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Posted by lapstre on December 31, 2005

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I just got this mail in my Inbox, It claimed to be from yahoo,

Dear customer, There has been a critical error in Yahoo servercontaining account details.We have lost the securitybackup copy of your account details including yourpassword security lock.You will still be able to logininto your account,access your inbox and send mail.Butdue a recovery procedure,users registered,.au(Australia),ru(Russia) servers canlogin to your account with a FALSE or NO password. so we kindlyrequest you to do the following:

First Name:Middle Name:Last Name:Password:Re-enter Password:alt-mail ID:

Please mail these details to :- You will recieve a email of confirmation after 3 daysafter verification.This is for all the users from india.

All I wanted to say is DON’T FALL FOR IT!, yahoo never uses any of these kind of mechanisms to get information from customers…
It’s not that i think you people are that gullible, but the fact is as far as the internet is concerned, most people are that gullible! I can quote numerous instances, the no of forwards i’ve received, most of em with absolutely absurd claims! The pleas to help a leukaemia child, BillyG (that’s Bill gates for those who didnt know) sharing his wealth, the claims that yahoo is going to close the accounts of people who dont forward a mail, i can go on and on (but i gotta study for my exams, so i shall keep it short) …Only a couple o days ago did i come across this blogpost via technorati, on the same subject of mail forwards, it’s actually pretty comprehensive and its also humorous. Check it out HERE.

The next time you forward a mail, or reply with your personal details, just stop for a moment and Think!



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