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Posted by lapstre on October 25, 2005

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Ha, Finally managed to finish my model exams, Quite a relief, but to be short lived, I still got my university exams to go. 😦

I gotta chance to attend one of the microsoft seminars being held in town. I attended only to return flabbergasted! I’m pretty convinced that Microsofts new Visual Studio 2005 (in its Beta2) is all set to bring misery upon all programmers. Pretty convinced its gonna put a million programmers out of their jobs. With the amount of stuff that it can automate, its bound to be the next big thing in s/w engineering, The interface is so advanced that its almost human, Only better… wonder if i can call it AI that they’ve integratd into the studio.

And wot was so amazing was the fact that through out the whole da with 3 seminars, None of them had to use a single line of code! The increase in productivity as well as the reduction in time taken would be multifold…

That apart, My exams are a constant source of worry.and they will remain till i get my xams over with.

The hectic college life i’ve had has left me tired and listless to pursue my various interests. The guitar classes i started with, My encounters with French, My stint as a Systems assembler, wonder if I’ll complete nethin i started in life. Enough of my Rantings got to sleep. Zzz


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