to ROY:
    kerela-i visited cochin 3 times(automobile business i am doing!).the climate there is very humid,may be cochin especially.although i agree that kerela is better than any other states regarding beauty and greenery.people of kerela are semi-orthodox unlike tamils which is ok.also kerela people are fair or wheat colored unlike blackier tamil,andhrite or karnadigas.
    the people are really good mannered and i have many malyali friends in my business network.

    coming back to madras vs banglore:
    i am wondering why we dont have mumbai vs delhi ??
    it is more worth for a fight!

    the verdict from me regarding the topic is:
    banglore is anytime better than madras in terms of civilized people.

    tamils are mostly violent.i have seen a few tamil cinemas and these movies clearly shows the reality.
    tamils beats and kills all others.barbarians.they marry donkey for rain,marry dog for papmukthi.a weird place is tamil nadu in my opinion.
    peace guys!

  181. roy said

    to prabha…
    how can you again and again make wrong statements against kerala…..
    if you do not know anything about kerala…
    please be silent…

  182. roy said

    to sukhdeep

    i agree with u in many opinions…
    am sure bangalore is more cosmopolitan than chennai..
    and especially northies wont face any problem in bangalore unlike chennai..

  183. roy said

    how can peoples like prabaha can speak against whole malayalies…..
    with out knowing anything about our culture and tradition…..

    let me point out something…..
    1: after the death of rajkumar …..what are the pathetic situation is happend in bangalore
    can u point out any such incidents in kerala….

    and with that particular reason can i say whole kannadigas are violent…….
    no i wont say in each and every group of peoples there will be some criminals…
    and by considering them only we cant make any comments against whole group..

    but u r saying like this way only…..

  184. AjayC said

    “when you have agreed that u r a lunatic,a jerk…” just to get answers from u.. i said..and am not so.. u idiotic tamil jerk..!!!
    ” unlike you bunch of mallus(fools)Mallus ….” haaa when did i say am a mallu… read the comments crfly b4 replying

    ” wash others shit and eat the same and make money out of that.” (what a healthy conversation!!!!) u r saying this????? r u not washing blores shit right from ur birth just coz of the money u m***** f**** a**ole…!!! y dont u go back.. u tamil jerk? u never wash ur own a**.. the most rotten smelly ppl in world!!
    how the hell u can comment on mallu, first change ur mentality of commenting other state ppl.. u dont , as if u r staying in ur own state…???? are u?

    “So called Ajay :you are a useless morom and a fool bafoon ,pity you ….” how so kind u pity on me?
    i knw all u tamil a** ppls think they are brilliant and there are foolish and stupid half-wit persons like u
    u nvr change!

    “you are not fit to debate or participate in such topics,……” ohh.. here comes the moderator to stop me!! getlost u idiot…!

    “go back to your place find some coconut trees …..” notvalid am not mallu.

    u praise blore…u hate chni.. and u say ur a tamilian… no wonder all the tamil half baked ppl are same!
    u r not even started or fit to bake… raw minded f***er!!

    “sit there and watch all the brown skinned ladies….” well i will coz all u tamil gals have only the dark blak a** so better get somelight..come n watch other gud looking gals!! (i’d say mallu gals are the most gud lookn gals in india!!!)

    BTW i am travelling so don’t try to reply , no point i won’t be checking for few days…” — Guys I found a new way to ESCAPE!!!!!

    “..Take care u Monkey….” — u r not even monkey but just a piece of shit from a diseased monkeys a**

  185. AjayC said

    ” tamils are mostly violent.i have seen a few tamil cinemas and these movies clearly shows the reality.
    tamils beats and kills all others.barbarians.they marry donkey for rain,marry dog for papmukthi.a weird place is tamil nadu in my opinion…..”

    haa that can be the best joke… can u pls explain
    the riots happening in Mumbai? why ppl kill each other??
    same happening in UP? Assam… bihar? even punjab for tat matter and Maoist in almost all places!Naxalites in AP.. I dont think TN has any such terrorism!

    Even when u step out of blore will u be able to survive in ur own langs or english.. no..ppl here are more concern towards their lang.and ‘Kannadiga’ tag, just within blore its ok!

    Even some Kannadiga orgaztn just destroyed the railway office for some reservation and stuff! Only the ppl from north (few) makes it cosmo city if it was pure Kannadigas in majority, u will feel the same as in Chennai

    I do accept ppl in TN are so concervative.. but no to the extent that u have described coz i hav cousins in chni n frnds…

  186. AjayC said

    To roy:
    “and with that particular reason can i say whole kannadigas are violent…….
    no i wont say in each and every group of peoples there will be some criminals…
    and by considering them only we cant make any comments against whole group..” VRY VRY Well Said yar!!!!!!!

    But i dont know why are u such soft in ur comments by tat lunatic Prabha about Mallu.. if i were in ur place… i dont know what wud have happnd!

    I never read such a worst comment on Mallu…! I cant comment on that and i was amazed u explaining to tat idiot in soft and detaild manner.. If a dog is barking will u sit back.. listen and reply in our lang? no… better take a Stone!

  187. roy said

    umm u r right ajay…….
    if i again provoke her… she will again come to bark us…
    i thing it is better to not to listen her/his comments…
    let us go this forum smoothly

    i dont know how they are making comments with out knowing anything about the whole community..
    she might have meet 2 or 3 mallus…

  188. sheane said

    kannadigas are non-existant group of people before any so-called “kannadiga” justifies.

    only native people are those from mysore and bangalore.99% of them are telgu descendants.

    well,i cant feel any difference between tamil kannada and telgu.all look almost the same blacky color except few casts here and there where they have some fair color.

    one thing i noted is karnataka people tries to act like northies and tries hindi LOL!
    what is the use?yake Magane?
    before u bash me,I am from karnataka too.from mangalore.

    what is malayalis thing doing here?it is a bengalooru vs chennai thread,right?
    u malayali go to trivendrum or cochin!fcuk off!

  189. Suvena said

    I dont think its not that logical to compare Blore & Chni..
    both are at a gud level at diffrnt aspects so cannot be compared.

    i think we can compare blore vs Mumbai It would be so apt coz of the lifestyle and other stuffs in common!

    I agree with threz no much diff btween Kannada,Tamil n Telugu ppl..all in looks and culture! Mallus– No comments! Wud u guys wanna compare Tvm to any of other city?!!

