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A Complete Reversal of Stance!

Posted by lapstre on November 21, 2005

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The Launch of Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2005 is due in India. My past paranoia is gone, infact I am looking forward to the Launch on December 15th in Chennai. The Reason for the change is still unclear, but i guess the lazy person in me took over. I rejoice thinkin the days when I’ll be able to finish my work in a jiffy and turn to more challenging work. It’ll be launched by the Big B (Bill Gates NOT Amitabh Bachan) at Bangalore on the 9th of December. Some of my friends are planning to go to bangalore for the launch party to see the Big B himself at the event. Inspite of them pestering me to come, I have decided not to go because I know they’re not gonna let me anywhere near 75metres of Bill! Miss ya Bill! We’ll meet for sure, but later…

The Launch party is bound to be big, It’s gonna be held @ Le Meridien in Chennai, and theres a training session immediately after the launch which will be useful to get started. Those willing to register can REGISTER HERE, but pray do so quickly. Remember you’ll need a Microsoft .NET passport to register. If you don’t have it, you can SIGNUP FOR ONE HERE

I’ve made quite a few changes. I’ve added a Rating Section, Also I’ve shifted the counter to the side column instead of in the Long for vista? article as it was before, Don’t be scared about the number, I started off @ 1,420 (Pucca 420!). Not bad, I added the Counter on 28th October,2005 and I have about 125 hits already! Keep the count up guys!

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