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The Bangalore MegaFest!

Posted by lapstre on December 13, 2005

Posted Originally on LApstrEz BLoG –

 I feel sad, tearful and down(One of the reasons i came up with such a dumb title for the blog post…)(Funny -initially I didnt wanna go ). The reason, I missed my trip to Bangalore(Bengaluru -whatever) to see BillyG(Thats Bill Gates NOT Billy Joel or Billie Jean). Agreed i didn’t exactly miss it(um…er.. I decided not to go). My friends who decided to risk going there without a business card we’re rewarded with a close up view of BillyG, They got seats within 100mts of him(I told ya -They won’t let ya anywhere near 75mts of BillyG), and that too because they we’re student champs (thats one more reason I didn’t go -I’m no student champ). They had a good time at bangalore, though they complained that the amount of security was very high and unneccessary. I’ve included links to some of their experiences…


 The inauguration @ Le Meridien, Chennai is on the 15th and i’m looking forward to it(looking forward eh? – I’m still not sure what made this <A xhref=”; target=_blank>complete reversal of stance</A>). I decided to give my free Visual Studio 2005 training at NIIT a miss to compensate on my studies(Sleep rather -Don’t lie LApstrE). The launch in Chennai(Madras) is on the 15th and I’m sure I can catch up then (so typically over-confident er.. and lazy).


 Think the Chennai launch will be the subject of my next BLoG, Till then here are some experiences of the  people who attended the Bangalore event. Click on the blog titles to read them…

<A xhref=”!1pZEPv4k2_dVa2cNDIo0xnOw!545.entry&#8221; target=_blank>Johncz BLoG</A>

 This is a frist hand account of the bangalore launch as seen from the eyes of somebody who came down to India to meet BillyG but went back disappointed, both with the event and Bengaluru(he hated the “TOTOs” especially)

<A xhref=”; target=_blank>AswinAnands BLoG</A>

 A friend of mine who had me convinced to go to bangalore with him. His first hand account on the city and the event. He made it a point to complain about stinky toilets!

<A xhref=”; target=_blank>Sabarish’s BLoG</A>

 Sabarishs view on the ready launch tour.He’s the only one i have come across till now who appreciated parikramas performance that night. I personally thought the developer song sucked. Found this Blog and the Johncz Blog on the google blog search…

Boskys BLoG

 Bosky Sez he will be out with his own blog post on the event soon, but no post yet as on the date of posting this post. do consider taking a look, Bosky might have gotten over his laziness… (No guarantees on that though!)


 And hey, I found a gem of a PDF containing links to the most famous of Freeware of all kinds… Software ranging from 3d software to anythin you’d ever want, a nice compilation by somebody named RamKumar. A must have compilation of links to all the free software…Thanx to Sandy for passing on the PDF file. You can <A xhref=”; target=_blank>download the PDF of Freeware links here</A>.


 Hey , If u have a blog on you experiences at the ready launch tour then leave a link. If you want to pass the link of the Freeware pdf file then please pass on the link of this article. Please care to leave a comment…



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