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The Youth Revolution

Posted by lapstre on February 22, 2006

Finally after the training got over, I rushed with my friends to the nearest theatre to get a glimpse of the much hyped (hyped?) Rang De Basanthi. Mindblowing performances by the cast and crew, And a suprisingly original storyline(in these days of remakes). Lots of compelling reasons why you should go and have a look at the film…

But the whole experience of the film was spoilt by the theatre i watched it in… I got to watch it in a certain theatre called E** in the city, And what a terrible experienze it made. The sound was bullshit(I started praising the speakers i had at home after that! -Oh yes, the very same ones i keep complaining about). The picture(the picture on screen) was ok, but then the picture was spoilt by the ^*&^*&*&(i dunno who) who kept leaving the door open so the light could fill in the darkness and spoil the effect of the movie. Then there was the countless powercuts in the midst of the movie. The movie ran without sound for atleast 1 or 2 mins. And dunt let me go on, with the experiences i can write a book…

The movie attempts at telling the youth, that theres no use complaining about a badly run country. If you want your country to be run good, then u better get up, stop complaining and do something about it. It’s u who has gotta change the country. Yuva(Ayutha Ezhuthu in Tamil) and Four Students conveyed the same message but Four Students ended up sending the wrong message altogether, and with yuva the message was good, but Manirathnams story telling style didnt get well with the audience. And anyway even if the audience did get the message, How many of them do you think would go out on a crusade to save the country??? RDB did try ot deliver the message but then i am of the personal opinion that it sorta lost out somwhere in the middle trying to convey the message…

But the revolution has already begun, Recently Times of India announced the start of a political party called Paritrana by some IIT Bombay students. The party is under way and they we’re supposed to have a formal news conference to announce in greater detail sometime this 20th but i dunt really have any idea what happend. Check out an interview with them here. Also check out their official site here. Also a political party by IIT Delhiians is on the way. But the party is more like to start in 2010, they want to make their share of money piles before getting into serious politics(Sounds good to me!). They call their party The Bharat Uday Mission, You can check out their official site here.

Neway movie talk apart. I realised i had to miss out on not 3 but 4 major events because of the training (I forgot all bout bitwise). I dint even feel like reading thro the bitwise questions after i came back that day. You guys(/gals) had any better luck???. Though i had fun at the training (we managed some great teamwork and helped each other out), it pained me much to be missing all the events, especially because i won’t be eligible to attend any of the events next year(Sob). Anyway i heard the SSN culturals are up this March on the 2nd,3rd and 4th, But think i’ll have to miss them also because i have my reviews on those dates…

Official RDB Site:

Four Students Review:

Yuva Review:
Official Paritrana Site:
Paritrana News Article:

Paritrana Interview:

Official Bharat Uday Mission Site:


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