  190. PRAWIN-CHNAI said

    instead of comparing blore & chnai , compare karnataka & tamilnadu..
    karnataka is gaining reputation only by the so called city blore.
    but TN is a whole of excellence. chnai is not a only developed city in TN.
    BLORE with most no of IT companies. what u people do when the IT goes dowm along with US recession. ur economy bcoms worst..
    TN has many sectors contributing to the growth of the state, but not only IT..

  191. Bengaluru -huduga said

    The main reason for these Tamil people comparing B’luru &Madras,or K’taka & TN is out of jealousy nothing else.Let me explain ,before throughout India ,people used to tell South India means only Madras because it is one of the Metropolitan cities along with Delhi,Kolkata,Bombay.But now not only rest of India but world also recognises B’luru.Tamils could not tolerate this .so they r writing blogs like this.We K’taka people didn’t and would not wishto compare ourselves with TN. B’luru was there,and will be there without IT also.I feel without IT will be the most beutiful place(Without the people who r flocking to B’luru in hordes from outside). I bet KN(economic conditions of people) was and will be always better than TN.In past also people from KN didn’t migrate to other states,countries for low class jobs.The only migration is recent one that too educated professionals to developed countries like USA S’pore etc.But Tamils migrated to B’uru ,S’pore,M’sia,Srilank as labourers.Even today 99% construction workers in S’pore,B’luru are Tamils.If TN economy is good why there is mass migration for even low end jobs.?

  192. Swapnil said

    Am a northie.. I don’t agree to Bengaluru -huduga: Its not just tamils there in blore. arent there ppl. from other states? These ppl go to other states coz of surviving immigrants not as slaves there is a BIG diffrnce’ btwn these TWO!

    Cant it can be taken in this sense? arent the ppl from other states contribute to the growth of the city?? why u take it in a -ve sense as if they come there as servants?

    Hope he has picked words from differnt comments from this forum and pasted here 🙂 [just for fun] coz i could see all Kannadiga ppl are ready to reply whenever any comments abt chni comes in!
    This shows u ppl indirectly accepting it as a rival competitory!
    Both these cities are well n gud in some aspects..

    I dont wanna get ‘political’ on why u ppl hate tamils or stuffs. am aint bothered…
    But in general as someone said its gud to compare MUMBAI vs BLORE! worth enough.. I dont think anyone will be dare enough to do it! or just atleast Blore Vs TVM or Blore Vs HYD for that matter!

    Even we northies are there in quite good population, and blore is now called a revolutionzd city with more western life style is coz of us…! If it was only with Kannadigas.. u might have left out just with few gardens and singing bazans! no revolution would have happnd!!

    As someone said in this forum.. growth is an overall aspect as top grow in all things… and if u grow in one area its called ‘Swelling’ and not growth! correct!!!!

    U ppl gota be proud as u wlcome and give life to other ppls.. not as to see them as servants who came in to clean ur feet.

    As far as state wise economy are concern.. Maharastra..Pune.. Chndgr..and all north state are doing extremly well.. We ppl grow in all different sector, not in just IT as u ppl in south ‘tag’ out!

    P.S. Why ppl around still not ready to call Bengaluru (as its officially announced)??? as like Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata!!??

  193. Bengaluru -Huduga said

    We will comment when the word chennai comes because this blog is ‘B’luru vs Chennai.U start a blog B’luru vs Northies,there also we will comment not about chennai,about you.We have no enemity with chennai.For us u northies,tamils,mallus,gujarathis etc,are all outsiders in B’luru.thats all.We don’t want to compare ourselves with anybody.But we rply to those who talks badly about our place

  194. Mycity said

    I back Bengaluru -Huduga, its not like we Kannadigas hate chennai. as said.. all outsiders are non-kannadigas. and we will not sit n watch those who makes bad comment on this city!

    For Swapnil: Boss u urself accepted bcoz of u the city has become like this… yes u northies have simply spoiled the tradition of this city to the core. The city has/is getting lost its purest form!

    U have made this city for pubs and night clubs but this city was more natural and famous, much more beyond these things!

    Right from the climate to every thing u guys have simply made it nasty! All native and ppl who were living in Bengaluru for decades knows this.. how was the Bengaluru then and how is it now!
    U ppl r sick.

  195. abi said

    to “mycity”…
    how can you say northies spoil ur tradition…..
    u r saying we made this city for pubs and night clubs.. do u thing we r responsible for this….

    hey man it is only ur local goverment that made ur city like this for attracting peoples from other state…..can u deny this…
    or u r tring to say…. peoples from outside started these pubs here… if it is who need to approve for this…ur local gvt only…

    first try to change ur self then try to change others

  196. PRAWIN-CHNAI said

    To Bengaluru -huduga
    who said tamils r working as a labour in other states.They r hard workers. They wants to shine in evry field.Unlike ur karnataka farmers they suicide themselves.
    “instead waiting for sumthin, move with what awaits u”.
    hey u northies , better u dont interfer. u people r cruel.u kill ur own people .jst switch the tv and watch noida childrens killed and bihars cruelity mob attacking a man,
    adivasi girl abused…f***k.

  197. abi said

    violents is not happening in south….
    last year there was hindu muslim riot in bangalore…
    there was another riot that happend in coimbatore (10 years back)…

    better u f***k off prawin

  198. to Abi: haa…. violents in south???? tat too ur naming incidents happnd 10yrs..12yrs back..good.

    pls start reading newspaper(if u can read) or atleast watch TV(if u can see)!!!

    take case of Mumbai? didnt u see the ppl fighting to get off all northies from that state? Why u northies didnt even open ur mouth against mumbai even cinema stars?? why all ur northies mouth and a** were shut? coz u wanna life which mumbai u better f***k off!

    Same riots are happening thru naxals in UP.. orissa..MP wat u say the Gujarat riots?? the burning of a train? Hindu -Muslim clash? almost all northie states are good in spreading fights and making religoius prblm in the country!

    By the wat the f***k r u doing in this debate between two south cities.. if u wanna reply to someones comment get his mail-id and bash him!

  199. PRAWIN-CHNAI said

    to Abi
    thanks for reminding the coimbatore blast …u accepted the fact it has happened a decade ago not at present.
    coming to Hindu ,Muslim riots….Ofcourse there were vry few riots happening i south.
    Unlkie mumbai in 90’s hindu ,muslim fight which turned the world’s eye on india..

    by the way any f*** eat human flesh…?
    yeah tat noida f*** ate it, killed small innocent childrens…u northie shut ur a** or dump ur mouth full of sh**.
    u people spreading the Panparag culture across the country, spitting on the roadsides..beter spit on ur ass.

