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Posted by lapstre on January 30, 2006

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Rang De Basanti is definitely THE MOST HYPED MOVIE of the hindi movie era (atleast as far as i know!). The songs are the best of Rehman since a long time, and theres Aamir on the screen, what better reason do u need to go watch the movie? The story of course! and i heard the story was a good one so no reason not to go and catch it on the big screen. But as much as i would like to go, i havent gone yet, Partly because i’m too lazy to move out and partly because the tickets were’nt available…

But a couple of friends to my envy went out to catch the movie, Heres what one of them had to say about the movie…
“Aamir (Khan) is back with a bang. Though “MANGAL PANDEY” had a terrific opening, that did not click not just at the box office but also at the people’s heart. But Rang De Basanti is quite different. U get to see a cool dude in Aamir. The cast has brought out the beauty of friendship and patriotism in a out-of-box way (meaning not the regular stereotyped bollywood tale).
Soha (ali khan) is electric on screen, the others we’re beautiful enough in their own way. All performances we’re upto the mark. Music was(is) Rocking! A movie worth watching with friends but its good with family too (Now now, how many of these kinda movies come out these days???). I’m not going to break the fun of the movie before u watch (Boohoo! She refused to tell me the story!!!).”
Damn thats all she said about the movie!, now i am going mad trying to get a ticket for the movie(I called up my friends and ordered em to get the tickets for the movie! Phew, thats hard work!). So for the next one week whomsoever can get me 3 tickets to the movie i’ll declare them to be equal to god and kiss their feet!
PssT1: If u came looking for a full review of the movie, Check this review of the movie on Deccan Herald. Also this review on
PssT2: Check out a Special feature on Rang de Basanti at
PssT3: Check out the Official Rang de Basanti site here.
PssT4: Haven’t watched the movie yet? Join the lazy joe’s club here.
Confession: I seem to remember later that She did offer to tell me the story, but i refused politely as it’d spoil the fun of watchin the movie…
Go watch the movie! and post your comments back here! Have Fun!

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