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Back to College

Posted by lapstre on September 13, 2005

Posted – September 13,2005 on

Back to College, What a bore!

Back to the tortures and rigeurs of daily life!
My Prof tells me that we’d have our models beginning next week,
But our Practical models begin The day after…


I finally found someone who could lend me their records for a day,
Finally managed to finish one of them
One down but two more to go!
Wonder when I am gonna finish the others…

Found this interview on the web

This is about a pretty open topic of discussion y programmers shouldnt become analysts and

vice-versa,Its all in plain english no gabberwacky technical stuff that normal mortals can understand.

Do put your views on this as comments,
I’m a novice @ software engg and dont hav ne idea of the sodtware industry

If somebody could guide me as to the organisational structure of the it companies,

Theyd be really welcome!

Gotta go finish rest of my records…


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