  200. guru said

    “u people spreading the Panparag culture across the country, spitting on the roadsides..” — Well said!!

    that too u can see all north indian railway station and trains.. that too in toilets… these bug**rs make it worst!

    all trains that operate from or in north are more ‘red’!! u ppl spit spit spit.. pan everywere… arent u ashamed..??!!
    dont say south indian stations and trains.. they are faaaaar better than urs… if its still dirty its because of u ppl.

  201. PRAWIN-CHNAI said

    Thanx guru…

  202. abi said

    okey i agree south indian cities are most peace ful.!!!!!

    but u all didnt reply to my first comment

    “how can you say northies spoil ur tradition…..
    u r saying we made this city for pubs and night clubs.. do u thing we r responsible for this….

    hey man it is only ur local goverment that made ur city like this for attracting peoples from other state…..can u deny this…”

    can u deny

  203. Let me reply abi:

    First jus’ see how northie gals wear dress (??!!) i think they dont wear dress… they just PASTE all around their body..

    Dont say ” its my right to wear watever i want..and if u dont wana see dont see me.. its women’s right… ” blaaa. blaa..

    even being n*ked is a right… are u ready to walk in streets??
    dress for this culture… still if u wana talk women…rights… et all .. .go on… bark!!!

    2nd, i accept the local govt’s has to take care.. our politicians are worst as known.. simply bulk of money can allow anything.. even then u ppl make those places even worse.. with ur insane behaviour!

    Its not u r responsible… but u r MAJORLY responsible…. in fact its u who seeded these kind of culture to south indians… dont say a NO to this!! all u ppl brought that culture to mumbai and now ur spoiling blore…

    u ppl can notice when two northies talk in a train….. guys u can even miss the train sound… everyone has this exp. : 0 … : 0… all northies are blaaa blaaa sss…

    ur making…. noise pollution…culture pollution…religious pollutn….integrity pollutn….
    just stop it!!!!!!

    None of u northies survived in ur city….. all cry down to south for life!! and make this calm place as same as ur place….

  204. PRAWIN-CHNAI said

    Look abi ,
    pub culture is not indian culture. And i nvr said north indians are spreading pub culture.
    And the goverment has nothin to do with this.
    in north india women dressing is not quite good i.e. it is more provoking..
    tats y the rape & molestations are more..but ,i dont say south dsnt hav this is insignificant..i lik north girls while wearing trendy costumes, but must not be provoking..

  205. Prakash said

    when did this topic changed to south vs norht :p

  206. Thamizhan II said

    Guys stop this. Enough of spoiling our own city name.

    Lets be good. Bangalore has suffered a lot and it will have to suffer for the rest of its life time.

    Bangalore has lost its charm because of the nomads coming here and spoiling the nature.

    Bangalore is considered city to be the garden city. Now its all spoiled.

    Even natives of Bangalore are responsible for this loss. They did not raise their concern about the loss.

    As a citizen of india, you should not allow any one to spoil your country.

    I still like Bangalore for its one and only thing which is climate.

    Rest it cannot match to any other cities in india, the only reason is indians are not good at planning a city. This was a small town and it can never accomadate the vast growth in population.

    Experts say that soon Bangalore would be out of focus. IT is more concerned on shifting to other places.

    Please dont compare Bangalore with any other cities which were real cities for several decades.

    Bangalore is still not declared a metro. Still for IT calculation only 40% rebate is given for HRA.

    Chennai on the other side, lets not tell anything. Needless to say, all the commodities trade to the entire southern india happens through Chennai.

    Each and every place is known for its beauty and charm and every place is special in its own way.

    Chennai cannot be a garden city cos of its climatic conditions. On the other side Bangalore cannot be a metro cos of its area constraint.

    If and only if Bangalore is completely destroyed and then plans are made to come up with a city planning, then Bangalore can be made a metro.

    Ex, By adding Vegetables to Rasam, it cannot be a Sambhar or Kurma, it will always remain a rasam only. If you start saying it as a sambhar just because of the fact that it has vegetables, everyone will shit at you.

    More or less Bangalore is the same, it will always remain a rasam and never can become a sambhar.

    Bangalore is also called as Garden city, electronic city, for everything they add city. If they launch a large dress sale, they name it as COtton city, for silk saree showrooms, they name it as Silk city.

    So Bangalore, you are yet to grow. Your Airport is not yet considered as an international airport and is situated way away from the city, and travelling to airport itself will take an hour or so.

    Even though they come up with Metro or what ever, To catch up the metro rail itself will take a lot of time. Nothing is planned and they keep saying its a city.

    Please If bangalore has to grow, then the government should be aware of what should be done.

    First prepare the basics for bangalore to become a city. As i said, if IT companies are there it does not become a city.

    No proper food, no proper infrastructure, people are behind money and the same is with the government as well.

    To become a iconic city or to match up with other major cities, Bangalore has to go a long way.

    Remember that we are in india.

    Lets please stop commenting on Bangalore and Chennai.

    In a way i feel, Chennai need not even compare itself with Bangalore.

    Its like a wrestler (Chennai) calling upon a school kid (Bangalore) for a fight. Everyone knows about Chennai and if Kannadigas say Bangalore is the best, let them keep saying about it, but no one is going to acknowledge it.

    I say this once again. Lets not carried away from the fact that we are all indians.

    Bangalore is the first cosmopolitan town with buses which does not have a board written in English.

    The only Town which does not have its own tradition.
    The only town which keeps saying by itself that it is a metro. Again they gave up their Cosmo status just to place themself along with other Metro cities. These people did the same a few years ago to attract people to its city

    This shows the clear stand about Bangalore. It will keep changing for no reason and they dont have a stand point. They keep saying by themself that it will be the NY of india and all that.

    The surprising thing here is, All the other major cities which are there for years together, have never said for itself that it is the NY of india or else detroit of india or something like that.

    I really wonder why these Bangaloreans are like this dying for money and name, they give up everything. Really sick people. We have to blame the people out here.

    I really condemn the people who say tamil people are black. Then i will have to say all those are white do not belong to india. Those are ones who are born for a foreign man.

    Who knows probably kannadigas would have sold themselves to foreigners for money.

    People who said they are white, sorry to use this language, men open up your pant zip and see whats the colour of your stuff.

    Ass hole, if your white it means that your granny or some one was actually screwed up hard by a foreigner and not by an indian.

    Assholes. Dont talk about Chennai. No one is really bothered about it.

