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Yahoos new winner!

Posted by lapstre on December 17, 2005

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Has yahoo come out with a new Winner? Yahoo’s My Web 2.0 seamlessly integrates search with community networking. It leverages the power of yahoo 360 and comibines it with search to come up with My Web 2.0(Beta).Yahoo users will recall that yahoo My web 1.0 helped you to save search results and bookmarks, combine this with Yahoo 360 and you have a winning combination. This technology combines yahoo individual search results and other peoples searches and bookmarks to come up with better search results. This technology though is an expected step after yahoo bought recently. Wonder if this will change trend in the google dominated search industry.

The Chennai Ready Launch tour rocked! We had a good view into the revolutionary(Yes, Revolutionary! Any phrase less would be an insult) Visual Studio 2005, lots of new features we didnt have any idea of during the Microsoft Tech Talk held a couple o weeks(or was it months) ago. They have integrated all possible features, making it a one stop shop for all your programming needs, All this integration is bound to increase the productivity by almost 3x the speakers claimed(claimed! Cant you see how obvious that is, It’s actually an understatement).

Some of the speakers though, looked harassed(They had been delivering non-stop seminars across the country since 9th bangalore launch). More commentary yet to come, Got to get back to studyin for my exams. I don’t do a good job of writing technical articles or reviews, So i’ve left that job for aswin who plans it as his next post for his technical blog. Will pass the link on as soon as he makes a good job of it.

Meanwhile in chennai, rains are driving the chennailites(and most of Tamilnadu) crazy. Annauniv students are hoping there won’t be another postponement of exams. Already the exams are lasting well into christmas and almost into the new year. Hope the rains don’t spoil the fun. Meanwhile all i can do is rant about the rains(and the exams).

Enjoy the rains(and the exams)…


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