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Merry Christmas, Wait theres more news!

Posted by lapstre on December 24, 2005

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 Narayana Murthy (for those who dint know, he is Infosys’s CEO) has been ranked the worlds 8th best CEO(confidential sources tell me i came a close 16th). Now That’s a fitting honour for an Indian who put the country on the global IT map. The man has worked hard for it, and i’m sure nobody deserves it better(esp considering how lazy i am, i certainly don’t deserve it!).
 Is your PC too slow, Think it’s time to upgrade? Think again, Have you ever wondered how fast your pc was when it was new? If u thought it was just old age that ur pc is workin slow, you can’t be more wrong. As time passes by we tend to fil our computer with a lot of programs we think might be useful to us, then promptly forget about it. All these small programs you install tend to startup with your computer, running background taks and updates. YOu can boost your pc speed 100%(No kidding, Well unless ofcourse you have a well maintained system) just by gettin rid of these programs. Wanna know how? Pc world presents this guide on how to get ur Pc up and running faster than ever. If you ask me what i do to keep my PC up and running, I simply follow the boring old routinue of Msconfig, spybot and Registry Cleaner…Read the PC world Gunk Busters article here.
  Check out Time magazine’s best inventions of 2005, No comment about it. Take a look, be ready to be amazed! Check out the inventions here. Did ya know, the BBC had an edition in Tamil, even i didn’t till i came across it. Take a look at it here.
 And Anna university has finally done it, Ruined my New year! Drat i have to miss all my year end reviews(love those recap shows)… Anybody wanna start a signature campaign to boycott Anna University or to cancel the exams, I’m up for it, count me in!
 Those of you who don’t have xams are one lucky bunch of people… and those of you who do, WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT? Go READ!
 and hey,

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