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Posted by lapstre on December 31, 2005

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I just got this mail in my Inbox, It claimed to be from yahoo,

Dear customer, There has been a critical error in Yahoo servercontaining account details.We have lost the securitybackup copy of your account details including yourpassword security lock.You will still be able to logininto your account,access your inbox and send mail.Butdue a recovery procedure,users registered,.au(Australia),ru(Russia) servers canlogin to your account with a FALSE or NO password. so we kindlyrequest you to do the following:

First Name:Middle Name:Last Name:Password:Re-enter Password:alt-mail ID:

Please mail these details to :- You will recieve a email of confirmation after 3 daysafter verification.This is for all the users from india.

All I wanted to say is DON’T FALL FOR IT!, yahoo never uses any of these kind of mechanisms to get information from customers…
It’s not that i think you people are that gullible, but the fact is as far as the internet is concerned, most people are that gullible! I can quote numerous instances, the no of forwards i’ve received, most of em with absolutely absurd claims! The pleas to help a leukaemia child, BillyG (that’s Bill gates for those who didnt know) sharing his wealth, the claims that yahoo is going to close the accounts of people who dont forward a mail, i can go on and on (but i gotta study for my exams, so i shall keep it short) …Only a couple o days ago did i come across this blogpost via technorati, on the same subject of mail forwards, it’s actually pretty comprehensive and its also humorous. Check it out HERE.

The next time you forward a mail, or reply with your personal details, just stop for a moment and Think!


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Happy New Year!

Posted by lapstre on December 30, 2005

Happy New Year!

I tried to sit down and write a poem for all you friends on this new year, but i still got my xams going on (for those heavin a a sigh o relief, i’ll get around to writin my poetry pretty soon, don’t think u can escape that easily) so will post later. Have a look at the greeting by clicking the picture or just click HERE


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Merry Christmas, Wait theres more news!

Posted by lapstre on December 24, 2005

Posted Originally on LApstrEz BLoG –

 Narayana Murthy (for those who dint know, he is Infosys’s CEO) has been ranked the worlds 8th best CEO(confidential sources tell me i came a close 16th). Now That’s a fitting honour for an Indian who put the country on the global IT map. The man has worked hard for it, and i’m sure nobody deserves it better(esp considering how lazy i am, i certainly don’t deserve it!).
 Is your PC too slow, Think it’s time to upgrade? Think again, Have you ever wondered how fast your pc was when it was new? If u thought it was just old age that ur pc is workin slow, you can’t be more wrong. As time passes by we tend to fil our computer with a lot of programs we think might be useful to us, then promptly forget about it. All these small programs you install tend to startup with your computer, running background taks and updates. YOu can boost your pc speed 100%(No kidding, Well unless ofcourse you have a well maintained system) just by gettin rid of these programs. Wanna know how? Pc world presents this guide on how to get ur Pc up and running faster than ever. If you ask me what i do to keep my PC up and running, I simply follow the boring old routinue of Msconfig, spybot and Registry Cleaner…Read the PC world Gunk Busters article here.
  Check out Time magazine’s best inventions of 2005, No comment about it. Take a look, be ready to be amazed! Check out the inventions here. Did ya know, the BBC had an edition in Tamil, even i didn’t till i came across it. Take a look at it here.
 And Anna university has finally done it, Ruined my New year! Drat i have to miss all my year end reviews(love those recap shows)… Anybody wanna start a signature campaign to boycott Anna University or to cancel the exams, I’m up for it, count me in!
 Those of you who don’t have xams are one lucky bunch of people… and those of you who do, WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT? Go READ!
 and hey,

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Yahoos new winner!