    This is for people from Chennai.

    Lets not mind about this Shit (Bangalore). Everyone knows the smell of shit and it cannot say to itself that it is a sandal paste just because of the colour it has.

    Bangaloreans are white is colour so probably they can claim themselves as Britishers tomorrow and they will not even be ashamed to tell to people that their ancestors were screwed up hard by foreigners.

    They would say we get the name of britishers, so we will leave our wives and daughters for others to screw them hard.

    Fellow Bangaloreans if your white in colour then probably you will need to check the history of your ancestors.

  207. Deepak said

    Hey u half-wits … stop telling that we northies have spoiled ur so called culture. As if u had a very good culture and we raped yours?

    U can see all south girls even blore gals ..wearing those modern dresses! did we ask them to wear??? with such a BIG FAT body and a** that doesnt even match them, but still they want to try! What a foolish ppl.

    First try to wear what suits u.. dont copy and show as if u r beautiful.. sorry beautiful south girls???? haaaa…

    Dont try to act like us.. we enjoy our life wer ever we go! we go to pub..dress our way. that is up to us. who asked u to follow us? did we send any invitation????

    If u think we spoiled ur culture better lock and sit at home. We got job here because of our talent. dont by showing anything else! mind that!

    we want to enjoy.. we make the place suitable for that! Y the hell r u coming to pubs..parties..? sit at ur home and do some pooja!

    As if this city had full covered gals and no guys even see gals over here… it seems we thought them all!!

    Dont say tradition..tradtion… bullshit! just go and see tradition of northies far most better than yours. we enjoy both modern as well as tradtion and not like you lunatics. just sit and cry for culture as if u got birth to culture!

    First STOP blamming northies. If we were not there this city would not even know to speak English even..Hindi or watever. u wud have become like ‘nothing’
    U shud be thankful to us for making this city a true cosmo. else this would have been a city with farmers and bullock carts.

    Stop dragging us unnecessarily!

  208. PRAWIN-CHNAI said

    f*** o*f deepak..
    who said bcos of u northies our cities developed..?
    we people work hard to make our own city to flourish in evry aspect..u north immigrate to evry city which are already developed and call urself

    “If we were not there this city would not even know to speak English even..Hindi or watever. u wud have become like ‘nothing’
    U shud be thankful to us for making this city a true cosmo. else this would have been a city with farmers and bullock carts.”

    first u try to speak ur own language, why u a** h*** licking british language.

    u born to a british stuff..?

    u migrants come here earn a lot and purchase a car…y dont u do this in ur own region…..?

  209. Deepak said

    hey u lunatic Brawin..Prawin watever try to speak decently got it?

    I know u ppl dont know what that means!
    The best joke : u have already made ur city flourish!!! hello man wake up, you guys even dont know what a jeans pant means! U ppl were just wearing dothis ,shirt and a towel thats all.

    All the fashion stuffs are born from Mumbai, will u stop wearing all the fashion things?

    British??? who we? First u check to whom u were born! [“u born to a british stuff..?” Mind this is a public forum dont use these offensive words!]

    All u south ppl fight among urself for silly reason, you scold your own fellow states for worthless matter and u r talking about us? R u southies united??? no ways! we know and just laugh at you!!

    We are not like this.. we are more united and we dont fight for silly matters like ‘Mummy he didnt give me water..’ how kiddish you ppl are… worthless!

    Its normal u get anger when u cant accept fact, and u kid… listen still if u cant accpet the fact that how much we contributed to the development of this city, then better getlost somewhere i cant reply you!

    Prawin : Get well Soon!!!

  210. Dreamer said

    I thought I ‘ll write something abt Bangalore
    But reading these articles I realy came to know .its happening that all Chennaits.. are sitting and cribbing abt bangalore..

    Any way typical ha 🙂

    You crib abt India, Language if its hindi ,place where you earned..then compare with Singapore ..typical..

    Carry on From centuries you were like will be like that..
    No one can help u dears..

  211. Silly said

    Hey Guys
    Can you scrol up and see what was the topic for discussion..
    Who smells like shit..
    You spoiled whole discussion..
    Put ur energy in better use.. 🙂

  212. hardRoad said

    Hey Mr. Silly: It was some idiot who deviated the topic. better mind your language and post your comments, If you still smell shit
    its better lift up ur butt from that seat and watch it! It may be you!
    Mr.’Dreamer’: If you’d like to comment, then do it.. dont give a statement that others have commented something so i dont want to comment, how insane!!

  213. roy said

    back to this forum after a week

    i cant beleive how worse that a discuusion can be with in a 10 days of time….
    it is very sad to see the discussion is going in such a wrong direction…..

  214. Mohit said

    Guys! what is happening here? If you are not ready for a healthy discussion, stop commenting in the forum.
    And dragging us -northies to the topic is simply stupidity. All other people in this city has no rights to spell a comment on our dressing sense or our way of if in a way all others and natives here are very decent.
    Its known what you guys do behind the screen. all cruddy things.we are not bothering you and dont bother want to live our lifestyle and say our dress is bad and we spoile your culture.and if still you want to proceed making comment on our people/culture/behaviour in this.we will relpy so harshly. mind this.

  215. PRAWIN-CHNAI said

    i think we are supposed to speak abt blore vs chnai, but some north indian who pulled the northrn cities as an example , which deviated the core thing..

    mind it deepak…
    u think u people invented jean, tshirt culture.Is it mumbaites who invented those stuffs…?
    u think u northies r united..ya i agree.this s what the media has been telecasting for the recent days saying ” maharashtrians and north indians hugging each othr.In recent days their love of north indians has increased tremendously”

    this is what u r trying to say
    ” DEEP(ACHE) ”

  216. Deepak said

    Hello.. y the hell u r commenting again about us. we just brought in tat jeans and other culture,i didnt say we invented it, got it?

    the clash happnd in Mumbai is coz of RSS and other ppl, dont just blindly say without knowing anything and for your information.. all northies and mumbaites r more good and frndly!

    and u dont have any dignity to point to us as if u south ppl are more frndly and hugging each other.. shame on u!

    dnt again dare to comment,as Mohit said,, better log off and do some work! dont poke ur nose to unnecessary stuff..gotcha!

    better consult a good psychiatric..’Prey’ vin!

  217. sheane said

    Ermm.. Mumbai/Maharashtr is “West India”.Marathi ppl distinguishes themselves from North Indians 😆

  218. PRAWIN-CHNAI said

    chennai has a rapid growth history..blore is overheated ..

