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Its good to be back

Posted by lapstre on May 5, 2006

After observing a flurry of computer crashes, I made a study of the planetary alignments and after consulting lead vaasthu shaastrists, I came concluded that this april was an inauspicious month for computers and the internet. I personally came across 2 motherboard crashes, 2 RAM burnouts, a couple of SMPS problems and 2 harddisk crashes !!! Even i was a casualty with a harddisk crash, and it hurt real bad, I lost more than 65 GB of precious data 😦 , most of which was very close to the heart…. The irony of the incident was i had removed the hdd to back the data up when it crashed!

The past one month however just rushed by with the project up for the final reviews. The project kept me busy with loads of documentation and the final presentation to be done. I managed to pull it off without my trusted system but ofcourse with a little help from my friends(Thank you !). The project review approached fast and we prepared feverishly anticipating all possible questions, fixing faults and brainstorming to avoid possible drawbacks of the project. The day of the final review dawned in no time and we waited feverishly for our turn. The guys waiting at the airtel super singer trials would have felt less nervous. The judges there do a pretty good job of criticising and dissappointing the participants. We were just hoping it wouldnt be the same here.

Our turn came up in no time. We went inside and started off confidently, only to find the teachers uninterested! Even the external examiner was flipping thro the project report with a very bored look on her face. We didn't mind and continued, only to find some our teachers sitting near the external imitating our actions on stage! We were flabbergasted and tried to continue explaining our concept when they just asked us to skip over most of our presentation and get on with the conclusion. We protested and fought (We hadnt even gotten to the crux of our project by then!), finally they let us present for five more minutes before they kicked us out! So much for 2 months of hard work and preparation!

Neways, managed to get a new hard disk! Now i am back, up and running. Hope to make more posts this month!

Keep Visiting,



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Songs of my Life…

Posted by lapstre on March 30, 2006

Hello There,

I havent found the time to BLoG Lately. Busy with my project lately. Hopefully i'll be up and writing soon enough. Meanwhile i dint fail to notice the constant stream of hits from my regular readers…

So just so as not to disappoint you, Here's the link to lyrics from some of my favourite songs. If you wanna listen to them all u need to do is search internet radios for these songs and just listen. Radio.Blog Club is a popular service that i use try it out!

Radio.Blog Club can be accessed here
Check out some of my fav songs…

Top of the World – The Carpenters

"Such a feelin's comin' over me
There is wonder in most everything I see
Not a cloud in the sky
Got the sun in my eyes
And I won't be surprised if it's a dream"

Full Lyrix at: (Click for Full Lyrix)

Hello – Lionel Ritchie

"Hello, is it me you're looking for?
Cause I wonder where you are
And I wonder what you do
Are you somewhere feeling lonely or is someone loving you?
Tell me how to win your heart
For I haven't got a clue
But let me start by saying … I love you"

Full Lyrix at : (Click for Full Lyrix)

Annie's Song – John Denver

"You fill up my senses
like a night in the forest
like the mountains in springtime,
like a walk in the rain
like a storm in the desert,
like a sleepy blue ocean
you fill up my senses,
come fill me again. "

Full Lyrix at : (Click for Full Lyrix)

My Favourites list goes on and on, But these are some of the timeless classics i would never get tired of listening to…

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Google India Code Jam

Posted by lapstre on March 20, 2006

2 Problems,

One worth 1000 points


Another worth 250 points….

Total time of 1 Hour

Attend the 1000 point problem first, Forget the 250 point problem; Don’t make the same mistake i did!

Both are easy….

All the Very Best !!!

Update: I Lost…

There were many with lesser points, but not in my question set. No Regrets, Looking forward to the nex one…

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Awoken by a song and much more…

Posted by lapstre on March 17, 2006

I was almost on my way to bed when a beautiful song came on and lightened the air…

I sat swaying to the song and i felt no longer like sleeping. I decided not to waste a beautiful night like this and sat down to do something when i noticed some notifications for comments on the BLoG. So what did i do? Replied to the comment and started another blogpost!

The past week as i sat and wondered why i had written the previous post about orkut i realized i had done that thing more out of compulsion than out of will. I had smelt a controversial article on orkut’s money making strategies, So i sat and pondered for a long time but couldn’t figure out any! Then i did what every other person would do, Google it! But then at the end of reading numerous articles and blogs i came to the conclusion that orkut wasn’t built with making money in mind. So guess i did a pretty bad write up, but then i know you’ll forgive me for that.