Posted by lapstre on December 17, 2005

Posted Originally on LApstrEz BLoG –

Has yahoo come out with a new Winner? Yahoo’s My Web 2.0 seamlessly integrates search with community networking. It leverages the power of yahoo 360 and comibines it with search to come up with My Web 2.0(Beta).Yahoo users will recall that yahoo My web 1.0 helped you to save search results and bookmarks, combine this with Yahoo 360 and you have a winning combination. This technology combines yahoo individual search results and other peoples searches and bookmarks to come up with better search results. This technology though is an expected step after yahoo bought recently. Wonder if this will change trend in the google dominated search industry.

The Chennai Ready Launch tour rocked! We had a good view into the revolutionary(Yes, Revolutionary! Any phrase less would be an insult) Visual Studio 2005, lots of new features we didnt have any idea of during the Microsoft Tech Talk held a couple o weeks(or was it months) ago. They have integrated all possible features, making it a one stop shop for all your programming needs, All this integration is bound to increase the productivity by almost 3x the speakers claimed(claimed! Cant you see how obvious that is, It’s actually an understatement).

Some of the speakers though, looked harassed(They had been delivering non-stop seminars across the country since 9th bangalore launch). More commentary yet to come, Got to get back to studyin for my exams. I don’t do a good job of writing technical articles or reviews, So i’ve left that job for aswin who plans it as his next post for his technical blog. Will pass the link on as soon as he makes a good job of it.

Meanwhile in chennai, rains are driving the chennailites(and most of Tamilnadu) crazy. Annauniv students are hoping there won’t be another postponement of exams. Already the exams are lasting well into christmas and almost into the new year. Hope the rains don’t spoil the fun. Meanwhile all i can do is rant about the rains(and the exams).

Enjoy the rains(and the exams)…

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The Bangalore MegaFest!

Posted by lapstre on December 13, 2005

Posted Originally on LApstrEz BLoG –

 I feel sad, tearful and down(One of the reasons i came up with such a dumb title for the blog post…)(Funny -initially I didnt wanna go ). The reason, I missed my trip to Bangalore(Bengaluru -whatever) to see BillyG(Thats Bill Gates NOT Billy Joel or Billie Jean). Agreed i didn’t exactly miss it(um…er.. I decided not to go). My friends who decided to risk going there without a business card we’re rewarded with a close up view of BillyG, They got seats within 100mts of him(I told ya -They won’t let ya anywhere near 75mts of BillyG), and that too because they we’re student champs (thats one more reason I didn’t go -I’m no student champ). They had a good time at bangalore, though they complained that the amount of security was very high and unneccessary. I’ve included links to some of their experiences…


 The inauguration @ Le Meridien, Chennai is on the 15th and i’m looking forward to it(looking forward eh? – I’m still not sure what made this <A xhref=”; target=_blank>complete reversal of stance</A>). I decided to give my free Visual Studio 2005 training at NIIT a miss to compensate on my studies(Sleep rather -Don’t lie LApstrE). The launch in Chennai(Madras) is on the 15th and I’m sure I can catch up then (so typically over-confident er.. and lazy).


 Think the Chennai launch will be the subject of my next BLoG, Till then here are some experiences of the  people who attended the Bangalore event. Click on the blog titles to read them…

<A xhref=”!1pZEPv4k2_dVa2cNDIo0xnOw!545.entry&#8221; target=_blank>Johncz BLoG</A>

 This is a frist hand account of the bangalore launch as seen from the eyes of somebody who came down to India to meet BillyG but went back disappointed, both with the event and Bengaluru(he hated the “TOTOs” especially)

<A xhref=”; target=_blank>AswinAnands BLoG</A>

 A friend of mine who had me convinced to go to bangalore with him. His first hand account on the city and the event. He made it a point to complain about stinky toilets!

<A xhref=”; target=_blank>Sabarish’s BLoG</A>

 Sabarishs view on the ready launch tour.He’s the only one i have come across till now who appreciated parikramas performance that night. I personally thought the developer song sucked. Found this Blog and the Johncz Blog on the google blog search…

Boskys BLoG

 Bosky Sez he will be out with his own blog post on the event soon, but no post yet as on the date of posting this post. do consider taking a look, Bosky might have gotten over his laziness… (No guarantees on that though!)


