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My First BLoG Post!

Posted by lapstre on September 10, 2005

Posted – September 10,2005 on

Wonder who came up wid the idea of a blog, an open diary!

Aren’t diaries supposed 2 be secret? Rather than open ?

Wonder what people are gonna do reading my description of what a waste i made of a day !

Well i got up early at 11am (Pretty early 4 a holiday, I normally sleep till 1pm on hols). We’ve had a week of hols in celebration of our College chairmanz sonz wedding (Not quite we have had extra classes over the past 1 month and more extra classes coming up next month to compensate).

The prospect of returning to college gives me bad nightmares. I’ve got to complete my records and observations and submit them on time (Which is impossible cos i have no idea wot the exp are!).

I run around frantically trying to find somebody who has completed their records or observations so that i can get an idea of what to do. But as it turns out nobodyz bin @ work so nobodyz gotten around to finishing theirs yet. One more gud exscuse to be lazy again.

Two more days of freedom to go, wondering what I’ll do … I kno bac to sleeping the best thing i do…


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