One blogpost, rather comment that that enforced this thought in my mind was this post by Scobleizer and the comment on that post left by a Mr. Anonymous who made a good argument against Scobleizer’s rants about Google’s products which have no money making plans. I’d recommend you read the person’s comment on the post (the first comment on the post). Where he makes a effective case about how companies should try and put people first rather than money…

Talking about Google, Don’t forget the Google Code Jam coming up on the 21st! Registrations close 20th march, so you better hurry! Also there are issues with the UI, I’ve had problem with the GLX drivers, hopefully i’ll be able to fix that within the competition. Also try the sample problems, just to have some practice with the compiler (Learn from others experiences, Mine! The GNU Compiler plays differently than the Turbo Compiler and you are going to have a hard time on the competition day if you are stuck not knowing what to do!). Wishing you the Best for the Competition…

Also one more exciting event is on the horizon, Barcamp Chennai is around the corner (NO! One does NOT sit there and drink all night!). It’s a place where technology enthusiasts get together and discuss the latest advances in the web and next-gen technologies. Everybody in the barcamp has to present on something on technologies of their interest. Barcamps like this are popular around the world. Kiruba’s Blog has some photos from barcamps around the world. Check out the cool pics of barcamps from around the world here and here

Don’t know if i will be taking part in the barcamp though! I’ve haven’t quite figured out what topic to handle. Speaking of Kiruba’s BLoG check out the pics of the Google interiors on his blog. Coincidentially Orkut is in one of the pictures. Check them out here. Also check out the original flickr photos link here (This one for Rahul who was talking about workculture at Google and policies)…

Hey i forgot to add the link to Orkut Büyükkökten‘s personal home page in the previous post. I did add it a bit later though! If you missed it check it out here.

NJoY the Week Ahead !

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Orkutten !

Posted by lapstre on March 15, 2006

Hello there,
Its been a long long week and its time for another one of my crapy articles to come and bug u by…

I was wondering about what to bug u by this week and have been putting off writin a blog post, but then i have come to a point in life where life is as boring as it can get. Same old boring routinues are driving me crazy. The projects end dates are just around the corner and i have finally started an attempt at making the deadlines. Reminding myself of my commitment to bug you. I connected to my blog host to start writing a post, thinking that the sight of my blog host’s text editor would bring all the inspiration needed to start and finish a new blog post in marathon time. There are actually a lotta thoughts going through my head right now, most of which you wouldn’t understand unless u we’re the person i am… Neways i connected to my blog host to get a server under maintenence message. I was left cursing(Oh why me? I just shifted blogs, Can’t bear another shift). Dunt know if its just a routinue maintenece downtime or if their server’s gone bonkers. well they added the support for new stuff like html editing in the side bars and small widgets and all that stuff, maybe the load was too much. But they still didnt add support for java, nor have they added more formatting features but then for now, i will be happy with this.

Speaking of server overloads and server crashes, the first thing that comes into my mind is the ever frustrating orkut’s “No donut for you” message. Though the mesage was put in some light humor by Orkut Büyükkökten the Man behind Orkut, It is definitely amongst the most annoying messages in the history of the internet (Oh yes! It’s more annoying than annoying can get, Regular orkutters know of the pain, Others u are just darn lucky!). Anyways i was wondering why the orkut servers are so darn slow, And keep up throwing pitiable excuses when orkut is a part of one of the biggest companies on the net (In case you dint know Orkut is now formally a part of google), The reason i found out to be, was the large scale flooding wars and scrapbook wars amongst the people on orkut. Also orkut has been the center of controversy in recent days bcos of the large number of hate groups on the communities. The no of hate groups and the frequent exchanges between each of these communities is a definite cause for concern. I’d noticed atleast 6 to 8 hate groups against India and i went thro some, only to saddenned by the amount of hate people have for each other…

Don’t be discouraged by what i’ve just said, After all people will be people and people will have likes and dislikes. Its as natural as the every other part of human nature. I dont personally understand hate though, though i’ve come to understand dislikes i’ve never been able to comprehend how someone can hate another (Dislike?Hate? whats the difference? you may ask, but when u think about it you realise theres a helluva difference). And so, let not all of this discourage you to join orkut, Because orkuts interface is sumthing more different than anything u might have seen(Atleast anything i have seen) I’ve used Hi5 for more than 1 and a half year and yahoos 360 for more than 6 moths but it was of no use, we were better off communicating via email, Though i did make some new friends, no denying that. But orkut is a whole new experience u just gotta try it to know it.

