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It’s BillyG all the Way!

Posted by lapstre on December 9, 2005

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I’m going through one of the hardest moments of my life… BillyG (thats Bill Gates for those who havnt read my prev posts) is here and I don’t even get to see him live. My friends are off to see him at Bangalore, and I’m stuck here in Chennai. Well I could have gone out to meet him, when he came to Chennai to see some political leaders(Hmm… Wonder what the purpose was ?), but then they woudn’t have letme anywhere near him, and there is the problem of my fanclub mobbing me 😉 (Profound vanity ). Strange though he met the ruling party leader last time, this time he meets the opposition leader. Wonder if BillyG is cooking up something big here?

BillyG has promised to invest $1.7billion in India(WOW ) over the next four years. No doubt most of it goes towards the R&D labs and setting up offices and retail centes in India, But whats suprising is that he has also promised to invest in rural computer infrastructure and supplying schools with computer equipment and projectors. The sum also goes into the hiring training and salaries of 3000 new microsoft employees in India which they plan to hire in the next few years(I see 12 lakh salaries and people queueing up in huge numbers for interviews), this is definitely bound to push up the salaries of Indian companies(You don’t wan’t to lose your best to the competition do you?) and i don’t see any big lawsuits up for employee theft (as Indian companies hate litigation and even if you do, BillyG would probably hire the best in the sub continent to fry your ass).

BillyG with Narayana Murthy a long time back, picture courtesy BBC, hosting courtesy imageshack

BillyG also attended an interview along with Infosys Chief Mentor Narayanamurthy (‘Nari’murthy -for those who missed the joke ‘Nari’ means women and narayna murthy got arrested once by bulgarian authorities for talking to a girl in french! LoL) It was telecasted as a two part series on NDTV(But I missed half of both the interviews, Thanx to a TV Show on one of the regional channels). I did get a good part of both the interviews, Prannoy roy made a good job of questioning and both the guests answered impressively. Seems BillyG thinks the education system rocks in the US, but is not so happy with the way other things are going. He even handled questions about his biggest rival google with ease(He actually said Google was his biggest rival, though not exactly in the same words).

Hmm lets see where this goes, Its a shame BillyG only spent $47million on charity last year(Well its a cryin shame considering how much he earns).would you give out that much?,you might ask of me…but i do my bit by giving beggars(Yes unfortunately beggars still exist in India and for some it’s a very lucrative business, believe me!) if i feel they deserve it. Narayana Murthy I think took a dig @ the figures by sayin “the power of money is to give it away” (First thats a really good quote! He actually wanted to start an orphanage but then his father-in-law thought otherwise, it actually turned out to be for the good, his wife does the charity work now).

Do Check out!
A summary of the NDTV interview on Hindu businessline HERE
Special Thanx to Sandy for that link

Expect a post on the experienzes of friends at the Ready Launch Tour (Thats the Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2005 launch in India – for those who don’t read my BLoG regularly, Thats one more reason on the 1001 reasons to read my BLoG regularly) in this BLoG very soon. If you find any transcripts of the interview, please post the link. We would sure like to hear your views on BillyG’s tour of India, So do post your views and reviews in the comments.

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