  219. GMenon said

    “Mumbai/Maharashtr is “West India”…”
    Oh I see that is the reason you have brought in all the western culture to India and that too so proud that you have spread across nation # as some said you have invented jeans.. lol haaa…. # Gud joke!

    Kerala is much better, peaceful and greener and your place you live is a concrete forest!

    Donot compare your place with south, you are not even fit!

  220. PRAWIN-CHNAI said

    whr r u, dumb north intruders…?

  221. vanquish_082 said

    Ok, here goes.. what i appreciate in a city, most importantly in a metro, is how the things are ordered in such a way that it does not become a bottleneck for the free living.

    What i look forward is, neat and tidy city streets, no traffic/pedestrian interferance, efficient transportation,and i think that the educational, cultural aspects of the people living there directly affects the ‘orderly’ being of a city.

    So, keeping in mind my aspects for appreciation, let me compare Chennai and Bangalore. I have been living in these cities for quite a bit of time.

    Let me tell you, living in Chennai was the toughest part. First of all, the heat, during the summer, sometimes unbearable, and dust and smoke of the traffic going haywire most irritating. What i meant by traffic going haywire is, most of the time i can see these traffic police people getting into the road and tries to control the uncontrollable, yelling, shouting, and sometimes running after the bikes!! Whatta fun!!

    Since i was in bangalore previously, we used to spend time, anytime, anyday, in any of the available gardens for a breath of fresh air. I dearly miss some cool green place where i can sit and sip some ice cream or spend some time with someone. This feeling will drastically increase when you are dreaded, tired, and under the hot sun. No where to go, in Chennai.

    And talking about about free roaming, it is such a horrible thing in Chennai, as i experianced , since i have to wade through incoming traffic, sometimes i have to get into the road, avoid being hit by a truck, at the same time trying to avoid the wastes that are dumped to the road sides. Not to mention the road sides invaded by those so called ‘mobil shops’ and parked vehicles. Litterally, there is no FOOTPATHs. In Bangalore, i could walk hours without sweating and straining and thoughts of being hit by vehicles.

    And about transportation, i never missed a bus in Bangalore, all i have to do is, start from the KempGowda bus station, to anywhere, within the city or into any other state. Not to mention about the superb Volvos.

    In Chennai i do have difficulties in reading out the boards, which are entirely written in Tamil. I wonder whether they are insisting us to learn Tamil before anyone hits the city. And yes, some of the buses are like crap and time’s imminent for selling them as scrap!

    And oh yes, i do appreciate the Metro rail service, only wish that the surroundings to be lil more tidy and spruced up, to the metro standards.

    And what else?? Yes, the sewage. Almost all the sewages i have seen are not at all covered, and the black polluted liquid stings like anything.Not even a barricade for safety in some places. And this leads us to causage of overpopulation of mosquitos. Man, its kind of they are litterally breeding them all the year round. Terrible. Sewage there, sewage here, oh there’s one just near to the house where i stay, another mosquito hatchery.

    These irritating things that i have mentioned here, that i have gone through in Chennai, and still going through, was a never a big deal in Bangalore, i was happy there for the time i was there, otherthan some costly bits and pieces, that was necessary for keeping myself juicy all the day.And yes, the cost of living does matter, and i think that aspect is more compromising in Chennai than in Bangalore.

  222. lal said

    to van

    “In Chennai i do have difficulties in reading out the boards, which are entirely written in Tamil. I wonder whether they are insisting us to learn Tamil before anyone hits the city. And yes, some of the buses are like crap and time’s imminent for selling them as scrap! ”

    so u are saying in bangalore each and every BMTC buses has written in english…
    and u r saying all CMTC buses written only in tamil….(ha haha)
    may i ask one simple question ….
    did u visited any these 2 cities…..?

  223. Mithun said

    I was posted to chennai for my job… that was a shock of my life! as am from coimbatore, with a pretty decent climate.. less pollution (though not a pukka city) and a peaceful life!

    I was totally against coming to this city.. i could experience the same what others have exp. as many listed above.. as : climate..pollutn..people..etc..etc..

    With no option i gota stay here for 2ple of years, I could then slowly get into what this city was about. then i went to Blore for a long term project, though the life was very good. But i felt something missing with me. I couldnt get wat was that. After completing the task in onsite and in abroad..i came back to chennai.

    Beleve me or not when the flight just came down slowly… to chennai airport.. i could sense an unknown feeling, something more than ‘being happy’ !I felt home!

    This was the city i hated the most to come to work after my college. The city, which i felt is nothing… but only hot climate..horrible autos..bikes.. But why should i feel happy…? I still dont know

    Though I / All accept the worst side of chennai but…

    Inspite of humid climate..pollution..population..very few hang outs.. therez some kind of bond or factor that makes people to live in chennai. the people who live here for quite sometime knows it.

    But still couldnt find what makes this place to still live..including me, inspite of more draw backs!! I still dont knw!

    I dont know every individuals have different taste and opinion, though i have experienced few difficulties…. i still admire… what this city made to me to change my mind.. i still dont know… why I Love Chennai 🙂

    fyi, the buses now in chennai are totally changed and its brand new… its no more the typical old green buses! and again fyi, only chennai metro buses have both English and Tamil written in their board.. that too in CAPITAL I couldnt see any such in blore far as traffic is concern i think blore is still in bottleneck

    Its a fact that the cleanliness is worst in chennai, but maintaining this big city in every nook and corner is a tedious job. Since blore is comparatively small its easy to maintain.also its not every corner in blore is clean.

    Even for that matter New Delhi is pretty clean than blore, and the roads are good and people follow road discipline..(listen!)

    In more broader term, if u take whole of India, can we compare it other ‘clean’ cities in the world? ways! Still foregners think India as polluted…hot climate.. snakes.. etc.,(except few…) What can we do for that.. ? As India is so big.. implementing cleanliness is not easy task. Though we argue here which is best…. but still in global standard living we are still vry back.

  224. Deepak said

    Hey Prawin… pig in a ditch. u hav again strtd dragging us? u better mind ur words and get lost frm dis forum. u f***ers dont have any job? go to ur village and better milk a cow.. u imposter!

    U better dont even dare to come to north, who the hell gave permission to u southies to comment on us. as Mohit said this is ur last final warning. damn.. u insane of south.

  225. PRAWIN-CHNAI said

    hey “deep ache”
    wat the hell r u doing here …?
    bloody a** hol*…
    u better get lost…

  226. PRAWIN-CHNAI said

    “who the hell gave permission to u southies to comment on us”
    what u doing here at comparing two south indian cities..?