Also on orkut are the orkut Media sections, The Gallery section in the Media is real cool and you get to check out some brilliant photographs by various people from various walks of life, Most of them are amateur photographers who submitted their photo collections to orkut. Ah and i almost forgot the innumerous communities and the celebrities on orkut. The communities are a happening place where you can meet people with similar interests and discuss things. Communities range from ones abuot programming to ones about day dreaming. As for celebrities, there are many. I can vouch for the google employees on orkut, they’re all originals, believe it or not! Sergey brin and Larry page have a personal orkut profile. Their authenticity is vouched for by the Medals before their names. As for other celebrities on orkut, they might just be the actual ones, but you never know, it might just be another crazy fan! I searched orkut for some popular celebrities and came across multiple results. There we’re atleast 47 Bill Gates on last count, 40 Neo Andersons, 21 Keanu Reeves(quick stats: one keanu reeves had 1084 fans),21 mel gibsons, 169 Maddonas and 1 LApstrE(Must do sumthin abt the last figure)…

Hey why am i telling u all this? (I’ve just gone plain crazy thats all) You probably already are on orkut! What you aren’t on it yet? What the heck are you doing not on the most happening place on earth???

PS: (I forgot to add something)

I actually found most of this info wanting to write an article on Orkuts money making strategy… But the strategy finally i figured there was none. As of now it is a not for profit project created by orkuts employee Orkut Büyükkökten. He’d earlier worked on similar projects for Stanford of which he was also a student of… (Sigh!)

There are many theories doing the rounds on the web about Orkuts money making strategy, The most popular one being that it is a part of a strategy to link actual people and communities to target better ads at people. Sort of a data mine for targetted advertising. If you think about that angle it makes lotta sense and it could be a really huge gold mine, But then deep down i am of the opinion orkut was not about making money, orkut was just a dream of an ordianry man (Ordinary??? You cant call a google employee ordinary!) who just wanted to make a better platform for his friends to get together and have fun…

Check out orkut Orkut Büyükkökten’s personal webpage at

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The Ordeal… – Part Two

Posted by lapstre on March 5, 2006

Click here for Anna University results ( )


Click here ( )…


Read on for my take on results…

The first part discussed my ordeal of getting the results(Have a read at leisure if you didnt happen to be one of those with an unlimited internet connections and got your result from a friend), If you wondered why this guy was getting so worked up about his results or if u are an student under Anna University or simply jobless ,then read on…

If you are wondering what the frenzy about getting the results is? then welcome to the world of Anna University… With Anna University you'll never know!, Some best performances get the worst marks(and vice versa) the results are more than just any other university results, They're moments of relief after inordinate delays and innumerable number of rumours of results, finally so that we can go back to our regular lives.

And for an unfortunate lot they are moments of anguish and pain as they wonder why Anna University cannot do a better job of correcting the papers… The ordeal for them is far from over, having to face parents and friends with an arrear is the worst that could happen to your confidence and spirits, especially when you know you had done well and dont deserve to get flunked (and especially if the subject was one of your favourites in college). Trust me, if u havent experienced that kind of a feeling, then u don't ever want to… It's a different story that Reevaluation will mostly bring a different end result, but the anguish and pain remains. But there are cases where even Reevaluation does not bring relief to some very deserving…

And to prove the fact that exam corrections are seriously flawed somewhere (apart from a numerous live examples that i can show you) is the fact that even in PG exams where a system of double valuation exists, there is a provision for Reevaluation…

All said and done, this years results have been a bit different this year, But the anguish and trauma one has to undergo before receiving it remain the same. Why can't Anna University do a better job and release results instead of roping in third party people and spreading a huge amount of rumours and torturing the students like this…

Meanwhile theres a public notice inviting tenders inviting providers for more bandwidth for Anna University, I am only hoping they also upgrade their servers which keep crashing or going out during the results…

As jobless as i am i went out asking people this question:

What is your opinion about the long drawn process of delivering results in the Anna University??? The Initial Rumours, the impatient waits, All that excitement of getting the results and the adventure of actually viewing the results…

Heres what some of them had to say:

"If it was the same situation in madras univ we peoplw would been casually sitting in Abba (A popular non- veg restaurant) eating and askin our dadz to check the results 4 us (even if we hadn't anyting else to do)

Since we are in Anna University …. we have to wait in distress and check it ourselves to avoid any casualities "
– Sivaraman (Note how Casual Morphs into Casuality…)

Very good
Nalla process (Translation: good process)
Ithu continue aghanum (Translation: this should continue)

– Asvanth (I don't know if the comments we're made sarcastically, but if u wanna trash him, send me an email, i'll give you his address and lend you a helping hand… :p)

"Its like giving birth to child,
Results come many months after the exam…
LApstrE: 'But child birth is 9 months???'
We wait just as expectantly…

– Mukesh (Hmm, sob i didnt realise such a deeper emotion, experiencing fatherhood and motherhood at the same time…)

"It's always a great experience…
LApstrE: 'But what about the long wait???'
hey i dont find any prob in tat
it ill take time da

– Nitin (Nothing to say!!!)

"It shows how punctual they are…
I never had a good opinion abt them
They only want publicity

– Sandhya (Refferring probably to Square Brothers)

And so what's Your Take on the issue???

Leave a Comment…

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