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The Ordeal…

Posted by lapstre on March 5, 2006

Click here for Anna University results ( )


Click here ( )…


Read on for my take on results…
It was 6:15pm and i was enjoying my daily dose of internet boredom when a friend called up with the confirmed news that results we're likely to be out that very day(March 3rd, 2006). That was when i first accessed Anna university and Square Brothers web sites to check out the availability of results…

The Anna university site did not show any signs of publishing the results, But square brothers(SQB) sitewas all set to display the results with the message "Results vil be out by 7pm" (Approximation), I was wondering if it was another of SQB's pranks, A couple of weeks ago SQB had posted a message on that very page with claims of the results coming soon, That sent the students into a frenzy of messages and calls.

It was now 7:00pm i was staring at the still unchanged page and wondering if these ppl ever knew of punctuality and what the word 'By' meant (Yeah! Yeah! Don't tell me!). I was frustrated, I took a look at the hit counter of Anna university results page, It had jumped from 40,000 hits(Approx) at 6:40pm(Approx) to 48,000 at 6:50pm to 56,000 by 7:00pm. I wasnt suprised a bit. The clock ticked on by 7:45 i was tired of waiting…But i did take a look at the counters, The counters had jumped to 68,000 and increasing by the thousands every minute… Now i noticed one thing there we're as many as 500 hits from the Us and Hong Kong, I was left wondering…

By 8:40pm i was thoroughly frustrated and quit expecting any kind of result that day, but SQB put up a new message on their servers… Results will be out by 9:20pm. I began looking forward to it with renewed enthusiasm.

9:20pm came and went, still no sign of results, but the counter had jumped 1 lakh hits… I was really amusing to note the counters rotating so fast, I was wondering how many hits the google ads program had gotten… I was thinkin if he had provided more relevant links to the commoner, he'd have made more money on that…

By now i had decided that the results were not gonna come and SQB was just playing on everybodys emotions just to increase the hit rate.(What the heck was he doing taking so long anyway!) Finally the results popped up at around 9:50pm, with SQB's proud proclaimation of being the first private website to host the results… Only they didn't host it properly. Then friends started calling in with reports of others having gotten the results. I was wondering how? Then i found out that those who had gone straight to SQB had gotten their results…

And the wait went on till 11:45 until i could finally get my hands on the results as did most others… I could have gone straight to SQB but then it started raining by then. Finally i could call up friends and give them their results and averages, the day ended with phone calls upto 1:30am…

By the end of the day thecounter had jumped to 1,96,000Hits and running. They removed the counter from the page…

Take a look at the counter statistics Here

If you are wondering what the frenzied lookout of the results was about Welcome to the world of Anna university… Wait for the second part of the series, to be up in a couple o hours…

Meanwhile feel free to leave your comments and start a discussion if u wish…


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Jam on…

Posted by lapstre on February 27, 2006

Hello there,

After having missed most of the tech events all thro’ feb, the mood turned somber. These are last few months of college life and i wont be eligible to attend these plethora of contests next year. That one victory still eludes me as far as programming is concerned…

So heres one more of them, This ones a Biggie. From The Most Famous Company after Microsoft (can’t beat microsoft’s notoriety can we?) and definitely more sought after than Microsoft (Sorry BillyG, Microsoft’s Days are over – for those who dont read my blog regularly BillyG is our very own Bill Gates) Google‘s very own Code Jam 2006. The stakes are high and the prizes BIG (1.25 lakh not big enough? That’s probably more than half an average newbie software engineer’s annual pay, But then dont tell me u work at Microsoft or Google…). So heres probably what’ll be my final attempt at the Biggies, Inviting you also to hav a go at it. Topcoder members can use their Topcoder IDz for the competition (Incidentally i’ve a topcoder id i’ve never used for the past 4-5 months, dunno if it still works…) If u dont have one you can Register one afresh. Click here to Check out the competition details (and the moolah) and register for it…