 And hey, I found a gem of a PDF containing links to the most famous of Freeware of all kinds… Software ranging from 3d software to anythin you’d ever want, a nice compilation by somebody named RamKumar. A must have compilation of links to all the free software…Thanx to Sandy for passing on the PDF file. You can <A xhref=”; target=_blank>download the PDF of Freeware links here</A>.


 Hey , If u have a blog on you experiences at the ready launch tour then leave a link. If you want to pass the link of the Freeware pdf file then please pass on the link of this article. Please care to leave a comment…


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It’s BillyG all the Way!

Posted by lapstre on December 9, 2005

Posted Originally on LApstrEz BLoG –

I’m going through one of the hardest moments of my life… BillyG (thats Bill Gates for those who havnt read my prev posts) is here and I don’t even get to see him live. My friends are off to see him at Bangalore, and I’m stuck here in Chennai. Well I could have gone out to meet him, when he came to Chennai to see some political leaders(Hmm… Wonder what the purpose was ?), but then they woudn’t have letme anywhere near him, and there is the problem of my fanclub mobbing me 😉 (Profound vanity ). Strange though he met the ruling party leader last time, this time he meets the opposition leader. Wonder if BillyG is cooking up something big here?

BillyG has promised to invest $1.7billion in India(WOW ) over the next four years. No doubt most of it goes towards the R&D labs and setting up offices and retail centes in India, But whats suprising is that he has also promised to invest in rural computer infrastructure and supplying schools with computer equipment and projectors. The sum also goes into the hiring training and salaries of 3000 new microsoft employees in India which they plan to hire in the next few years(I see 12 lakh salaries and people queueing up in huge numbers for interviews), this is definitely bound to push up the salaries of Indian companies(You don’t wan’t to lose your best to the competition do you?) and i don’t see any big lawsuits up for employee theft (as Indian companies hate litigation and even if you do, BillyG would probably hire the best in the sub continent to fry your ass).

BillyG with Narayana Murthy a long time back, picture courtesy BBC, hosting courtesy imageshack

BillyG also attended an interview along with Infosys Chief Mentor Narayanamurthy (‘Nari’murthy -for those who missed the joke ‘Nari’ means women and narayna murthy got arrested once by bulgarian authorities for talking to a girl in french! LoL) It was telecasted as a two part series on NDTV(But I missed half of both the interviews, Thanx to a TV Show on one of the regional channels). I did get a good part of both the interviews, Prannoy roy made a good job of questioning and both the guests answered impressively. Seems BillyG thinks the education system rocks in the US, but is not so happy with the way other things are going. He even handled questions about his biggest rival google with ease(He actually said Google was his biggest rival, though not exactly in the same words).

Hmm lets see where this goes, Its a shame BillyG only spent $47million on charity last year(Well its a cryin shame considering how much he earns).would you give out that much?,you might ask of me…but i do my bit by giving beggars(Yes unfortunately beggars still exist in India and for some it’s a very lucrative business, believe me!) if i feel they deserve it. Narayana Murthy I think took a dig @ the figures by sayin “the power of money is to give it away” (First thats a really good quote! He actually wanted to start an orphanage but then his father-in-law thought otherwise, it actually turned out to be for the good, his wife does the charity work now).

Do Check out!
A summary of the NDTV interview on Hindu businessline HERE
Special Thanx to Sandy for that link

Expect a post on the experienzes of friends at the Ready Launch Tour (Thats the Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2005 launch in India – for those who don’t read my BLoG regularly, Thats one more reason on the 1001 reasons to read my BLoG regularly) in this BLoG very soon. If you find any transcripts of the interview, please post the link. We would sure like to hear your views on BillyG’s tour of India, So do post your views and reviews in the comments.

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