  227. s said

    Chennai Sucks, the place, the weather and the people. The tamilians from chennai suffer an inferiority complex.they won’t pick up hindi.And if you see the politics of tamil nadu, it is one big drama.They should kick tamil nadu out of the indian union.Annachi’s, pandi’s suck…Bangalore Rocks

  228. s said

    Chennai Sucks, the place, the weather and the people. The tamilians from chennai suffer an inferiority complex.they won’t pick up hindi.And if you see the politics of tamil nadu, it is one big drama.

  229. a said

    Chennai sucks, bangalore rocks…chennai is not culturally very flexible.An indian from the rest of india would feel out of place in chennai, but not the same case with bangalore.Chennai has culture, yes, but not the culture of the rest of india.Chennai has a culture of it’s own Tamil Culture…which is very different from the rest of india. And as for the people of chennai suffering an inferiority complex, yes they do have a very low self esteem.the best way is to bifurcate tamil nadu from the rest of india.Tamilian’s as a whole have a different culture and should be kicked out of the union.

  230. a said

    Nobody in india likes the tamilians they are the most hated set of people in india….Saala Madrasi he! he!

  231. Deepak said

    hey u fu**er Prawin doesn’t u have any job? If you dont have a job go and search dont just waste ur time by just sitting and commenting.get up and go….let ur a** get some air! you filthy useless crap on this forum. Better u shut ur a**ho** (if you have such thing) and better fu** off from here.
    U south indian bas****s

  232. Mohit said

    well said Deepak, What the hell does these south indian know? excpet idli vada sambar.. useless creatures on the earth. and they portray as if they are growing in IT. its simply show off nothing inside. its growing becoz we northies are working there. as some ‘a’ or ‘s’. well said chennai is the worst place.
    and of all some says they are gods own country.. malayalees fuc**rs doesnt know anything, chai making people. they even dont leave their sisters. and your movies are famous for ‘those’ type, with big fat ladies.what the f*** is that? you dont even clean your a*sho*es. Some says malyalee girls are beautiful, who said? they sleep with all guys they see..bitc**s, come to mumbai and see… you know how girls look like!

    You people claim you are fair, know why? your great great family has slept with foreigners, go and ask ur parents and know the truth. First try to remove your shit from your a** and then you moth** f***ers can talk about others.

    all these southies have inferiority complex. if you dont have brain atleast listen to us. or better f*** yourself.

  233. PRAWIN-CHNAI said

    u deepache,mo(s)hit..
    u f***in northies..wat the hell u people r doing here at comparing 2 south indian cities..r u jobless..? y r u replying for wat i scribble..u f***..bettr u both f*** each othr..

  234. Mohit said

    hey u son of a b**** prrrrawin..who the hell r u…? dirty pig. who is replying ur comment??

    So u mean to say u’ll comment like this : “whr r u, dumb north intruders…?..” (220)
    but we should shut our mouth and simply listen to ur a**hole words???? fu***r. I dnt knw whether u have ‘something’ to f*** anyone! filthy crap.

    and what u said “…..bettr u both f*** each othr..” u better come here and turn back down n’ show ur a**, i will just show what f*** means. or kneel down in front of me and and open ur mouth.. will show u the rest!

    If you again comment.. u wont have ‘anything’ to be a man!

  235. PRAWIN-CHNAI said

    “If you again comment.. u wont have ‘anything’ to be a man! ”
    -A man dosnt say lik this.if he says,
    this is jst to escape…

    u confirmed u r a homo…
    ” u better come here and turn back down n’ show ur a**, i will just show what f*** means. or kneel down in front of me and and open ur mouth.. will show u the rest!

    so no more arguement with a homo. Better, u fuck a dog,which will usually be in a positon u wanted…
    And u also confirmed not only a homo but also a son of bitch..bye bloody fucker

  236. Mohit said

    Hey f***er ‘fu*kwin’… i know u’ll be back.
    “u confirmed u r a homo…” who me ???? better bring ur sis i will show who am i…

    “…..bettr u both f***… “(233) does this comment by you states u r a homo.. asking a guy to f*** another guy??? r u a homo or me? u bloody south indian gay bast***

    If u have any such intention go and show to ur other black a** southies and dont even dare to point on here!

    U have simply spoiled the decency of this forum, this shows ur south mentality.. simply spoil if any good thing happens..

    “Better, u fuck a dog….” this shows u r not just a gay and u dont even leave animals! such a filthy fuc***s
    “…so no more arguement with a homo…” GOOD Way to escape!! accept ur defeat a***ole.

    “…but also a son of bitch..” better ask ur mom… where have u actually born.. clear that and come back.. i wont run off like u saying a bye… bloody pig fuc***

  237. Shiva said

    Helllo what is happening here??
    Plzz all… maintain this forum in a decent manner.

    If you want to have afight plz keep away from forum
    disgusting.! Yawk……

  238. prawin said

    “U have simply spoiled the decency of this forum”
    u r telling i spoiled. have a look at the previous comments by u so far. I have been very much decent comparing u…
    u do evrythin but blame othrs..?

  239. prawin said

    blore is blore
    chnai is chnai
    blore is so cool
    chnai is so hot.
    blore has narrow roads
    chnai has wide roads.
    both cities are contrast with each othr..

  240. Mohit said

    Hello It was you who dragged northies into this topic.

    Till then the forum was decent..dnt blame others..
    If u cant reply to questions be silent and listen.. and dnt post un related comments.

    I’d better suggest u can just get one is asking ur ‘valuable’ comments on these cities/

    By the way who is this PRAWIN-CHNAI on 235 and this prawin 238?? So many fakes in this site!! hmm :@

    Who ever u r. better mind that!

  241. paandithevar said

    North Indians in general are very arrogant,unclean,incest lovers.they are warlords born on gutters across all those cow belts and punjab 😡

    I wonder why these son of super bitches come in this forum to comment between 2 south indian cities.

    dear kannadigare,u got a sample of what is in store from ur north indian cow wala bhai and bhenji’s.enjoy u tulu,konkani and kannadigas in blore.u will be kicked out of ur own state by these fucking north indian imposters,bastards!u better beware kannadigas.

    I,for One is the happiest man if Tamil Nadu is separated from Indian union.good!ur on the right path u suvar ke bacches,bhenchods from north india! 😡

  242. prawin-chnai said

    who the hell u r to say
    “I’d better suggest u can just get one is asking ur ‘valuable’ comments on these cities”

    The debate is about my city, who r u , y should u comment on this forum.
    r u a southian….?
    u r the survivals in south…
    better u stop rather getting nose cuts often…
    damn ,mind dit !!!