Google Code JAM

Ah but one more HOT event coming your way for chennailites(The Student Fraternity) is the SSN’s Instincts. Instincts? It’s SSN’s cross college cultural event (That’s what they call it). I’d call it a carnival rather… For that is what most SSN Festivals are… I really dont see that kind of a crowd newhere esle (except the IIT ofcourse, SRM was close but not close enough). I’ve been to this really impressive college only once though a couple of years ago for a symposia called the Paradigm. Very impressively list of events and very well organised and what a crowd! (Dont ask me what happened – I got thro to 2 finals and as usual lost both of em! – Oh u dint ask? I wasn’t speaking to u…). And this year i though i couldnt make it, I heard it was a MASSIVE SUCCESS (Hmm i wonder why our college symposiums dont ever see that much of a crowd??? and i wonder and i wonder…). Though not a techie event, This is one event no one should miss (why? get a life yaar…). Also check out their schedule here and the celebrity list here (LApstrE not on the list? Dunt worry he’ll make his way into those kinda list someday)…

And i almost forgot, we had a cool reunion of all my 12th grade class. If you were from my twelftth grade and u dint make it to the reunion u did miss a lot… U dint get invited ? Then we had no way to contact u (meaning keep in touch). Also hot on this weeks events is the one coming up… My second review!!! Oops gotta run, catch ya at SSN.


PS: Miss the cool hangman applet? Even i do… I cant add custom code here on this blog host. Made a mistake on that count(I dint pick blogger cos i hated it, and blogsource i dun’t think u can add code there either… Journalhome, I miss ya).

Google Code Jam for the event(U cant get any lazier can u?, search and find it out yourself…HINT :use the above link)

Instincts Schedule

Instinct Events

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Shifted to a New Blog Host…

Posted by lapstre on February 24, 2006

Had to leave my old bloghost for reasons only known to the bloghost Owner. He decided to shut it down. It’s taking a huge amount of time backing up archives and reloading them at Word press, I still am in the process of doing exactly that… Messed up the shifting process, Mixed up Horizontal Rules for MORE bars, So hafta begin editing all posts again. Got lotta work to do,


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The Youth Revolution

Posted by lapstre on February 22, 2006

Finally after the training got over, I rushed with my friends to the nearest theatre to get a glimpse of the much hyped (hyped?) Rang De Basanthi. Mindblowing performances by the cast and crew, And a suprisingly original storyline(in these days of remakes). Lots of compelling reasons why you should go and have a look at the film…

But the whole experience of the film was spoilt by the theatre i watched it in… I got to watch it in a certain theatre called E** in the city, And what a terrible experienze it made. The sound was bullshit(I started praising the speakers i had at home after that! -Oh yes, the very same ones i keep complaining about). The picture(the picture on screen) was ok, but then the picture was spoilt by the ^*&^*&*&(i dunno who) who kept leaving the door open so the light could fill in the darkness and spoil the effect of the movie. Then there was the countless powercuts in the midst of the movie. The movie ran without sound for atleast 1 or 2 mins. And dunt let me go on, with the experiences i can write a book…

The movie attempts at telling the youth, that theres no use complaining about a badly run country. If you want your country to be run good, then u better get up, stop complaining and do something about it. It’s u who has gotta change the country. Yuva(Ayutha Ezhuthu in Tamil) and Four Students conveyed the same message but Four Students ended up sending the wrong message altogether, and with yuva the message was good, but Manirathnams story telling style didnt get well with the audience. And anyway even if the audience did get the message, How many of them do you think would go out on a crusade to save the country??? RDB did try ot deliver the message but then i am of the personal opinion that it sorta lost out somwhere in the middle trying to convey the message…

But the revolution has already begun, Recently Times of India announced the start of a political party called Paritrana by some IIT Bombay students. The party is under way and they we’re supposed to have a formal news conference to announce in greater detail sometime this 20th but i dunt really have any idea what happend. Check out an interview with them here. Also check out their official site here. Also a political party by IIT Delhiians is on the way. But the party is more like to start in 2010, they want to make their share of money piles before getting into serious politics(Sounds good to me!). They call their party The Bharat Uday Mission, You can check out their official site here.

Neway movie talk apart. I realised i had to miss out on not 3 but 4 major events because of the training (I forgot all bout bitwise). I dint even feel like reading thro the bitwise questions after i came back that day. You guys(/gals) had any better luck???. Though i had fun at the training (we managed some great teamwork and helped each other out), it pained me much to be missing all the events, especially because i won’t be eligible to attend any of the events next year(Sob). Anyway i heard the SSN culturals are up this March on the 2nd,3rd and 4th, But think i’ll have to miss them also because i have my reviews on those dates…

Official RDB Site:

Four Students Review:

Yuva Review:
Official Paritrana Site:
Paritrana News Article:

Paritrana Interview:

Official Bharat Uday Mission Site:

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Who needs a title for a blog post? Just read the blog!

