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The Wonder Laptop

Posted by lapstre on November 18, 2005

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A Laptop for every kid? Sounds like a dream… Especially in developing or under developed countries. Well, Atleast I thought so till a week ago. But the UN world summit on Information Society changed that all. The Unveiling of the $100(INR 4500) laptop(HDL) could mean revolutionary changes in the way this world learns.

The announcement gains more importance in the view of Google and Microsoft announcing plans to digitise many thousands of books and make them available online for free. Though this includes only books before the 1950s due to copyright issues, this could mean a lot to the children who can read books on the HDL. I’ve personally had issues with reading books on the computer. Unlike normal books its not easy to read books on the computer. The eye strain is one factor, the other being comfort issues. You can’t read stiitng on a couch or lying in bed. Imagine reading in bed with a 15inch monitor on your chest, god forbid you have a 17inch monitor. If u have a 19inch or higher monitor you are probably rich enough to go out buy another laptop for yourself, But then reading with a 3kg laptop on ur chest wouldnt be comfortable either. The HDL’s 7inch monitor is bound to be of lesser weight and more comfortable to read.

But Negroponte’s announcement that the HDL maynot be available for commercial sale for long, and even if it was, it wouldn’t be available for $100 is a cause for woe. The estimated commercial price is said to be around $225. Looks like till then I am stuck with saving to buy a palmtop to read my ebooks, but then they don’t support all the formats, nor are the screens the right size for reading books.Well, Until Somebody comes with a good e-book reader, I am stuck with reading books on the computer

BBC’s Article on the HDL

Photo: AP Photo/Michel Euler
Negroponte’s interview to Wired Magazine

Special Thanks to ImageShack for the Image Hosting Services


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