  243. Mohit said

    Hey u f***er of a f***er:
    U debate or f*** ur city whoz botherd, but why the hell u brought in our name here into this forum??
    did we ask to comment on us? is it u southies said we have spoiled ur culture bla.. bla..

    nonsense.. “better u stop rather getting nose cuts often…” oops! u better stop else u will need to get the cuts… not nose, but ‘something else. beware.
    “u r the survivals in south…” we r nt survivals in south, we make south survive.. u a***ole!
    (if u wanna comment do it in ur name…afraid??? i still suspect this prawin-chnai 242″ and the original)

    and u paandithevar: wat a name!
    “North Indians in general are very arrogant,unclean,incest lovers.” dont give a general comment. u pig shit eaters are so arrogant and u fight everytime all u four states fight with each other r u not ashamed fu**ers?????

    “I wonder why these son of super bitches …” Oh… u poor son of a unknown trull filthy bitch! Chck ur dad.. whr u from.. u f***ng a***ole!
    India will be so developed if you go as a seperate country… first get lost!

  244. prawin-chnai said

    i have stopped jst for the sake of form decency. But u mother fkr pulled me back. go to ur north and see the prostitution are made legal. red light area and kolkata’s etc.
    u people talking abt culture..u cultureless…ur girls are flirting all over india..
    u all r supplying girls across india..
    u son of bitch
    if u agin comment anythin , i confirm u r a son of bitch

  245. Mohit said

    To all: Am helping to make this forum decent, but this guy drags us unnecessary.

    “i have stopped jst for the sake of form decency..” but just read ur last comment?! how decent it is wah!! good.

    “But u mother fkr pulled me back…” actually i didnt f**k ur mother,some of my frnds where thr. may be ask ur mom who came there! she will giv details. ask her how was the nite!

    “go to ur north and see the prostitution…” here every home u do that! go and check u bas***d
    U guys are doing everywhere like dog and pig.. so that u r top in AIDS, hey check urs.. u may have it too!

    “ur girls are flirting all over india….” hmm coz u people open ur mouth & tounge out and start flirting to northie gals, coz u r seeing white skin! u black a** fuc**rs!

    “u son of bitch..” Oh.. i thot ur son of an a***ole bitch who gets fu***d from all road side beggers!

    “if u agin comment anythin , i confirm u r a son of bitch..” by commenting back it doesnt mean am what u said. if u reply this u may again need to check with ur mom, who is she!

    get lost u son of a bitch & a roadside f***er

  246. Suresh S said

    Hello all,
    Very interesting comments by the people. Please don’t compare any of the states within india. They are best in their own.The only matter to remember on your mind is

    “Be fluent in your mother tongue.”
    “Be proud of your language and state.”
    “You are reflection of your own environment.”

    See from the all above comments .it started with bangalore Vs Chennai and has reached to North vs South,that’s why brilliant britishers came up with Divide Indians and Rule Indians.

    we have to admit that poor facilities(infrastructure,roads,electricity) in any of our cities is because of us. Most of the people are lucky enough to be born to a respected or educated middle class fathers.our fathers had toiled all day and has made you educated with good professional studies.Now after having such good education and our brain’s is matured enough to talk about (race,religion,culture,lifestyle,environment) and just by visiting foreign countries for a year and staying as NRI , we started comparing all the *.

    To say frankly , indians are shy,shrewd and conjuce and brilliant.what we lack
    is helping others.Help others people who are deprived.Dont evaluate a person by
    skin complexion or caste.

    Each and everyone of us should contribute to the economy . Volunteers are important.The energy we have spent here ,if redirected as “HELP” to any of the non-profit organisation, where children are eager enough to study .Our economy would have increased by a fraction of point.

    IF YOU DON’T WANT SHIT,REMOVE SHIT AS AND WHEN SEEN.Just won’t ignore as it is not my responsibility.

    if you feel our enivronment is matured and clean, then you have to feel in heart ,that when indian economy is grown.

    The greatest principle of US is:
    They make cash flow to other countries. When time comes ,wipe everything.You are just left alone.come to same point (4000 clerk job at the newspaper mart)

    Remember the flow of money from other countries are oppurtunity for us, dont just work for money(Coding and just paid on lacs).Create buisness locally , rotate money, use our own people,become independant .Then see india.

    Suresh S

  247. Shiva said

    I feel this comment by Mr.Suresh is simple and worthy of all the comments in this Blog!

    few good ones to mention:

    the first 3 line quotes..

    “..that’s why brilliant britishers came up..” –> very much rite Suresh! this kind of fight among us gave an advantage to Britishers, lets not do again.

    “..we have to admit that poor facilities(infrastructure,roads,electricity) in any of our cities is because of us..” –> yes! every city has its bad/poor face. but still its ours!

    “..what we lack is helping others..” / “Dont evaluate a person by skin complexion or caste.” – Well said!

    But one thing as u said to “remove a shit if u dont want” how many of us willing to take any responsibility?? even if i do it, this society will think am mentally imbalanced.

    There is no co-operation, may be due to huge population. I think in some cases we need to have i-dont-care mentality, else, they we will get screwed!

    A request 2 all- i think its more than enough as we compared cities, which ended up in some worst languages in a forum, there are so many things to discuss. think!
    after all we are friends..Indians 🙂

  248. prawin-chnai said

    Neither Blore nor Chennai..
    india is a whole of excellence.
    mallus in TN.
    TN in Mrastra.
    Biharis in delhi.
    Spread your community in othr stats and contribute towards the growth the state..

    Let the othr states people come to your state. u go n settle in other states. choose your partner frm other states.probably thtz the only solution to all diversities…
    i love north indians, especially girls..
    regrets to mohit,deepak if i hurt u…i knw i hurt u..

    All indians are my brothrs n sisters..


  249. Guru said

    Wait…. No… No ways!

    Oh my God! It cant happen!!!!! ……. I cant believe my eyes!
    people are becoming so friendly!! 🙂 We r becoming Indians.. from staties?!! This sounds very healthy!

    Anyways with so many fights and bad slangs, this has now turned frndly, thnks Suresh/prawin!
    Though we argue on ‘who-is-best’ thing, still the base point is we are Indians. Lets be friends and united! Lets go any part of this country bad or good, its ours man!