Posted by lapstre on February 8, 2006

Aaargh! My Blog host almost gave me a Heart attack when one day my blog didn’t open up(it’s happened a couple o timed before), and the next day my blog turned up with almost all of my previous archives missing. But then i checked the Owners Blog and found out that he was shifting and was moving the servers… Anyway its now back to normal.
Meanwhile tensions are running high in my life. My last week of training at the company in which i am placed is on the way, and i don’t it expect it to be anyway near easy(Now you know why i dont come online 24×7 these days!). Tension mounts as the final days near. Also the preparation for the final exam is on. Eventhough the final exam is conceptual, everybody is preparing hard for it( And as usual i prefer to laze my days away confident that concepts can get me good marks, Anyway i think i’ve started working for the xam now). I’m training in Oracle Apps. It’s an ERP solutions package (Unlike what most people think of oracle as only a database). You can check some tutorials on the subject (Oracle Apps) at this site(I used it a lot myself!).
Even thought the Microsoft .Net Academic launch got postponed to the 13th of the month(Feb,2006). I won’t be able to make it. Damn this is the third event i guess i’ll be missing out this month(The Annauniv Fest, the Sun Tech Days, now this). Anway Yeshwanth Kanetkar aint coming(and neither is the LApstrE). Heard somebody from the CSI will be there. For those who we’re disappointed that the registrations we’re over, theres good news, Passes to the event to be held on Feb 13th at Kamaraj Memorial Hall are still available, Just contact your college Microsoft Champ.
And hey, I heard the results we’re gonna be out soon. Hmm, That’s another issue to worry about, with annauniv, u never really know how the marks will go. Anyway All the Best for that. Hey anybody know what happend to the Anna univ VS Students debate on one of the news channels???.

Damn gotta go, Spent almost half an hour on what i started off as a 5 minute update. Hmm…

Before i go I found this bit from an article of which i read an extract in Digit(or was it Chip?) .

“Why do people blog? You might as well ask why do fools fall in love, or what’s so funny ’bout peace, love and understanding.”
” People blog because cave paintings are obsolete, but the need to say “I was here” never goes away”
Make sure u read the full article on the blog. Click anywhere on the extract to read the full blog post by the original author


Click HERE to read it…

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Masti di Paatshala…

Posted by lapstre on January 30, 2006

Posted Originally on LApstrEz BLoG –

Rang De Basanti is definitely THE MOST HYPED MOVIE of the hindi movie era (atleast as far as i know!). The songs are the best of Rehman since a long time, and theres Aamir on the screen, what better reason do u need to go watch the movie? The story of course! and i heard the story was a good one so no reason not to go and catch it on the big screen. But as much as i would like to go, i havent gone yet, Partly because i’m too lazy to move out and partly because the tickets were’nt available…

But a couple of friends to my envy went out to catch the movie, Heres what one of them had to say about the movie…
“Aamir (Khan) is back with a bang. Though “MANGAL PANDEY” had a terrific opening, that did not click not just at the box office but also at the people’s heart. But Rang De Basanti is quite different. U get to see a cool dude in Aamir. The cast has brought out the beauty of friendship and patriotism in a out-of-box way (meaning not the regular stereotyped bollywood tale).
Soha (ali khan) is electric on screen, the others we’re beautiful enough in their own way. All performances we’re upto the mark. Music was(is) Rocking! A movie worth watching with friends but its good with family too (Now now, how many of these kinda movies come out these days???). I’m not going to break the fun of the movie before u watch (Boohoo! She refused to tell me the story!!!).”
Damn thats all she said about the movie!, now i am going mad trying to get a ticket for the movie(I called up my friends and ordered em to get the tickets for the movie! Phew, thats hard work!). So for the next one week whomsoever can get me 3 tickets to the movie i’ll declare them to be equal to god and kiss their feet!
PssT1: If u came looking for a full review of the movie, Check this review of the movie on Deccan Herald. Also this review on
PssT2: Check out a Special feature on Rang de Basanti at
PssT3: Check out the Official Rang de Basanti site here.
PssT4: Haven’t watched the movie yet? Join the lazy joe’s club here.
Confession: I seem to remember later that She did offer to tell me the story, but i refused politely as it’d spoil the fun of watchin the movie…
Go watch the movie! and post your comments back here! Have Fun!

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