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The Ordeal…

Posted by lapstre on March 5, 2006

Click here for Anna University results ( )


Click here ( )…


Read on for my take on results…
It was 6:15pm and i was enjoying my daily dose of internet boredom when a friend called up with the confirmed news that results we're likely to be out that very day(March 3rd, 2006). That was when i first accessed Anna university and Square Brothers web sites to check out the availability of results…

The Anna university site did not show any signs of publishing the results, But square brothers(SQB) sitewas all set to display the results with the message "Results vil be out by 7pm" (Approximation), I was wondering if it was another of SQB's pranks, A couple of weeks ago SQB had posted a message on that very page with claims of the results coming soon, That sent the students into a frenzy of messages and calls.

It was now 7:00pm i was staring at the still unchanged page and wondering if these ppl ever knew of punctuality and what the word 'By' meant (Yeah! Yeah! Don't tell me!). I was frustrated, I took a look at the hit counter of Anna university results page, It had jumped from 40,000 hits(Approx) at 6:40pm(Approx) to 48,000 at 6:50pm to 56,000 by 7:00pm. I wasnt suprised a bit. The clock ticked on by 7:45 i was tired of waiting…But i did take a look at the counters, The counters had jumped to 68,000 and increasing by the thousands every minute… Now i noticed one thing there we're as many as 500 hits from the Us and Hong Kong, I was left wondering…

By 8:40pm i was thoroughly frustrated and quit expecting any kind of result that day, but SQB put up a new message on their servers… Results will be out by 9:20pm. I began looking forward to it with renewed enthusiasm.

9:20pm came and went, still no sign of results, but the counter had jumped 1 lakh hits… I was really amusing to note the counters rotating so fast, I was wondering how many hits the google ads program had gotten… I was thinkin if he had provided more relevant links to the commoner, he'd have made more money on that…

By now i had decided that the results were not gonna come and SQB was just playing on everybodys emotions just to increase the hit rate.(What the heck was he doing taking so long anyway!) Finally the results popped up at around 9:50pm, with SQB's proud proclaimation of being the first private website to host the results… Only they didn't host it properly. Then friends started calling in with reports of others having gotten the results. I was wondering how? Then i found out that those who had gone straight to SQB had gotten their results…

And the wait went on till 11:45 until i could finally get my hands on the results as did most others… I could have gone straight to SQB but then it started raining by then. Finally i could call up friends and give them their results and averages, the day ended with phone calls upto 1:30am…

By the end of the day thecounter had jumped to 1,96,000Hits and running. They removed the counter from the page…

Take a look at the counter statistics Here

If you are wondering what the frenzied lookout of the results was about Welcome to the world of Anna university… Wait for the second part of the series, to be up in a couple o hours…

Meanwhile feel free to leave your comments and start a discussion if u wish…


4 Responses to “The Ordeal…”

  1. shiva said

    deiii… enna da… interviewing part yey kaanom… ‘n hey is there any sync prob btw this page and d main one

  2. Aniruddha said

    nice one! u had left a comment on my i know you??

  3. lapstre said

    A friend referred ur blog sayin that u had written abt a similar experienze…
    u can find him at
    Also Chk out The Ordeal – Part 2

  4. if u want to see ur results quickly on the results day where traffic in annna univ site would make u not to open the here is wat u can do to see results qiuck

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