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End of the Calm, The Storm is yet to pass…

Posted by lapstre on November 11, 2005

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After an easy bout of practical exams, The Main Semester exams are looming up ahead. As usual the last minute frenzy is on. The Microsoft Visual Studio launch passed in our place with no noise whatsoever, except my hysteria, I’m beginning to wonder if i am overdoing it a bit. My friends accuse me of over hyping a ‘just another’ microsoft release, but little do they know what is up ahead.
The rain god had fun with our city last week. He left behind a couple of badly flooded places and took a couple of lives along with him. Tis sad to see he can b so bad and so unruly. Last time couple of times around he took many lives by not being there when he was most needed. Tortured us to the max during the summers without life giving H2O. This time he prefers to stay around too long. We’ll that unruly kid is gone, Leaving us to sort the mess he left behind.
Good old Sun smiles down on the city with his warmth spreading cheers across this storm battered city …

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