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The Ordeal… – Part Two

Posted by lapstre on March 5, 2006

Click here for Anna University results ( )


Click here ( )…


Read on for my take on results…

The first part discussed my ordeal of getting the results(Have a read at leisure if you didnt happen to be one of those with an unlimited internet connections and got your result from a friend), If you wondered why this guy was getting so worked up about his results or if u are an student under Anna University or simply jobless ,then read on…

If you are wondering what the frenzy about getting the results is? then welcome to the world of Anna University… With Anna University you'll never know!, Some best performances get the worst marks(and vice versa) the results are more than just any other university results, They're moments of relief after inordinate delays and innumerable number of rumours of results, finally so that we can go back to our regular lives.

And for an unfortunate lot they are moments of anguish and pain as they wonder why Anna University cannot do a better job of correcting the papers… The ordeal for them is far from over, having to face parents and friends with an arrear is the worst that could happen to your confidence and spirits, especially when you know you had done well and dont deserve to get flunked (and especially if the subject was one of your favourites in college). Trust me, if u havent experienced that kind of a feeling, then u don't ever want to… It's a different story that Reevaluation will mostly bring a different end result, but the anguish and pain remains. But there are cases where even Reevaluation does not bring relief to some very deserving…

And to prove the fact that exam corrections are seriously flawed somewhere (apart from a numerous live examples that i can show you) is the fact that even in PG exams where a system of double valuation exists, there is a provision for Reevaluation…

All said and done, this years results have been a bit different this year, But the anguish and trauma one has to undergo before receiving it remain the same. Why can't Anna University do a better job and release results instead of roping in third party people and spreading a huge amount of rumours and torturing the students like this…

Meanwhile theres a public notice inviting tenders inviting providers for more bandwidth for Anna University, I am only hoping they also upgrade their servers which keep crashing or going out during the results…

As jobless as i am i went out asking people this question:

What is your opinion about the long drawn process of delivering results in the Anna University??? The Initial Rumours, the impatient waits, All that excitement of getting the results and the adventure of actually viewing the results…

Heres what some of them had to say:

"If it was the same situation in madras univ we peoplw would been casually sitting in Abba (A popular non- veg restaurant) eating and askin our dadz to check the results 4 us (even if we hadn't anyting else to do)

Since we are in Anna University …. we have to wait in distress and check it ourselves to avoid any casualities "
– Sivaraman (Note how Casual Morphs into Casuality…)

Very good
Nalla process (Translation: good process)
Ithu continue aghanum (Translation: this should continue)

– Asvanth (I don't know if the comments we're made sarcastically, but if u wanna trash him, send me an email, i'll give you his address and lend you a helping hand… :p)

"Its like giving birth to child,
Results come many months after the exam…
LApstrE: 'But child birth is 9 months???'
We wait just as expectantly…

– Mukesh (Hmm, sob i didnt realise such a deeper emotion, experiencing fatherhood and motherhood at the same time…)

"It's always a great experience…
LApstrE: 'But what about the long wait???'
hey i dont find any prob in tat
it ill take time da

– Nitin (Nothing to say!!!)

"It shows how punctual they are…
I never had a good opinion abt them
They only want publicity

– Sandhya (Refferring probably to Square Brothers)

And so what's Your Take on the issue???

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16 Responses to “The Ordeal… – Part Two”

  1. Rekha said

    Checking Results out has been a big pain alwaz.. there has never been a systematic approach !! Worst of all.. one has to go thru all this agony jus to see.. he/she has not got the marks they deserve !! (refering to the arrears !!) If there is a word called “worsest” then thats how it is to check results at AU site !! Hope the univ brings a change in its approach sometime soon !!

  2. > Some best performances get the worst marks(and vice versa)

    This happened with me..dint expect 83%

  3. lapstre said

    @ Rekha,
    I totally Agree…

    @ Aswin

  4. Hi! I have tagged you and you need to respond to it with a blog post. Check this link.

  5. devanand said

    folks, r u studying in au? am an ex CEGguy and i share your views on

  6. devanand said

    heres my post on

  7. Bhuvanesh said

    Dude, u r sooo right! it has been an ordeal for us and continues to be so.. Hope they change it asap atleast for the sake of our optimistic juniors who seem hellbent upon taking up engg at AU…

  8. devanand said

    folks checkout
    some genius in the rcc (is it still called rcc – ramanujam computing center?) had left the default apache page open at that direct url

  9. CS Shyam Sundar said

    Hmmm., As such., Anna Univ fucked up my life my giving me arrears.., however hard I try; I get arrears; bcoz of ONE damn subject called PQT., I’m rejected in many interviews despite an impressive resume I have..,

    PS: lapstre: Plz delete this comment after u read it: COz., I dont want any trouble !!!

    Visit me at: — I think we are like minded !@@##%$

  10. pradeep said

    i got placed in a company and they asked me to join today. But since arrear results are not published they won’t let me join. The 8th sem results were published but the 7th sem arrear results will be published along with juniors. Arrear results should have been published with 8th sem. Then i would have join. Now i’m waiting for the arrear result. Only if i get it i can join the company.Atleast they could have delayed 8th sem results until arrear papers were corrected. I don’t have words to express my distress. i leave it to your imagination. It screwed up my life and a lot others. It suxx big time.

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