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Radio Recording – Revolutionised

Posted by lapstre on December 6, 2005

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A new internet radio recording technology is now available which can analyse your music listening preferences and records internet radio accordingly so you can listen to your kind of music at will. This is no new technology, already a technology exists called Pandora that does the same work but its restricted to listening to the radio, but whats new with this technology is that, u can also have it listen and record your music for you. They both work by analysing the frequency of troughs and peaks in the music, then looking for the frequencies in internet radio. This new technologies are bound to cause nightmares for the music industry, who are already incurring huge losses due to internet music downloads and podcasting. Whats bound to rub more salt into their wounds is the fact that, if the software comes across the same song twice on the internet, then it compares to check for better audio quality and records the better one!
Er well if you are wondering if the links for the personalised internet radio recording project are at the end of the article, then i’m sorry! I’ve decided to do the music industry a big favour and NOT publish em(jus kiddin). I actually wrote an article based on that for slashdot, but the story got rejected. And so i deleted the story along with the link(and forgot it too, so typical of a geek!)…I do feel pathetic giving excuses but then…If anyone of you come across that paticular story(I read it in a tech magazine with a column by a guy who reads through patents looking for patent gems), Please post the link in the comment. And you shall be rewarded with a Heartfelt Thankyou.
As I told you before all my friends are going to Bangalore to see BillyG (Bill Gates’s Name changed from ‘BigB’ as was used in the previous posts to avoid confusion, and to satisfy the masses accusing me of insulting Amitabh Bachan). They had me convinced and ready to go, when suddenly i got a mail from Bangalore dotnet users group claiming that students we’re not allowed. When i enquired further I found that only business men with photo ids and business cards we’re allowed inside. Couple of my friends suggested deceit, but i decided otherwise and cancelled the trip.

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Well the Ready Launch Tour is gonna miss some great intellect(Who else but me?), But think i’ll catch up with it at Chennai. Hope you registered for it, Because the registrations are long over. And if you wanna catch up with the Developer song, I have the links for it below. The song is sorta ok, but u might wanna have a look at the song.Back to Chennai, the floods are playing havoc with our lives. Most of the city is under knee deep water with some places with water levels ranging from 4-7 feet. This is partly because of the incessant rains and also due to the reservoirs which have filled up and are unable to hold more water for the fear that they’d break down. Schools and Colleges remained closed for a couple of days. Major exams have been postponed in the state. Cricket crazy fans also were disappointed because rain rained out the first 3 and a half days of the testmatch between India and Srilanka. This is the fourth time that rain played spoilsport to abandon a fourth major cricketing event in succesion. Thankfully for the Chennai cricket fans, the play was continued from the fourth day onwards. This has proved only one thing, No matter floods come or does rain, You cant take the cricket out of an Indian.
I tried to post some photos of the carnage this time around, But couldn’t get around to doing so. There are some pretty good photos on Kirubas site. You can try any of the major regional news channels if you want a look at the videos where undoubtedly they will play for the next few days.

The Developer Song Lyrix:
(If you are that geeky enough)
Kirubas BLoG:
(The Flood Photos)

Special Thanx to Deena for the Developer song links

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