    Just imagine India is our body:
    For some, eyes may look good, smile may be awsome. But some other parts of body may not be that good or even bad for that matter. Can we remove it from our body? NO because its ours!

    Same is our country some place may look pretty some may not. But if we try to remove.. the body or country cant be healthy or survive!!

    Lets love all the parts and have healthy body… oooh country 🙂

    Cheers my friends!

  250. kannadiga speaks said

    hello guys iam Kannadiga well till now i have never ever travelled to any palce except Karnataka so i cannot comment on Chennai . but yes i can comment on Bangalore at least as since i have seen bangalore from since 1989 to till update i could give u the fair answer about bangalore .well i accept that government should look for the infrastructure to be still more developed .But for how many people.Since bangalore is a small city compared to Chennai offcourse it will have bigger problem to be faced further.
    In terms of transportation that too particularly in the Buses i would like to say that KSRTC and BMTC has won many awards in 2005,2006 in the nation for the best transportion in terms of road ways and do u belive that KSRTC we can make online reservations to any of the cities within a second.This only shows that the government owned buses are running successfully better than any private busses in bangalore as compared to any cities but yes the cost is more but still i have seen many people who are travelling in busses they feel happy about that they can get buses at the time they required.
    well in terms of water supply i think every people know that fact that there is better water supply in the bangalore than compared to others.

    Some on has specified that if bangalore does loses it IT sector what they have to do?
    well donot worry about that they are many sectors like civil and the defence including marketing and banking sectors and buisseness.which are also running neck to neck in terms of development and also Government sectors for the jobs Like KAS,KPSC and also medical field so bangalore can still contribute to the karnataka and the country.
    some body told that the bangalore is developed now in IT field for ur information
    SASKEN which is an indian company is there in Bangalore for more than 20 years as well as infosys and wipro.

    coming to cosmo city i donot think any city in india is cosmo as u can take example in this form itself shows the attitude of their city we donot have to go there and find out that the city is more cosmo or not.

    There is also some facts that that i do accept it yes except Bangalore, there is no other district that is fully developed in terms of infrastructure and many problems of these districts but now Karnataka government has taken a good step in implementing IT sector is MYsore also,well some day u will find Mysore will also have the good infrastructure and they can compete in india with other states also.

    And please donot say that Cinema really shows u that we are great and city indeed it donot refelects on infrastructure nor the city standards .Cinema is just a part of cultural activity.And as for as some tamilian was taking About RAJ KUMAR the kannada icon well he does not have to prove that he is a super star has he has got 4 national national award Padma bhushana and Padma vibhushana for Singing and for its acting he has recieved DADA SAHEB PHALKE and also DOCTRATE for him who has never ever gone for school he is uneducated but behave well then compared to an educated people and his first film won the NATIONAL WARD FOR THE FILM even ur Tamil superstar RAJINI KANTH has never ever won the NATIONAL WARDS .And i would like to say that no one till now have ever made 4 NATIONAL AWARDS by a single person.if it is made please inform me.

    taking about the traffic well we cannot talk about traffic since the every day bangalore has to handle 20lakhs to 23 lakhs of vehicle which is more than chennai and many important cities in north even then i accept that there is traffic problem but i donot know that if the same number of vehicles moves in chennai they can able to accommadate or we have to this consideration also.
    we the bangaloreans are facing this problem because we have the national parties who donot have the good number of MP so that we could get good amount of money from the centre and use this fund for the developing bangalore well if we go TN they have regional parties which support center and they can catch the neck of center and they get the job done for thier infrastucture and many more developments in thier cities .

    every cities has thier own limits has the bangalore and chennai but even then today bangalore is known to be the fastest growing and also the best software services in the world . so bangalore has proved it that we are BEST now its time for chennai to prove in the internationally so all the best TN.
    well till now they were talking about the

  251. kannadiga speaks said

    please donot use abuse languages as ur indians if ur abusing others means ur are insulting india and ourselves itself so please donot use the abuse language as we belong to india and morely we are human and human have brains i hope every indians do have brains so think wisely before u abuse languauge any way i have many thoughts but i will be concluding it latter so bye now
    jai karnataka! jai Hind!

  252. TN is poor.people are very poor compared to,pls give this consideration to TN.
    tamizhans especially southern districts and eastern districts of TN are very poor.they dont have education,cleanliness etc.
    dont blame them for this.after all we tamizharkal are coping up in this state which has almost no resources except people.
    dry terrains,no water,uneducated,violent goonda mafias in every cities.
    indeed it is a pity.also TN is united on one stand=the language tamil.
    I personally found many(60%+) so called tamilians(black colour) are basically are telugu or kannadigas(yes!!!).after all many parts of TN are rules by hoysalas ,carnatic nawaabs etc :p

    even karnataka cannot stand with kerela or delhi in standards of individual people education,quality of life etc.

    Our people have to go all around india(esp kerela,karnataka) begging for jobs even overseas to elanka(ceylon) ,singapore,malayasia.
    we are very poor people.our state doesnot provide basic solutions for our poverty and educational needs.even for water,we have to fight and kill others 😦 and those water we are surviving comes from river kaveri from karnataka(mettur anai) ,mullaiperiyar in kerala etc.

    there are barbarian people all over my state called chekkiliyars,telugu’s ,adivasi’s etc.they are lethal.even police cannot provide security.

    our cinemas show what we ppl are:
    for eg: vadivel,shenthil-goundamani jokes and their standard is very very low compared to other languages.

    Our people are killed in many parts of the world after all we are loafers'(most are!)!
    an eg is LTTE ppl and innocent tamilians are killed by elanka singala government.

    coming to chennai:
    chennai is hence a city of tamizhans.
    here in TN most things (including liquor) are cheaper than other states especially compared to kerela and karnataka.
    this is bcoz,our ppl are not able to pay that much profit and our buying power is very less compared to a keralite.

    bengalis are like us only.
    WE,Tamizhans are very orthodox and we cannot adjust when we stay in any other city.
    bcoz TAMIL is not only a Language,but a culture we all love!
    so,I am sorry to karnataka people who dont want Tamizhans in their state.

    Enna pannuvom?what 2do?we have to live my dear kannadiga friend!please bear with us!
    we are taught by our forefathers this culture only.if u find this arrogant,please pardon us.
    but we want to survive.for that,we depend upon karnataka ,kerla etc sorry to all 😦 but we have to survive in this worst state regarding resources!
    vazga tamil!

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    I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you….

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    Bangalore vs Chennai

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